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Features news coverage of the German Bundesliga. You can also watch Bundesliga live.

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  1. The Renaissance of German Football

    Brazil, Spain, Argentina, England and Holland. These were the five nations who were most people’s favourites to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Only Spain and Holland are left as Germany accompany the Spaniards in the eagerly-anticipated semi-final. But it …

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  2. So who is accountable for England's mess?

    Who has the best league in the world? Many will say the Premier League. Sky Sports will ram slo-mo 3D HD clips down our throat until the cows come home but we should be looking to our victors last night for the business model that works for all parties. Fans gets to see their teams in stadiums designed with them in mind and prices that would make some Blue Square Conference teams blush, they get to see attacking football played by players who have been given the opportunity to develop through their youth systems. TV games are rigidly structured in advance so that every one knows who is playing when and the media knows when to start and stop building the hype and intruding.

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