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Features news coverage of Scotland and its players, including match reports and general football news.

  1. Scots, Wha Hae

    Football is all about contrasting emotions; joy and despair, victory and defeat. How emotions swing one way to the other through the 90 minutes of a match is what generates the drama that attracts people to the sport and makes …

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  2. We’re on the march with Ally’s Army

    I knew one thing – Scotland were going to win the cup. How did I know that? Because Rod Stewart told me (well, not me personally) on Top of the Pops when introducing Andy Cameron and the Scottish World Cup Squad singing “Ally’s Army”. They were going to Argentina and they were going to win the World Cup. I didn’t see Germany, France or Holland on TOTP so I assumed they would not be even challenging. After all the concept of “hype” does not exist to an 8 year old.

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