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Best of SL

This section features the best articles written on Soccerlens. If there are articles that you think should be added to this list, please nominate them through this page.

  1. Football vs Extreme Weather

    We can all count ourselves exceedingly lucky to be part of a generation privy to the wonders of modern football as it is today. With an inordinate amount of time and money pumped into football every year now, we have …

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  2. An Ode To Cristiano Ronaldo

    In the last week and a half, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored two absolute screamers against Osasuna, he has tallied two more against Champions League holders Bayern Munich, and he has single-handedly kept Madrid’s La Liga hopes alive by volley-stomping a ball into the …

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  3. Sport's bravest athletes

    Professional sport contests can be decided by the smallest of margins; that extra bit of motivation, courage or bravery could well be the difference between success and ultimate failure. Regardless of the determination of most athletes to succeed, a small …

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