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Werder Bremen 2007/2008 Home and Away Shirts


Werder Bremen may have lost their star striker to Munich, but their kits are still something going for the club.

The home shirt is a nice change from last years by having a whole green home shirt, The away shirt is last years home kit that was green and white halfs, so Kappa have changed it around a bit. The kits also look better with new sponsors CitiBank, the new logo looks a lot better than the black box style logo.

The shirt is not as nice as the other new Bundesliga Hamburg and Bayern Munich strips (both made by Adidas) but it is still something the team can look good in, and the decision to go all green for the home kit is a good one, although a 3rd kit may have to be introduced.

Overall very nice shirts by Kappa and the team will come runners-up if there football is as pretty as the kits.

Werder Bremen 07/08 Home Kit – Buy it now
Werder Bremen 07/08 Away Kit – Buy it now

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Comments (7)

  1. Can I add, the Kappa logo’s on the arms are ugly, Sorry did’nt notice them when I wrote the post!

  2. why are they so similar with the colours

  3. They’re too similar.

    I think I prefer the away one…

  4. Kappa don’t make good kits, but those ones are quite nice, for a change

  5. i think that kappa have done well but their ussally crap

  6. No luck in finding the long-sleeve Werder Bremen jersey for sale online. Anyone know of any sites where the long-sleeve jersey is sold?