The Biggest Losers of 2008 – Real Madrid, Avram Grant, Juande Ramos,...

The Biggest Losers of 2008 – Real Madrid, Avram Grant, Juande Ramos, Arsenal and Mike Ashley


While football success and failure is usually measured season to season, from August to May, the end of an year gives an opportunity to look back on the calender twelve months and see who we think has been worthy of appearing in this column.

Here’s a look at the teams and people who deserve to be nominated as the worst performers in 2008. See our list and then suggest your own ‘losers of 2008’ at the end.


They may have won La Liga last season but overall, 2008 has been a disappointing year for them, seeing them lose out on most of what they have wanted (although Real fans will call losing Bernd Schuster a good thing).

In Europe after qualifying relatively comfortably from their group, they went out of the tournament with a whimper by losing both games to Roma in the first qualifying round. That was the same Roma side that lost both games to Manchester United in the quarter-final.

In La Liga, their grip on the title looks to be a little weak. Defeats to the likes of Getafe and Valladolid is not the form of champions. Their defeat at home to Sevilla proved that they could be in trouble.

Probably their biggest defeat of the year however came in the battle to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. The club made no secret of their desire to bring the Portuguese winger to Madrid. They spent pretty much the whole Summer in the attempt to lure him away from Manchester United. They did so almost at the total exclusion of any other worthwhile transfer activity. As we all know, they failed. And worse, die to their pursuit of Ronaldo they lost Robinho at the end of the transfer window and they’ve been considerably weaker as a result since the start of this season.


He seems like a really nice bloke. He took Chelsea to within two points of the Premier League title and a John Terry slip away from winning the Champions League. He was in fact the first man to get Chelsea to the final of that prestigious competition.

What was his reward for achieving all of that? Yes, it was the sack.

Despite what he did at Chelsea, he seems to have become a manager that nobody else would want. I don’t understand what he has done to upset everyone, but certainly in the second half of the year he has been one of the biggest losers.


Now then, Juande Ramos had a very strange year indeed. On 24th February when Tottenham lifted the Carling Cup at Wembley, Ramos was a hero. He was undoubtedly the man that was going to finally make Spurs break into that top four where everyone (Tottenham supporters, anyway!)thinks they should be.

A string of poor league form after that victory was put down to the euphoria of winning a trophy. The Summer came with high expectations at the Lane, as there always seem to be. This time, under such a great manager, the expectations seemed to be have a little more foundation than usual.

A lot of money was spent in the Summer, but everyone in the world (apart it seems from Ramos) knew that Dimitar Berbatov was going to leave the club. A replacement striker was essential but there was no sign of one. When Robbie Keane made the move to Liverpool the need for a striker was all the more obvious.

When Berbatov left the club a few minutes before the end of deadline day, Ramos claimed that this left him no time to find a replacement. It is still a mystery as to how Berbatov’s move to Manchester United came as such a shock to the manager!

A run of very poor league results saw Tottenham at the foot of the table. Constant team changes and players playing out of position seemed strange until we found out that the players had no idea what Ramos wanted from them. Not only did they literally not understand what he was saying, they didn’t understand his footballing concepts either.

The sack was a foregone conclusion. Never has a manager made such a mess of a great opportunity before. Being given the poisoned chalice that is Real Madrid isn’t exactly a bonus, but let’s see what 2009 brings for Ramos.

William GallasARSENAL

They have not had the best of years. I know this will upset all you Gunners fans out there who might, with some justification, say ‘how can we be losers when we finished third in the Premiership, just four points behind the winners and got to the Champions League quarter-final?’

I’m a Watford supporter and if we finished third in the Premiership and got to the quarter-finals in Europe I would be drunk and dancing for a year. However, success is relative and for Arsenal, third place and a quarter-final is not good enough.

To compound the relative failure of last season, it doesn’t look like being any better this time around. With behind the scenes problems, disappointing defeats against the likes of Stoke and Hull and the defeat of the youngsters in the Carling Cup by Burnley after showing so much promise, third or fourth place and a quarter-final might be par for the course again.


To start with he was loved by the Newcastle fans. He was one of them, a real fan. He stood on the terraces with them, drank beer, poured money into the club and, best of all, appointed Kevin Keegan as the manager.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, the appointment of Dennis Wise, disagreements with and the departure of Kevin Keegan, disastrous results on the pitch and a wish to sell the club for a profit but not being able to find a buyer, are just a few of the issues that spring to mind.

Obviously the death threats and the hatred and the fact that he can’t go anywhere near the North East of England may have put a bit of a downer on his year as well.

In his quiet moments, Mike Ashley really must look back over 2008 and ask himself, ‘how the hell did that happen?’

Well-deserved honourable mentions:

Derby County deserve a mention for getting relegated out of the Premiership with a remarkable eleven points and boasting a goal difference of -69.

Kris Boyd deserves a mention because he fails to get picked regularly for his club yet walks out on his country when not selected. That is the action of a real loser.

Heurelho Gomes deserves a mention because he has been so bad at Tottenham.

Finally, Sven Goran Eriksson deserves a mention because he has gone from managing a Manchester City team who looked odds on for European qualification at the start of the year, to getting the sack and taking over at Mexico where he is on the verge of…getting the sack.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and I hope it fulfills all your footballing dreams and ambitions.

Who do you think the biggest losers of 2008 have been?

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  1. nope Gomes shouldnt be there, he has improved. he was great at PSV and was bad during Ramos time at Spurs.

  2. graham i was enjoying this article until i got to kris boyd.u obviously havnt watched the spl since he decided to quit international football the guy is on fire top scorer in the spl at the moment and looking like he’s gonna break all sorts of scoring records in the near future.ive already defended his decision to quit the national squad simply because what twat of a manager needing to win a game at the national stadium would through on 2 international rookie strikers when uv got one of the most prolific goal scorers in the world,(yes graham,the world)on the bench. george burley thats who!!

  3. I have to disagree with you glenny. I don’t care if he is Maradona or Pele or Cruijff, you don’t bail on your country just because the manager puts you on the bench. That is the action of a world class loser (not a world class striker).

    As for Arsenal, Graham, I think that third place and CL quarters are good for them these years. The one thing which is bad is the fact that they went 11 (was that it?) games without a win in the beginning of the year, which of course ruined their chances to win… anything. That is what made them the losers in my books and those of Arsenal fans I am familiar with (no I am not an Arsenal fan).

  4. andrei maradona,pele,or cruyff didnt get completely snubbed for 2 shite debutants who couldnt hit water if they fell out a boat.burley knew boyd was a proven goalscorer yet chose to field 2 nobodys in front of him when a goal was needed,if that was the case in that game then wot do u think the future held for boyd under burley,he had no option but to walk and his league form has benefited hugely for this.

  5. avram grant:
    Chelsea’s status has only improved in the short time under avram grant.
    they advanced in the league up to treatning the championship although they were not in a posittion to do that before avram grant.
    they reached the champions league finals and lost only in penalties – they never reached the finals before… and losing in penalties is more luck then soccer…
    “I don’t understand what he has done to upset everyone” you say … well dont be naieve! no one liked avram grant when he came and no one will admit how good he was because of a simple reason – everybody hates him because he is a jew…
    and you putting him in the losers list despite his achivments (that you dont hide…) are just making yourself worthy of appearing in the losers list yourselves…
    forgive my spelling … i am italian and my english is not that good, but i am sure the message is clear…

  6. Patrick – I don’t think anyone hates Avram Grant. I think, as you acknowledge, your grasp of English (although pretty good) has failed you in how you interpret “loser” in this list, in Avram Grant’s case at least – no-one is saying the guy is a loser in the sense of being a no-hoper, an idiot; he’s a loser in this list only in that he is not one of life’s winners this year – he had all these achievements, and yet he ends the year with no job and no glory. In the same way in which he was a winner last year, in having a top job without apparently having done anything to deserve it. And the reference to him being hated because he’s a Jew, I’m not getting that at all.

  7. yea, grant was targeting by mourinho-lovers from the start, guy did a fairly good job.

    Arsenal, like Liverpool, are victims of their own expectations.

    Mike Ashley just bottled it. big big time.

  8. Arsenal got to the Cl semi-finals. Not the quarter-finals that you’ve mentioned around 5 times.

    Okay, so we didn’t have the best of years, but to suggest that we’re belong in a list that includes Juande Ramos and Mike Ashley is a big overreaction to say the least.

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