Who will get the sack first? David Moyes or Manuel Pellegrini

Who will get the sack first? David Moyes or Manuel Pellegrini

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David Moyes

David Moyes and Manuel Pellegrini have both just started their journeys with Manchester United and Manchester City respectively but they are under different types of pressure with different sets of expectation.

David Moyes signed a four-year deal at United as the Old Trafford club look to seek out longevity following the 26-year reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

United fans need to accept that Moyes is a long term signing and resist the urge to call for his head if things don’t go according to the plans they’ve become used to during his first season in charge of the club.

Manuel Pellegrini by contrast seems to be an appointment aimed at shaping the future of the club but also maintaining the recent success that Manchester City have become used to because of their wealth.

Pellegrini has wasted no time with his comments about various things he believes the club can win, which isn’t exactly the right sort of noise to make if you want to protect your position for a very long time.

“It was not successful this time but I am sure in the next years we will win — maybe the Premier League, the Champions League. But we’ll try to win the lot,” said Pellegrini following his appointment.

Both clubs expect the highest standards but Moyes looks to have time on his side whereas Pellegrini seems more focused on short term success over shaping and changing the future of the club.

The expectations of the fans are also very different and needs to be taken into consideration.

A lot of United supporters will still be very much in ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’ mode and those are the fans Moyes has to work very hard to overcome.


The club’s chances of winning trophies next season and beyond have been altered by Ferguson’s retirement but they have the same squad in place, which was good enough to win the league last year.

United fans won’t want to see any backwards progress, it’s all about maintaining their current position, making sensible signings this summer and then moving forward next season.

For City fans it’s different because all they seem to want is success over United in any way, shape or form.

If Pellegrini can put trophies in the cabinet, he’ll have the fans on his side and he’ll have the backing of officials at the club.

Again, it’s more of a short term vision but City fans will be expecting the club to go big again next season and that means winning things. Changes do need to be made to the basic infrastructure of the club but that’s not a main concern of fans.

If Pellegrini throws some cash at high profile transfers and maintains the clubs chances of winning silverware, the fans will be happy.

In terms of realistic chances of winning trophies, United have as good a chance as any other English club next season.

Is David Moyes a Champions League manager?
Is David Moyes a Champions League manager?

Ferguson is leaving behind a good core group of players that Moyes can work with across all competitions; the Premier League, the Champions League and domestic cup competitions.

They are under pressure to win something but Moyes will be safe if they don’t, by contrast if City fail to win anything following Pellegrini’s outrageous arrogance then he will more than likely face the chop long before the Old Trafford boss.

Who do you think will go first?

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  1. So sorry you weren’t able to watch the full video of the Pellegrini interview and hear what he actually said and, just as importantly, the way he said it. He was not being arrogant at all; he was being realistic about expectations.

  2. Certainly dont think it will be Moyes, they gave him a long contract which says they are going to give him time to build something. I think Pellegrini will get a bit of time as well, neither will be sacked next year.

  3. I see Mr Moyes getting the boot in a couple seasons, if he fails to bolster our midfield and defence options this summer. Fergie, was one in a thousand years, a manager, who got the best out of his team even with a average midfield in recent times, compared to our main rivals City and Chelsea. Sir Alex even dealed and got the best out of a make shift defence with Carrick playing centre back and Valencia a full back. I believe, Mr Moyes, who is still enjoying a holiday should really and truly have returned early to sort our midfield, because the rate City are going and Chelsea will soon flex their muscle, their would be know options left. For a starters, United really should have registered their interest in the highly talented and Isco!

  4. Interesting!

    Lewis. Your saying city have a short term plan. And then slating it. As if it is city’s plan.

    Where do you get this from. Pellegrini was brought for the “HOLISTIC” approach. Have you forgot!

    Yes it sounds a but cheesy. But as stated by the club (not Lewis) that a change to the way things are handled. More unity. More togetherness. Getting the youth involved in the first team. Mancini wasn’t involved in bringing the youth through. He wasn’t interested. City wanted a new manager to be more involved with the youth and bringing players through. As the reason for building the new youth academy

    The City Football Academy will include the following:

    A new Academy for up to 400 young players with classrooms for 200
    On site accommodation for junior and senior players
    16.5 football pitches, 12 of them dedicated to players aged from 8 to 21
    A state of the art first team building with changing rooms, gym, refectory and injury and rehab centre
    A 7000 capacity stadium for youth matches
    Staff offices and a dedicated media centre
    A bridge linking the site to the Etihad Stadium and the rest of the Etihad Campus

    Yes short term vision!!!

    All city fans want is success over united!!!!!

    So your a blue then?????

    No. And no UTD doesn’t interest us at all.

    We have been propelled into a different world by SIR sheikh Mansour. We see some of the best football in the league. I had only ever seen glimpses of greatness (Kinkladze, Banarbia). Now with Silva, kompany, aguero. Winning the league!! Theses are exciting amazing times my red friend. The changes in management have added to this.

    Why would we be interested in UTd. Only as a rivalry. Which we have always had forever! That’s why derbies are always fun(5.1 and 1.6 being my all time best). But just doing better than Utd, No we want more than that. A lot more.

    I would think that city and utd plans are just the same. Trophies in the cabinet (the reason of football). Youth. Spend less.

    The only reasoning could be a shorter contract for Pellegrini. Which would be a none story

    Try better next time. Don’t just make things up!

  5. To be fair I think it will be Pellegrini, City have not shown patience yet (with a 2 year deal). They said the same thing with Hughes, then Mancini. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have been canned just that maybe they have trouble identifying what they need in a manger.

    United don’t seem to have that issue, they seem to have decided a while ago and gave heir candidate a “6 year” not a “4 year” contract. Is Moyes the right answer, don’t know, but he’ll get more room than Mourinho or Pellegrini.

  6. Stability is so important to united that moyes just has to qualify for champions league and he will keep his job. Pellegrini HAS to win something or he’s a failure. For that reason Pellegrini is most likely to go.

  7. I think moyes will not be remove even if he fail to win any trophy united will still give time to adopt by his new role while pelegrinni will be under presure if he fail to win any.

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