Stat Attack: The Real Value Of Sergio Aguero

Stat Attack: The Real Value Of Sergio Aguero


Sergio Aguero has been a long-term target for both Manchester City and Real Madrid for the past few months, ever since the Argentine announced his intentions to leave Atletico Madrid back in May. Manchester City see him as an ideal replacement for Carlos Tevez, and someone who is much less of a problem off the pitch.

Real Madrid on the other hand have been on the lookout for a new striker for quite some time, and Aguero’s track record against Barcelona, not to mention his overall technical abilities, would make him the ideal choice for Madrid.

And the hype surrounding the player isn’t undeserved – he has powerful stats to back him up.


Between March and April 2011, Sergio Agüero scored in seven consecutive league appearances. Stats show that he was the only player across the top five European leagues to achieve such a run.

Longest scoring runs in top five European leagues 2010-11



Consecutive appearances scoring

Agüero, Sergio

Atlético Madrid


Julio Baptista






Ba, Demba



El Arabi, Youssef



Gomez, Mario

Bayern Munich


Huntelaar, Klaas-Jan

Schalke 04


Kuyt, Dirk



Messi, Lionel



Odemwingie, Peter

West Bromwich Albion


Remy, Loïc



*At the time of the scoring runs

The 23 year-old Atlético Madrid forward scored consecutively against Villarreal, Almería, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Espanyol, Levante and Deportivo La Coruña.

Sergio Agüero’s 2010-11 Liga season


Sergio Agüero


Atlético de Madrid





Minutes On Pitch


Goal Attempts



Mins per goal


Headed goals


Right footed goals


Left footed goals


Goals inside box


Goals outside box


Penalty goals


Direct free kick goals




Shots On Target


Shots Off Target


Shooting Accuracy


Chance Conversion


Blocked shots


Sergio Agüero scored 20 goals last season in the Spanish league, his most prolific campaign. The highly-coveted striker was also one of Argentina’s rare shining lights at the 2011 Copa América, netting three goals in four appearances at a rate of one every 72 minutes.

Manchester City are reportedly the closest to signing Aguero, having officially begun talks with Atletico Madrid. However, as with the case of Alexis Sanchez, if a bigger club was to show their interest (Real Madrid) and Aguero’s goal was to win, and not just line his pockets (unlike a certain Samir Nasri), City might end up empty handed. Having said that, Madrid’s supposed pursuit of Neymar could allow City to bring Aguero to Manchester and do away with their reliance on Tevez once and for all.

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  1. Looks like the lens is broken if you seriously believe there is now a bigger club in the World than Manchester City.
    Obviously, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool, Munich, Inter all have big followings, but none can tak the heat of a price standoff with Man City. They are just too rich – and that money has started to show results with a joint second place in the Premier League.

    • Jurgen u are seriously deluded to think man city are bigger than united liverpool barcelona real madrid inter and ac milan bayrrn munich man city are no where near big even what has man city won compared to madrid? Having the money dont make u the biggest club And when the financial rules come into play having arab billons will be a waste of time

  2. Sorry Jurgen, there’s a difference between rich and big.
    Would you say Malaga are bigger than Madrid or Barcelona because they have more money?
    And there is no such thing as joint second in the Premier League, I’m sorry but City came third. Speaking of lenses being broken it looks like you’ve got blue-tinted spectacles on…

  3. Does Daz realize that the other team in Manchester lost Beckham and Ronaldo, and not Manchester City? And for that matter Tevez?
    City has some time before they can compete with the glamour of some of the teams Jurgen has mentioned, but they are building a great team. They get a lot of crap for spending so much money in two years, but the “bigger” teams have spent far more over the years to build up to their current positions. With the kind of fiscal investment they receive from their owner and the incredible amount of devotion shown by their fans, if it can by sustained, they are sure to achieve their objectives. Outside quality like Aguero or Kompany compliments their former academy players like Hart and Richards well to produce a team that may end up eclipsing even their wealthy neighbors from the suburbs.

    • ‘They get a lot of c**p for spending so much money in two years, but the “bigger” teams have spent far more over the years to build up to their current positions.’

      City have a bigger net spend than United over the course of the premier league era 92-present.

      United are only 5th on the net spend table since 92.

      • Given that its was Uniteds pre Glazer spending that created the current inflated market that’s a pretty weak argument. Its the likes of United that have forced City to spend big. After all the likes of Chelsea and more so City have been playing catch up.

        It was Skys riches that allowed United to buy their success.

  4. Oops looks like jurgen got all the little fishys on his hook! hahaha. Look boys city are one of the biggest clubs in the world now. Look what happens when we r interested in a player….Teams like united back out (Nasri) cos they know that they arent as powerful as us. Get used to it boys, citys dominance coming and here to stay. As we’ve seen we r too big for even the FFP rules! haha.

    And as for the journo saying ‘ Aguero’s goal was to win, and not just line his pockets (unlike a certain Samir Nasri)’….well what a bitter idiot. City finished above arsenal and won a trophy, so when he says he wants to win things, i think on this seasons evidence he’d be making a definite step up in going from arsenal ‘the selling club’ to city ‘the buying club with a trophy and certain champs league!’

    haha Read and weep bitters! CTID

  5. “Aguero’s goal was to win, and not just line his pockets (unlike a certain Samir Nasri), “………………..HHHAAAAA!!!!You mean ARSEnal are more likely to win than City!?!?!?!?!? Delusions. I dont know why anyone is being as pathetic as you lot, that have already commented! Different people prefer different things. We wont know anything until a team officially announces it. Man up and grow up you kids.

  6. Agree man city the biggest team in the world. We love man city here in Canada go city, go city, go city.

  7. I’m a City fan and I love it that you mugs thinking FFP will stop Man City from being the best are in blissful ignorance. The rules are in City’s interests for long term monopoly but as long as most people think it will stop big expenditures, your jealousy will justify bringing City to the top and keeping them there.
    I feel sorry for aspiring clubs who aren’t already top six quality and all of our nations ordinary bread and butter sides, they will lose out the most if any of yous numpties actually read the new rules properly. Rather than relying on bitter journalistic witterings you would see that what you hear depends on what your looking for.

  8. Even if man city or malaga unsure of wealth of owners have more money madrid will always spend big on players so man city dnt expect to have easy time in the transfer market i dnt see man city paying 80 million for players madrid will always be just as equal to signing big players thats the only big thing for man city they spend big as there not a big club and a club with no history

    • No City have no history. Something you parrots, I assume you are a rag coloured parrot, have been trained to repeat at every available opportunity.

      Actually what do you mean by no history? Before Sky after Sky or since the clubs formation? See you dont know do you because its just a cliche.

      City actually pre date both United and Real. Now that’s history. Check a dictionary if you don’t understand the word.

      In terms of winning things of course Real and United have won more but is that history or achievement? Without Skys money United would have barely won more than City. As for Real Franco had a lot to do with their success.

      Stop bleating inanities and get a life or start researching your subject before spouting rubbish.

  9. If Messi was for sale, only City would find the money to buy him. Money talks in football these days and City have plenty. The new rules will not be an issue for City.

  10. Here is today’s puzzler for the increasingly bitter Arsenal fans who grow more and more like Uniteds pot chasing fans every day ( I wont add what I could add at this point as it might help you with the quiz).

    Ok Arsenal fans are you ready? When was the last time you actually won something (other than a game against Tottenham that is) and what position did you finish in Premier League last season?

  11. Ferdinand & Veron both cost Utd nearly £30 million each nine and ten years ago. How much is that by todays rate?
    Petrol was 69.9p per litre in 2002. That is almost half price of what it is today so we can safely say that would equate to about £55 million each. That would seriously effect todays list as it makes them both more expensive than Torres!!!!

  12. City do hold the record for biggest ever attendance, how do others define size?, il put money that only city will break that record!.

  13. Aguero should go to Real. He yas better chances to win trophies there.

  14. He ll destroy his futur if he goes to real madri
    I hoppe to seen him playing for city they r going b dominant club in Europe, but for the chairman he’s no relation with ball otherways he’s already sack the person who’s in charge for transfer players

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