Levy, Please Don’t Sign These Players For Tottenham

Levy, Please Don’t Sign These Players For Tottenham


For a club that won’t be in the Champions League next season, which may struggle to keep its best players and currently is unsure over who will be the manager when the 2012/2013 season kicks off in August, Tottenham have been linked with an impressive calibre of player. Some of Europe’s best young talent is rumoured to be coming to White Hart Lane this summer, which after the end to the season Spurs had would give the club a massive lift.

In a three-part series, we look at these transfer target categories: ‘Likely’, ‘Possible’ and ‘Get The F*** Away From Us’. We look at the players Tottenham should stay away from – you can find the other two articles here: ‘Tottenham Closing In On Vertonghen‘ and ‘Strikers Need: 4 Possible Transfer Targets For Tottenham‘.

Unlikely Tottenham Transfers

Robert Green – No! No! No!

Said with my Spurs supporting hat on.

Youssuf Mulumbu – This rumour’s puzzling. Spurs have Sandro, Livermore, Huddlestone, Parker and Modric if he stays. There’s more than enough of defensive midfielders at the club already.

James Tomkins – I’m inclined to doubt this rumour as well. If Vertonghen signs there would already be three young centre backs in or around the first team with Williams Gallas, Ryan Nelsen, Michael Dawson and maybe even Ledley King also at the club (Sebastien Bassong is almost certainly leaving). Another centre back would not be necessary.

Gonzalo Higuain – WTF? Yes on Twitter I saw that ‘Spurs representatives’ had got in contact with him and been rebuffed. Well you can’t fault Spurs for ambition. But it is ambitious in the sense of an unemployed overweight female from Aberdeen asking for Johnny Depp’s hand in marriage.

Grant Holt – Now you’re just taking the piss.

In a three-part series, we look at these transfer target categories: ‘Likely’, ‘Possible’ and ‘Get The F*** Away From Us’. You’ve read about the players on the market that we should run away from now read the other two articles: ‘Tottenham Closing In On Vertonghen‘ and ‘Strikers Need: 4 Possible Transfer Targets For Tottenham‘.

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  1. I agree with the do not buys whole heartedly. But also on another issue if Modric really wants to leave they should only sell to foriegn opposition not our domestic champions league counterparts.

  2. Tomkins would be an excellent signing – just because he is playing domestically and doesn’t have a foreign name does not mean we should not look at him.

    Most people that are quick to discount him as not good enough and not needed are probably the same ones that have never watched the boy play. Very comfortable in the Championship (arguably a better league than the Dutch league that Vertonghen plays in) He has played in central defence and in holding midfield. He is young and versatile and was probably West Hams’ best player last season.

    With Bassong, Nelsen and King leaving, we are left with an ageing injury prone Gallas, Kaboul, Dawson and Caulker (Please don’t loan the boy out again) and hopefully Vertonghen. Could be a very good signing given his age, price and versatility.

    But there isn’t a youtube video of him doing stepovers – so I guess most Spurs bloggers will be against him from day one…

    • We won’t have Bassong or Nelson next season, possibly not Gallas either. Much depends on Vertonghen/Tomkins/Olson transfers. Tomkins would still be useful, as at present we only really have Kaboul, Dawson, Caulker and King (part-time) to rely on…

  3. NO NO NO and NO

    All them players are average at best I don’t no who we are going to sign but we are signing poeple I not that for sure. We current have one striker at the club and Defoe could be leaving this summer anyway.

    Vertonghen will be a good start who is a fantastic player in a number of places.

    We need a least two new strikers for example Remy and Adebayor and VDV going would be great he is shit in my opinion.

  4. Is beter 4 us 2 let him go 2 united dan any other clubs…..cos we have a a gud relationship wit dem…..so guyz loosin is nt a big deal….lets fucos on future dan involvin awa selves in wat bring rivery….plssssss let d slipin dog lie……..

  5. im not a spurs fan but your all looney for discounting higuain, if its because its unrealistic no is quite logical but if its because hes “average” you really dont know anything about football

  6. i heard a rumour that real Madrid wanted modric, if that’s the case swap for ozil as modric is a cry baby not getting what he wants, get lost in spain modric

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