Why Guardiola will never sign for Abramovich

Why Guardiola will never sign for Abramovich

The 400 Billion Russian Ruble Note

Seconds after Wednesday’s sacking of Roberto Di Matteo, there was only one name on the lips of Chelsea supporters and at the end of hash tags the world over.  Having left arguably the best job – and certainly the best team – in the world, Pep Guardiola was suitably rested and quite possibly ready for that new challenge he’s been talking about.

But that challenge will never be at Chelsea; at least not while Roman Abramovich is in charge.

Because if Guardiola is the man I think he is, he will never join a club whose owner is so trigger-happy.

In the last nine years, Abramovich has had as many managers as he’s had Christmas dinners; some of them among the best in Europe and others less so.

Guardiola holds the Champions League trophy after the final against Manchester United at Wembley

The irony is that the less-so’s have proved the most successful in pursuit of Abramovich’s Holy Grail.  Avram Grant – in many ways the most vilified and certainly the strangest of the Russian’s appointments – was one missed penalty away from outdoing the Special One; while Roberto Di Matteo went one better.

One better, but ultimately some way short of the perfection Abramovich craves.

Because it is quite clear now that nothing less than perfect will do.  And basking in the afterglow of a successful past, even if that past was only six months ago, is not enough for a man who can buy pretty much anything except constant success.

Why would Guardiola go to a club where the concept of legacy is seemingly anathema to its owner?

To build and to be constantly successful at the same time is impossible.  And even with a fully formed team, success is not constant.

Guardiola is perfectly-placed to choose his next job with care.  It is no exaggeration to say there is only one club in the world who wouldn’t take him, and that has nothing to do with his ability and everything to do with rivalry.

So every Chelsea fan seeing the word ‘interim’ and dreaming of a tika-taka future under Barcelona’s favourite son should burst their bubbles now.  He’s not coming.

There are at least three more likely destinations in England alone.

Pretty soon, there will be very big shoes to fill at Old Trafford, some would say the biggest.  And if the Spaniard wishes, he could build atop a legacy rather than start one from scratch.  And he would be given time to do it.

Or there’s always Arsenal.  Stable, well-run, always in the black Arsenal, who many say play the Barcelona-way already.  Even if it is more of a cheap, knock-off version of the real thing.

And then there’s Manchester City, whose recent appointment of Txiki Begiristain as director of football and Ferran Soriano as chief executive, both formerly of Barcelona, suggests they want a hat-trick from the Catalan club should Roberto Mancini’s continued failure in Europe prove a deal-breaker.

With so many potential suitors who have no recent history for rash sackings, why would Guardiola go to Abramovich’s Chelsea?

The 400 Billion Russian Ruble Note (We believe it’s not a real currency note)

To put into contrast the harshness of Di Matteo’s departure, we should remember that they aren’t even out of Europe yet.  Better Juventus’s result in their final group game against Nordsjaelland and they are through to the last-16; which may be easier than it sounds when you realise the Italians are away to first-placed Shakhtar Donetsk.

Just a few weeks ago, fans and pundits alike were praising the blue’s dynamic attacking play, with Hazard, Mata and Oscar at the centre of it.  Scroll through the archives and you will find me saying they were playing some of their best, most creative and free-flowing football in years.

And now a big part of that is gone, replaced by a man once hated among Chelsea fans, just for half a season and just to clean up a mess that wasn’t there three days ago.

The strangest thing of all is that Chelsea had everything in place for the brightest of futures; not just money but a young, exciting team and a young, exciting manager.  Maybe they still will in the end.  But they are becoming the club for the manager-for-hire, the stop-gap, the man who knows his days are numbered even before the end of day one.

Guardiola is not that man.

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    • Wow. is that your rationale? There’s something that isnt’ ringing through for you. Any person that puts passion and heart to create something sustainable needs and desires the time it takes to see it through. Especially when you factor in the external factors of the position. I have serious reservations for a club that conducts itself in this manner as it’s against all that I believe in. Roman will wind up coaching himself or at least he should.
      Pep needs peace of mind to work his La Masia magic and that can never happen under the watch and rule of this oligarch. Let it be known that there is nothing wrong with having standards of excellence as Roman undoubtedly has but it has gone beyond sensibilities required in football. I hope Pep stays away.

    • Well all the good things in football should only come to mancheaters united and not to other beautiful clubs like chelsea.when Guardiola replaced Rijkaard was he doing badly compared to Roberto?where barca playing beautiful and strongly like they did under Pep? Football is like that, play well and get credit play badly and get sacked. Chelsea are not peculiar on this path. Come what may,talk is cheap chelsea is and will still remain chelsea against all odds.

  1. Poorley written article.

    Chelsea had won 1 game in 8. Hadn’t kept a clean sheet in 10. Played exactly the same formation game after game. Di Matteo, as much as I like him, had no plan B. He lacked tactical awareness and the players knew this in the end. He did the same thing at West Brom. Unfortunately it is the managers job to motivate the players and get them to play their hearts out and win games.

    Di Matteo was not the man for Chelsea unfortunately and your article is 90% Bullshit

    • and he went to release a statement via the referees league, rubbish suggested it was him the main man in CL .. good riddance

    • Pep has no Plan B either. at least I have never witnessed an execution of Plan B while his tenure at Barcelona.
      So if you are looking for managers who have Mathematical Induction of Strategic plans then you are targeting a wrong man.

      “Di Matteo was not the man for Chelsea…”
      Then who else? Scolari, Mourinho, Hiddink, Grant, AVB… and the list goes on. If none of them were the man for Chelsea then Roman should look for someone in Mars.

      Btw: good article.

  2. I don’t think all of you that talks against Chelsea and the owner mean well for us. Firstly, you people have refused to accept that Chelsea believe they are among the best in the world so how they go about it should not trouble our detractors. The English league is arguably a three horse race which does not allow any of the three to take only 2 points from 12 at stake over four consecutive league games, allowing the other two frontliners to so overtake you. Secondly, how long will it take anyone to observe that RDM has no other option left for him? We observed game after game, his substitutions, his inability to study our opponents before and during matches, and the opponents ability to always study his basic ideas to punish us. Look at Juve! They read our poor attacking prowess and put only 3 defenders and finished us with massive attacking football. Thirdly Roman saw all these earlier and wanted to make a change despite our lucky exploits in the ECL but these same Chelsea haters descended on the gentleman who meant well for us to submission. Let Roman continue to do what he thinks best after all these same people ate their words when he sacked AVB forRDM. Well done Roman Abramovich! Goodluck Chelsea fc! Welcome Rafa Benitez!

  3. Pls Chelsea need HIM nw for HE has been d one in Roman’s mind. But he most hav a restricted clause while signing….

  4. Has any observed at anytime ManU loose 9 points from a possible 12 consecutive? Never. Chelsea has reached the point were wobblling of that magnitude is unacceptable. Let any Manager that comes take note. If it is unacceptable for ManU, then it is the same for Chelsea. Only Arsenal whose aim is to make profit, not trophies can accept that kind of nonesense at the top bracket. Let’s go Chelsea. Welcome Rafa and beware also.

  5. RAFEAL,You’re welcome into the net of impatience owner. One season,two coaches.Just carry your bags behind like a soldier in war-front and start counting your days.Ibramovich a new born baby doesn’t starts runing immediately.

  6. RDM hardly reads game n he has bin makin many mistakes in his subs of recent. Chelsea is a big club, so we can’t afford 2 b losin matches evry week. I tink wht Roman did is 4 betterment of d club. So we chelsea fans shud stp complainin n giv Rafa our ful supports 2 kip d ship sailin. I luv Chelsea, I luv Roman, in Rafa we trust. KTBFFH!!

  7. Hello mr writer, reading just few lines of your article I already notice sentiment. Its not new that England FA and many English fan don’t want success for chelsea. Chelsea as a club as gone beyond an ordinary club, we are the best in the world currently, so why should we stoop so low to an extent of dropping 9points out of 12 possible points, conceeding goals to be conceeding a whole season in just 10 games. Liverpool owners failed to see what chelsea owner his presently seeing now
    during their crisis time and m

  8. benitez will do a good job;
    he starts with zero defence , zero striking force, just a bit of midfield prowess … a lot for him to improve upon from day one!!!

    AVB & RDM were both novices (i am being kind to them here, very kind …. )

  9. I wish pep wld never step foot at the bridge bcause it will take tym to build that team whiles the owner will be ready for ready made results. He shld do that himself if he thinks is easy………

  10. This article is spot on. Got to laugh at the chasers on here who think Pep is going to walk into a job that is about as secure as a baby sat on top of a panel fence.
    He’ll almost certainly replace Wenger or Ferguson in due course

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