UNBELIEVABLE: Chelsea star mocks Arsenal on Twitter

UNBELIEVABLE: Chelsea star mocks Arsenal on Twitter


lukakuChelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has taken a swipe at Arsenal after questioning German midfielder Mesut Ozil’s decision to join the Gunners last summer.

The 25-year-old left the Spanish capital club after he was made aware that his services was no longer required at the club by their manager Carlo Ancelotti. Real signed Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur for a world-record transfer fee last summer, which saw Ozil join the North London side on the deadline day.

The Belgium international Lukaku is puzzled as to why Ozil left Real to join Arsene Wenger’s side last summer, which saw Arsenal cough up for £42.5m last summer.

“No dissrespect to Arsenal who is also a big club but i don’t understand why ozil has left real madrid…. I guess will never know..,” Lukaku tweeted.

The reference for Lukaku’s comment is still not known, but this came during Germany’s semi-final clash against Brazil. Joachim Low’s side sealed a place in the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup after their drubbing 7-1 victory over host nation Brazil.

Ozil had an impressive start to his Arsenal career as he started the season with brilliant displays. However, his form dropped since the turn of the year as injuries and fatigue took its impact on the former Real man, which saw his performance dip in the second half of the last season.

The German international scored five goals and managed nine assists in 26 league appearances.

Lukaku’s future at Stamford Bridge remains uncertain and his national side are already out of the World Cup. His latest comments on Arsenal and Ozil is likely to see him receive a lot of criticism on Twitter from the Gunners faithful.

Ozil, on the other hand will be happy to have won  the FA Cup with Arsenal and Germany’s recent achievement of making it to the final of the World Cup. Meanwhile, Lukaku is just tweeting about the midfielder as his club future remains uncertain.

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  1. Wow. This is quite possibly the worst spelt, badly written and misconstrued article I have ever had the displeasure of sandpapering my eyes with.

  2. No dissrespect to Chelsea who is also a big club but i don’t understand how you fail to make the first team of chelsea with Torres, Demba ba and Et’o…

  3. Ozil only lacked clinical finishers in his first season, a thing we hope will be corrected in the next season so he will sure enjoy his stay at the Emirates next season.

  4. Lukaku is a disgrace,he even preferred playing Everton to Chelsea and now he’s talking rubbish

  5. Lukaku don’t know what he is saying…He thinks he will be a successor at Chelsh***t under Mourinho, he must forget that and leave Ozil ALONE!

    • Maybe he should of chosen Arsenal then he wouldn’t be moaning now. What a stupid thing to say. So we have fellow players attacking Ozil for being too good for Arsenal and ex German players and critics attacking Ozil for not being good enough. All when Ozil is currently riding the German wave who have now made it to the final. Ozil really is the man. Everybody wants a piece of Ozil, So happy this man is a Gunner. He is so technical they can’t stand him.

  6. Lukaku can never cost beyond 20 million. Why does he mind abt arsenal players instead of his former which rejected him and loaned him instead?

    • well i dont know whether he is attacking arsenal to try ways possible 4 mourinho to make him be the striker..oh that cld b so smart of him but am not sure that will add up well all we can do 4 now is to wish him all the best but advice him to treat his fellow players proffesionaly

  7. why should lukaku be concerned about ozil. he should stick to people in his own league status .i e 1st division .

  8. Like most immature kids,such unguided gabbage is expected.In his defence,he was probably 10 years old the last time we won the league.

    • U think say to win 1 FA Cup after 10 yrs dey easy? e be like a cripple wey just start to begin waka miraculously.dem go celibrate dis cup for the next 10 yrs o!

  9. Arsenal need three more players to display ozil value, players like alexis sanches from barcelona, matinez from porto, n draxler from shalke 04. And if any body is to comment on ozil move to arsenal, its not a below average player like lukaku, because i belive he should be thinking of where chelsea wants to loan him too.

  10. Lukaku has 2 look @ himself first… Don’t know which club he belongs 2. Wesbrom, everton or chelsea?? Why is he always loaned out?

  11. why did Lukaku leave Anderlecht for Chelsea. I’m also sorry because Chelsea is a big club too. Stupid and useless player calling himself Lukaku.

  12. yes i think lu lu should be more worried about where chelsea are gonna farm him out next and why a 19year old player with 5caps is keeping him out of the belgium team than where ozil plays his football.its quite possible that arsenal will have 3 world cup winners in their ranks next season….so lu lu should look after his own house

  13. If u don’t kno what 2 sau lukaku or wat did u call ur slf u better shut ur 4kin mouth up nd focus were CFC will loan u nxtseason useless fool. Why did chelsea sign u 4rn anderlecht ask ur slf nd why hav’nt u play a season at chelsea.

  14. up hunters, dat called them selves, tuners, live young blood lukaku alone. he know wat meant by he’s word. 9 years 1 trophy.

  15. This is why its not working between You and Mourinho cuz Two Captains can not Sail a Ship…you talks too much..you signed for Chelsea but you can’t tell why you are in Everton instead of Playing for Chelsea..

  16. Lukaku should ask himself why Origi had takeover the 1spot to the Belgium starting 11…suckerrr!

  17. Lukaku is stupid and useless, he complain about Ozil joining Arsenal while chelsea keep on loaning him out due to is lack of confidence and good performance. Instead of him to raise his game and play in big club like Ozil he tweety rubish on the internet, I think chelsea should loan him to Nigeria League or Kenya League so that he will respect Almighty Ozil as a good player and take him as his father when come to football and he will seek advice from Ozil so that he can be successful in his carrier. Useless lukaku

  18. just babblings from a mere toddler who after cutting his dreadlocks now thinks himself a man to undermine greats like the gunners.Its just a loud sounding nothing

  19. Lukaku should stop puck noise and he should focus on where his going to spend another long term loan…. That’s what suit him and his carrier

  20. Both his loan club and parent club did not win even a spoon last season but ozil did with WONDERFUL ARSENAL

  21. His comnent has the tone of the Chelsea manager, perhaps he wants to impress his boss so not to loan him again.

  22. I don’t blaim him, he is just a kid, he knows nothing, maybe he’ll understand when they sell him to reading fc

  23. why you reject Arsenal lukaku and now you are disturbing your self with hohoho please sort up your tongue small kids

  24. Allow Lukaku some freedom. Its a free country but we all know why he asks a question like that when he does not know his home address next month.

  25. i think Lukaku want to gain some fame thats why. He should be thinking of his future by now to worry about Super Ozil.

  26. pls d gunners he has nt comit any offence he only wondered y ozil came 2 arsenal. Let me help him. Lukaku ozil came arsenal bcos its only arsenal dat cn lead him 2 WC finals in his life. U cn find out frm fabrigas

  27. Actually this rather silly guy has paid us a compliment.He’s obviously irked because Wenger didn’t bother to sign him when the papers were plugging him to join us recently….

  28. Lukaku is only jealous of Mesut, don’t forget he tried to force his way to Arsenal but no way.

  29. Guys, calm down can’t you see its obvious that the little kid lukaku just wants to be notice. He had better be thinking of where he will be trading next season.

  30. Lukaku is he a footballer? which club? let him search 4 a club n let him talk. ozil we honour u

  31. Even if lukaku is making some silly comments personally I don’t see why so many Gooners have to hate on him. He’s a better striker than you currently own that’s for sure, and Ozil hasn’t performed anywhere near to the level he did at Madrid and we know why…because the EPL is much more physical and faster paced than la liga, he has moments of brilliance but he’s lazy I think 42.5 million was far to much for him. I think lukaku is at a better team with chelsea considering arsenal have won 1 F.A cup in 10 years and chelsea have a champions league 3 EPL titles and a few F.A. cups in the same time period so who’s playing at a lesser club?

  32. Considering that he’s not belgians number 1 because tekers is. And. I. Think. He. Just. Lost. Place as number 1 to origi or oligi

  33. Gooners only enter deals to sign players when other teams are
    negotiating. Such scavengers. Prepare to win nothing for 10 years

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