Tottenham, Newcastle and Manchester City to lose, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United...

Tottenham, Newcastle and Manchester City to lose, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United to win


Today’s roundup is brought to you by Gemma Atkinson (more Gemma):

Weekend Predictions

This weekend’s matches (and predictions):

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bolton Wanderers FC v Liverpool FC – Liverpool’s first team, well-rested, should win this, unless they want to give up the title before Christmas.

Arsenal FC v Aston Villa FC – Aston Villa will fight hard but Arsenal should wrap this up quickly – although if they play the kids again, I imagine MON has more talent at his disposal than Steve Bruce.

Blackburn Rovers FC v Sunderland AFC – Rematch from the midweek Carling Cup, but this time at Ewood Park. Rovers will be gunning for a win here, and with confidence high from their win at the Stadium of Light, they could take 3 points here. Then again, who knows which Sunderland will show up?

Fulham FC v Tottenham Hotspur FC – With due respect to Arsenal and Liverpool, this is Harry’s first real test – an away game against bottom-10 league opposition. If they win this, the Redknapp Revolution is well and truly on.

Manchester United FC v Stoke City FC – Delap will do his best but Manchester United should win this unlike Arsenal or Liverpool).

Newcastle United FC v Wigan Athletic FC – Newcastle should win this, unless Kinnear attacks a referee or Wigan find the balls that Arsenal snatched from them.

West Ham United FC v Portsmouth FC – Can Zola win a game? Can Adams? We’re about to find out.

West Bromwich Albion FC v Chelsea FC – Chelsea will be raring for a win, they should get one too.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Everton FC v Middlesbrough FC – Usually when you expect Everton to win, they make a meal of it. Usually when you expect Boro to lose, they go on and win. This is a bad game to bet on.

Hull City AFC v Manchester City FC – Hull strikers were headbutting midweek, not ideal preparations when you’re expected to track back to the penalty box and knock over Robinho. Difficult to call, it’s up to City’s defence and they’ve been tits up so far.

Your predictions for the weekend?

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  1. I made the mistake of clicking on the Gemma Atkinson links before I read the article so my only prediction is that anyone who looks at these will definitely want to nail her! 3-0 I suspect and at least 1 red card….tackle from behind!

  2. On yesterday’s predictions:

    surprised to see Arsenal do so poorly. A Gilberto or a Flamini are being sorely missed, but to Arsenal’s credit Villa are probably not good enough to keep up all season. Seriously, how far can Arsenal fall? Not much more, surely?

    Sunderland pulled a nice reverse, Tottenham flopped as expected (3rd goal for Campbell in 2 games), neither Zola or Adams can win a game, and apparently Newcastle are worse than Arsenal’s kids.

    And props to Ronaldo and Anelka for continuing their scoring sprees – if they can stay fit, it’ll be an interesting race for top goalscorer.

  3. BD Condell, I am a guilty Chelsea fan. We were all like, oi, Anelka up front? He’s been a bomb. But, lately, I’m soo impressed by him, I MIGHT go get a shirt with his name on it. BUt, first he must prove it a littl more than a few games and over walkabout teams. If he surely is the key to defeating Arsenal, then consider it purchased!

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