What They Said: Wenger echoes Mourinho’s words, Moyes gets support from his...

What They Said: Wenger echoes Mourinho’s words, Moyes gets support from his player


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels that Liverpool have a great advantage in the title race as they don’t have any side distractions.

For the first time in many years, Liverpool are mounting a challenge for the Champions League spot, but with just four points off the summit with 11 games to go, an outside shot at the Premier League title cannot be ruled out either.

Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho has started earlier that he sees it as an advantage for Brendan Rodgers’ side and now Wenger has just echoed the same.

“Liverpool is in the race and they have an advantage because it’s the only competition they play,” he is quoted by the Daily Star.

Wenger feels that consistency is the key from here on and that it will be a close title race in the end.

Meanwhile, Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has insisted that under pressure manager David Moyes has the full backing of the team.


United are having a disastrous league campaign this season and are on the verge of going out from the Champions League, after losing the first leg 2-0 at the hands of Olympiakos.

There have been reports about unrest in the dressing room; with striker Robin van Persie openly criticized his manager’s tactics. However, senior member of the squad, Patrice Evra insisted that the players will back their manager in this tough period.

“There was a big change, it must be digested – nobody likes change,” he is quoted by The Metro.

“The team played for over 28 years with Alex Ferguson.

“It is behind the new manager, we will do everything to qualify for the next Champions League.”

The Red Devils are in real danger of missing out the Champions League qualification for next season, as they trial Liverpool by a whopping 11 points gap.

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  1. Supporters and Media should learn what football is all about. I remember when Ferguson tookover Man United, it was not as easy as supporters and media thank these days. for Him to build a strong team, it took him some years, a lots of years, but eventualy he made it because the board and management had faith in him. I am surprised that, people want MOYES to do that in month’s time. They should give him time, they should not confuse him. He is a very good coach with good qualities. He will make that team strong again. I am not a Man United supporter but the way the media and funs are treating MOYES is not fair, he accepted the blame now let him continue to build the team the way he want it to be. Why always carrying BANNERS about MOYES?

  2. D’years of Sir Alex is gon nd here is Moyes,let him rain…Weda succes or falure,let him rain.After all his apointment was’n an accident.

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