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Carlos Tevez

Juventus and Argentina striker

  1. The Ugliest Footballers

    Footballers have it all – fame, fortune and the chance to play the game that they, and we, love. Many prospective talents never make the grade, and the chosen few who play in the Premier League must be regarded as …

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  2. The return of Carlos Tevez

    Carlos Tevez is expected to return for Manchester City against Chelsea on Wednesday night after the striker apologised to the club for his behaviour this season.   Castrol EDGE Performance data shows that Tevez was extremely important for City before …

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  3. An Apology for Carlos Tevez

    An apologetic … for Carlos Tevez? Just days after a scathing open letter? The same guy writing both? I guess stranger things have happened – remember Julian Faubert once played for Real Madrid. Less than a week ago, I suggested …

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  4. An Open Letter to Carlos Tevez

    Dear Carlos Tevez, For five years now you’ve been a shedload of trouble for the entire English Premier League. With this letter, I’d like to invite you to please stop moaning about the loneliness of Northern England and return to …

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