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Features news coverage of Ghana and its players, including match reports and general football news.

  1. World Cup 2010 Injuries

    As we gear up for the opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup this coming Friday we are in store for a month of a carnival football as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ invites the world to enjoy this landmark achievement for …

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  2. Milton Keynes today, Pretoria tomorrow

    Ghana had for some reason delayed their departure to South Africa preferring to head to the delights of roundabout city instead of an alpine training camp. They had come in for some stick from their own fans for heading to Milton Keynes instead of Durban, but if you close your eyes then they both look the same anyway.

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  3. Group D: Deutschland Über Alles

    Blog readers, football fans, sod it, people of the world… We all owe Kevin Prince Boateng a pint. Thanks to his awful tackle in the FA Cup final, Germany are in this tournament without their chief playmaker, and of course …

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  4. Who will be the top African nation?

    It is only in recent times that African nations have risen to prominence on football’s World stage, most notably thorough their performances at the World Cup. Apart from Egypt’s participation in the 1934 tournament, it was not until 1970 when …

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