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Soccerlens Evolution T-Shirt


The Soccerlens Evolution t-shirt is a remake of the popular ‘evolution’ shirt.

It’s a classic black t-shirt with the ‘evolution’ graphic (tracing humanity’s evolution from primitive roots to the modern day footballer) etched in white across the chest, with ‘EVOLUTION’ written in dark red below it.

The SL Evolution t-shirt is (hopefully) the first of many cool football shirts that we’ll be releasing over the coming months. The ‘Evolution’ is on sale now and is available through our friends at Subside Sports in both their US and UK stores.

Order info and shirt image below.

Soccerlens Evolution Tee - Black
The Soccerlens Revolution Shirt

US / Canada: Soccerlens Evolution T-Shirt ($19.25).

UK / Rest Of The World: Soccerlens Evolution T-Shirt (£12.99 / €14.16)

Soccerlens Shirts
Advantage Liverpool as Manchester United see red and Chelsea lose to Tottenham

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  1. Very nice! I’ll probably be picking one of these up soon

  2. I dont understand that Ape-to-Man theme though. What’s up with that ?

  3. i gots it! i loves it! since i’m a goalie anyway and teh shirt shows that teh man evolves to be a goalie! muhahahah..!

  4. just saw it here. Me wants :)

  5. I want to buy this T-shirt, just let me know how can proceed

  6. sir Alex ferguson should do away with berbatov and sign player like snijder and ozil from germany

  7. sir Alex u have to sign the stronger fighter we have tied with an experience players

  8. revolutionary awesome shirt…i got one