Rodgers turns attention to £30m midfielder after signing new deal

Rodgers turns attention to £30m midfielder after signing new deal


Liverpool owners ensured that stability is sustained at the club, after an unforgettable league campaign where the Reds secured Champions League football, by handing young and dynamic manager Brendan Rodgers a long term contract.

Having taken Liverpool to second in the Premier League, it was all but a formality that Fenway Sports Group will present Rodgers a new deal, where assurances were given that he would have the tools to sculpt the squad according to his wishes.


Basically Rodgers will be given funds to delve into the transfer market and buy few top quality players, which the club have been unable to do in the past few years due to the exile from Champions League.

The Daily Telegraph‘s reliable journalist Chris Bascombe reports that Liverpool board will back Rodgers to the fullest for the player he wants to bring in. And his first test will be to land Southampton’s highly rated attacking midfielder Adam Lallana.

Liverpool had lodged an opening bid of £20m, which was rebuffed as Southampton are asking £10m for to enter into any negotiation. 

Lallan’s first club, Bournemouth are entitled to 25 per cent on any sale on fee and precisely that’s why Southampton are refusing budge on his valuation. 

The 26-year-old has had a terrific campaign for the Saints, where he bagged nine league goals and earned a place in Roy Hodgson’s squad for the World Cup in Brazil. A quality player who will undoubtedly enrich the squad but it remains to be seen whether Liverpool are willing to pay the price asked by Southampton.

Should Liverpool pay £30m for Adam Lallana and wrap up the deal quickly? Have your say below… 

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  1. 30m is 2 much 4 lalana if he kant be bought @ 22m rogers should go 4 anoda player. Pls i nid pedro rodriguez kos he’s goin 2 be a big boost 2 d team

  2. Why buy lallana for 30million when LFC can rather go for the king of midfielders and try and trigger marco rues release Clause at 35million imagine rues at the back of suarez wow champions league here we come!!!

    • At last someone with a bit of sense!!! Reus (not Rues) is the only player we should be looking at in that attacking mold. Come on Brendan make me a happy man and break the bank for Reus.

  3. Yes they should buy Adam Lallana. Hopefully as quick as possible. Liverpool’s slowness in attempting to buy players these last few years is the reason we have been in the wilderness for so long. Hurry up before someone else gets him he will be a great replacement in the future for Stevie G. If we want to challenge on all fronts from now on we need to buy and not bargain basement but quality and Lallana is a good start. How about his team mate Luke Shaw as well before Man U get him. Also Miccah Richards and hopefully Milner. Let’s get quality home grown proven quality players that we desperately need. And will be good for all these new fair play rules.

    • Lallana cannot replace Stevie G, age is not on his side plus he does not have Gherad’s qualities.

  4. lallana , Can,Vorm, mascherano,ashly williams and ryan bartland .Cash in on agger,reina assaidi aspas and henrique.send alberto suso and wisdom to premier league clubs on loan where yu can closely watch them.bring back ilori and bring milner and jarvi garcia on loan .

  5. Lallana is a very good “AM” but i think the 30m asking price is too much for a player at his level. At 20m will do.

  6. I lik this club cal liverpool but now whe need a guality to for champion league like rakitic and lallana

  7. 30GBP is crazy. Let LFC settle for Shaqiri instead. Shaqiri is as good as Lallana, lets take away sentiments. Liverpool need to fortify every department especially the defence. So paying 30 million for a midfielder is rather too much. That money can get us fantastic back 2.

  8. Please please, someone should help get in contact with Brendan Rodgers to tell him not to replace Mignolet with Vorm. Instead, he should get a quality back-up for Mignolet. My most outstanding keeper in England for now is Scotland/Cardiff City Goal-keeper, David Marshall. He would serve as an effective back-up for Mignolet rather than bringing in Vorm who will not come and sit on the bench for Mignolet.

  9. 30m… no way & even 25 is too much for Lallana imo. For that money we can buy Rakitic who is far better & a true replacement for Gerrard in CM. if we need an ACM, we could get Firmino or Cuadrado for 30m & both put Lallana in the shade! Even Shaqiri would be better value than Lallana so i think we should focus on Lovren & Clyne. Get Marshall from Cardiff as back/comp for Mig & sign Moreno, Rodriguez or Rojo for LB. Sign Konoplyanka or Iturbe for LW & we’re good to go for the season! Wouldn’t need to buy a CF if we sign any of the forwards i mentioned because they’d score 10+ goals themselves & create chances for the strikers we have so i’d stick with Borini as backup all day long!!

    • lallana is better then all them u named, he has 2 good feet. just because these others r big names it doesnt make them any better. how many times have u seen these other players play live. not 2 many im guessing,becoz that’s when u realize theryre not all that. lallana can play at midfield 3 or upfront on the wings and he is premiership proven and hes english. i say go get him, 25 mills would be reasonable but 30 would still be ok. just think of all the 7 mills we spend on junk like alberto and aspas, why not spend a bit more and get quality, becoz that’s wot he is. also pedro or sanchez, caulker or ashley williams, rakitic or alonso, bring back borini and reina and we dnt need clyne becoz we already have flannagan who is on England standby unlike clyne. also rogers needs to stop buying young rubbish players, becoz hes signings have not been great apart from sturridge and coutinho.

  10. I cannot see anyone in their right mind paying £30m for Lallana. Southampton are trying it on If Lallana is do keen to play CL football he ought to force Southampton’s hand. Let’s face it with their manager and other Key players going they are going to be a different team next year and Southampton are never in Lallana’s time get into the CL. So let’s get this moving but for. A max of £20m

    • Maybe with Pochetino going to the Spuds,it may well work in Liverpools favour regarding the Lallana saga
      Maybe Southampton will have no option but drop the price,if Lallana puts a transfer request to move to Liverpool

  11. & btw i’m getting tired of hearing people say refer to Lallana as a replacement for Gerrard, he couldn’t be that even on his best day because he lacks the necessary attributes that are second nature to Stevie…. & no those attributes can’t be coached into him! Rakitic is the ONLY player i’ve ever seen who comes anywhere near our Captain Fantastic & if i was in charge at the club i’d move heaven & earth to sign him now! Adding Firmino or Cuadrado & Konoplyanka or Iturbe will give us the most balanced, fluid & lethal attack on the planet & with a solid defence as a base to work from, LFC would be unstoppable! Doubt we’ll sign these kinds of players but i’m allowed to dream!
    JFT96, YNWA.

  12. Yes oooo lallana is a very gud player 4 liverpool 2 buy, bt £30m is too much 4 his fee…

  13. This guy doesnt worth more than 15mil mr Rogers needs to find some 8&10millions youngsters and turn them into stars llallana aint that good

  14. Lallana whilst a top performer this season is not one u would rate beyond the 20m bracket. Like Andy Carroll or stewie downing, he could potentially be good for just a season. Liverpool should start focusing on barca targets like Pedro, Sanchez and tello if they were to spend big

  15. Rakiti, iturbe,pedro are enough addition to our attacking force but our big prob. was defense. So we really need quality defenders & let agger + johnson out.

  16. Lallana looks a good player after having a very good season but he’s over priced as all the British players usually are. Id rather spend 30 mill on Alexis Sanchez who is proven to bd world class as he’s got champs league experience as well as plenty more caps then Lallana . We saw Sanchez run rings around England in the chile v England friendly back in November. He scored 18 goals last season for the Catalans and that’s with him not even playing a full. 90 mins in a lot of the games and also barca play a slower build up attack which involves gettin the ball to Messi so i think the faster premiership (especially the way we play would suit Sanchez and I could see him being a real star at Liverpool . Fingers crossed but doubtful were get him

  17. Lallana is good, frgt de huge money nd buy him nd try get Adan Turan nd Toure. Nd we more dan ready fr cl

  18. 30million lallana is lik wastin of money, when there ar better creativ mid-fielder lik rues…If LFC pay abov 20million is too much…

  19. 30m is 2 much 4 lalana. please liverpoolfc we tyre been crying fan.ratic will be good 4 liverpool and long time replace of gerrad.

  20. out
    reina 6
    agger 12
    toure 4
    coates 4
    ilori 4
    enrique 6
    jonson 10
    lucas 12
    allen 15
    alberto 6
    suso 5
    assaidi 5
    aspas 8
    borini 10
    fsg 60
    total 167
    vorn 7
    vertongen 25
    rojo 15
    moreno 15
    richards 7
    emre can 10
    rakitic 15
    isco 30
    pedro 25
    schneiderlin 13
    krkic 5


    • BR you most be careful for the club who
      Their prece much money for which player
      You chosen after end they dosen’t telk him,BR know that you got liverpool for a chapion lidge you most whant more player,left bags,midfeld,senter bags,and two wengs,rwite and left,good wishs for you are make liverpool in a chapion liage!!

  21. liverpool shud buy fabregas at dat amt or sanchez at a lesser fee than 2 buy lallana dat has no champions reputation 4 dat amt.

  22. Again sad to say but another over priced English player why is it that when they are English there price is doubled lallana ain’t worth know where near 30 mill just like carol was not worth 35 nor was downing worth the 20 mill we payed nor was Henderson worth 20 mill nor was Allen worth 15 mill yea I know he’s welsh
    Look at European players now
    Rakatic easily a better player than lallana should get him for that price
    Sanchez better signing
    Pedro would be better
    Emre cann
    c tello
    Host of players r out there please don’t make the same shit signings we have made in the last 3 years bar Sturridge and courtino

  23. Lallana is an average player and will only fit into an average club, 20 mil is even too much for him imo, buy Pedro instead and we would have the deadliest attack in Europe!

    GK – Cech
    LB – Luke Shaw
    RB – Sheamus Coleman
    CB – Gary Cahill
    CB – Vincent Kompany
    DCM – Steven Gerrard
    MF – Adam Lallana
    MF – Eden Hazzard
    AMF – Yaya Toure
    CF – Luis Suarez
    CF – Daniel Sturridge

    Have a look at that list! Now tell me who on that list (outside of Gerrard and Cech due to their age) is worth less than £20m?

    Lallana is worth £25m. I know we don’t like it but he is in the present market.

    • pedro @ 40m is a better purchase than lallana @ 15m. Shaw is @ best 15m, it is his release clause dat is making his fee over rated. Hw much will alaba cost? Maybe 85m. Fenway is jst trying to build d english team using liverpool.

  25. Why the kops of the saints are doing that, from £10 to £30? Adam Lallana is not up to that extent.

  26. I don’t know my love for Lallana is too much. Liverpool need him, so they should get him not even minding what it takes. A team like real madrid can do anything to get the players they want and that’s what is give them result. Please liverpool should sign him. Up the RED

  27. lallana @ 30m is abormination, luke shaw @ 30m is suicide mission. total=60m. Konop @ 15 and contrreao @ 12m, javi martinez @ 30m is a better purchase. Total=57m. Br and fenway are no fools bt intelligent personalities.

  28. Yeh I think sign him he’s clever on the ball very rarely gives it away but 30 is 2 much 20 is plenty,itl b good 2 get Enrique bk from injury he was 1 of the best left BKS in the country before the injury,he made a few mistakes but so does everybody, I’d like 2 c Hummel’s Richards reus I’d pay 30mil for him easy, Pedro greizmann carvalho r bring maschrano bk, bring milner in as a squad player and Remy.

  29. Brendan should look for a player that would make a difference,30mil is too much for lallana,though he is a good but that amount should be expended on more quality players.Brendan think wisely.

  30. Lallana at 20m represents good value, however at 30m he is not.
    If we are going to spend that much money I’d much prefer Ross Barkley, who would probably be in the region of 30-40m.

  31. Lallana is good but not worthy that £30m and if they insist,there are good midfielders we can get.

  32. Liverpool fc need to drop Adam Lallana and consider to sign Andryan oliveira Tavares(plays for Flamengo. Currently on loan at Caglian Calcia),also Carlos Hentique Jose Casemiro (Real Madrid), persue Everton for Ross Backley, Luke shaw and Javier Pastore or Tony Kroos

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