Spain v USA – 2009 Confederations Cup Semifinal

Spain v USA – 2009 Confederations Cup Semifinal


Watch the Spain v USA semifinal live online – right here.

Spain v USA (1st Semifinal)
Date: Wednesday 24th June 2009
Venue: Bloemfontein
Kickoff: 19:30 GMT

The Spanish juggernaut faces surprise package USA in the first semifinal on Wednesday night. Spain have had an easy ride so far in the tournament and will be vary of slipping up against a motivated (and lucky) United States side. Can the USA ride their luck and make it to the final, or will we see Spain reach their second final in two years in style?


Spain got through a surprisingly easy group, defeating South Africa, New Zealand and Iraq without conceding a goal or getting out of second gear.

The USA will offer a slightly tougher test than Iraq or South Africa, but this well-oiled machine have only themselves to worry about – if they can control the game as they are masters at doing, this should be just another step to their second international title in two years.


When the USA lost 3-0 to Brazil in the first second game of the Confederations Cup, fans and critics alike turned on the team. Bradley lacked tactical sense, the players lacked motivation and with Egypt putting in a strong showing against Italy, there was a significant chance of the USA being embarrassed on the international stage.

They didn’t buckle. The defeat against Brazil was followed by a 3-0 win against Egypt, and coupled with Brazil steamrolling Italy 3-0, the USA were the unlikely runners-up in Group B and in the semifinal.

In Spain they’ll be facing a team in better form than Brazil, possessing more talent than Italy and with more pride at stake than Egypt. Getting to the semis was the minimum expectation (never mind the tough group) but now that they’re here, a win will be dreamed about and expected, at least until reality sets in during the first half.

Watch the Spain v USA semifinal live online.

Brazil v South Africa - 2009 Confederations Cup Semifinal
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  1. Coach Bradley made some bad decisions on who plays in the first two games. Did bett4er on the last one. Several injuries have hurt the US and kept some needed players off the team for the cup. He really needs to give bettr thought to who plays against Spain. I think he may have some players on the bench with more drive thatn many on the field. I believe that Spain will most likely win this one but the dream of beating them is alive and should be because you never know until it is over. Being smart,playing with desire and do not be afraid can change a game. WE can play to win or just accept that we will lose, those are the choices. One last thing, it will help the team if the defense will not be afraid to get in front of the ball, they spent too much time defending to the side.
    Good Luck USA and play to win.

  2. Lol Jeremiah, hope you didn’t place any money on that bet.
    So Spain’s records are ’35 matches without defeat’ (shared with Brazil) and ’15 consecutive wins,’ both ended by the US?
    Great job USA – though I wonder when we’ll stop getting red cards..

  3. Ha! I laughing at all you fools who doubt the USA.we may not be a world power on the pitch but our players can stay with anyone (as we proved today). Call it what you want but the yanks showed up and dominated spain.not trying to say we will take home a champioship trophy at WC10 but we will have a good showing. Keep overlooking us and we will keep winning!!!!!!!

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