The Failed Adventures of Peter Odemwingie

The Failed Adventures of Peter Odemwingie

Peter Odemwingie drives to QPR
"What do you mean you won't let me in?"
Peter Odemwingie drives to QPR
“What do you mean you won’t let me in?”

You have to hand it to modern day footballers such as Peter Odemwingie. While the morale sapped people of the UK struggle with austerity measures and high unemployment, you can rely on a down trodden footballer to wistfully ignore the nations blight with breath taking arrogance. Even the newly named PSG player Davide Saint Beckham as he is from now on to be known, couldnt help but rub noses in it by donating his salary to a French charity. What a bastard, he doesnt even need his lucrative salary. Even in charity, he couldnt resist whoring himself out for publicity.

When I next feel the need to donate my many millions in wages to a charity, I’ll do it all quite and respectfully like, because being smug and self righteous is so infinitely gratifying.

But, while Beckham would prove to monopilse the headlines with such a galant gesture, on what was a relatively quite transfer deadline day, (Liverpool and Chelsea behaved themselves this time unlike Norwich supporters dry humping live on Sky News!) Peter Odemwingie was in anything but a charitable mood as he tried to force a move from WBA to -we’ll pay silly money for mediocrity- QPR.

Earlier in the week Odemwingie took to twitter, enraged by WBA having the audacity to reject anything for a player under contract for lower than their asking price. The nerve on them. By the time I had gotten round to checking Odemwingie’s mostly incoherent twitter feed, the player had deleted the majority of the incriminating tweets, leaving mostly his retweets of baggies’ supporters that were offering their support and generally protecting his fragile ego. For some reason he didnt feel the need to retweet or reply to my personal, sincere tweet.

It came as little surprise then, that after such a public outburst transfer deadline day would be D-day for Odemwingie. Such was Odemwingie’s determination to be liberated from his unjust incarceration at WBA, the player reportedly drove to Loftus Road to sign a deal with ‘Arry at QPR, despite his own club refusing permission to talk to the R’s. The London club apparetnly refused entrance to Odemwingie at the clubs gates, deeming it unrespectful to WBA. A move by QPR likely brought on by WBA, who had earlier felt it necessary to clarify their position with a statement on the club website denying any agreement had been reached to sell Odemwingie.

If you can, for a moment ignore Odemwingie’s complete disregard for loyalty let alone a contract, a small bit of you, a really small bit of you has to admire his tenacity and single mindedness to augment a transfer. An apetite for a deal, that even Redknapp would probably fall short of.

And that is where it would end for the beleauged Odemwingie. Sat on the outside, looking in at the party going on inside, as other newly signed players made their way for a pay day at QPR. If your names not down, your not coming in.

Only last year, Odemwingie negotiated a contract extension with the baggies, after apparently feeling under appreciated and undervalued. Providing he is allowed back through the gates at the Hawthrons, Im sure the WBA faithful will let him know quite how much they appreciate him now.

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  1. …. and Harry’s role in this?
    Call me suspicious but does a footballer really drive down without someone at the other end saying, ‘it would be lovely to see you’? Harry has named all the players they were after all week long which is plain wrong. He was also the guy allegedly who told everyone about Demba Ba’s buy out clause. He then rather strangely put two goalkeepers on the bench to highlight how short of players he is. Quite what message that sent out to the rest of the squad who might have hoped for a seat on the bench. QPR is a wonderful club with passionate fans. They deserve better than this and they deserve players who want to wear the shirt, not chaps who are having money thrown at them. The manager and chairman seem made for each other. I hope they don’t take this smashing club to the cleaners

  2. Odemwingie has agitated for more money from the first day and first goal he scored. He has had two renegotiated contracts and we are sick of his manoeuvring in the close season to get more money one way or another. He is also a fool if he thinks he can get the better of Jeremy Peace. Peace is a private equity manager who understands money in football as well as anyone. Maybe better than anyone.

    Delighted he put old walrus face in his place last night, now lets watch him deal with odemwingie. Few games in the under 21 team then get him on to take a corner in front of the smethwick end….might be the last thing he ever does…..

  3. i wouldnt even let odemwingy pull on those beutiful blue and white stripes again nor popov
    both exit.

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