How Big is Your Pitch?

How Big is Your Pitch?


Chris over at EPLTalk has paid someone to put together a list of the pitch sizes in the Premier League – not to be confused with other metrics of measuring a club’s superiority, such as title count, time spent playing in the top level, the relationship of your manager with your players, your transfer budget (or lack thereof) or the fact that you charge your fans through the nose to watch your team play like crap.

Anyway, over to EPLTalk:

Here are the top 20 pitches ranked in order of size. The large number after the size of the pitch is calculated by multiplying the length and width of the pitch (in yards):

1. Manchester City, City of Manchester Stadium, 116 x 77 yards, 8932
2. Manchester United, Old Trafford, 116 x 76 yards, 8816
3. Blackburn Rovers, Ewood Park, 115 x 76 yards, 8740
4. Everton, Goodison Park, 112 x 78 yards, 8736
5. Aston Villa, Villa Park, 114 x 75 yards, 8550
6. Middlesbrough, Riverside, 114 x 75 yards, 8550
7. Arsenal, Emirates Stadium, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
8. Derby County, Pride Park, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
9. Reading, Madjeski Stadium, 111 x 76 yards, 8436
10. Sunderland, Stadium of Light, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
11. Wigan Athletic, JJB Stadium, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
12. Portsmouth, Fratton Park, 115 x 73 yards, 8395
13. Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, 110 x 75 yards, 8250
14. Fulham, Craven Cottage, 110 x 75 yards, 8250
15. Liverpool, Anfield, 110 x 75 yards, 8250
16. Birmingham City, St. Andrews, 110 x 74 yards, 8140
17. Newcastle United, St. James’s Park, 110 x 73 yards, 8030
18. Tottenham Hotspur, White Hart Lane, 110 x 73 yards, 8030
19. Bolton Wanderers, Reebok Stadium, 110 x 72 yards, 7920
20. West Ham United, Boleyn Ground, 110 x 70 yards, 7700

Interesting facts:

  • Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea have small pitches. No, I’m not gloating. Honest. Newcastle United aren’t that well off.
  • Everton is the widest, West Ham the narrowest. Pompey, notorious for being a narrow ground, is only 3 yards narrower than Old Trafford. Am I being naive or is this really no difference?
  • Highbury and Emirates are virtually the same size (110×73 to 114×74 – a yard’s increase in width and 4 yards longer – hardly cause for concern for Arsenal’s finest).
  • Manchester City are finally ahead of Manchester United in something.

Snide remarks about table positions apart, there’s not much else to talk about, is there? I doubt that when Manchester City play Manchester United at Old Trafford (or when Manchester United visit Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool this season), the top visiting chant will be “We’ve got a bigger pitch than yours”

Then again, these are City fans we’re talking about (oh come on :) )…

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  1. “Snide remarks about table positions apart, there’s not much else to talk about, is there?”

    No, there isn’t. Congratulations. I was going to weigh in with a remark about what a waste of time this article was, but you’ve stolen my thunder.

  2. City also had the largest pitch when they were at Maine Road – dates back to the days when many teams played with two real wingers, and if you did that, you wanted as wide a pitch as possible.

    Hilarious snide comments about City in the body of the article. Boy, how I slapped my thighs – funny man who wrote it ha ha ha nothing like an easy target eh?

  3. City havin a large (largest) pitch is nothing new. Maine Road was always acepted as the largest playing area in the Football League, Doncaster Rovers old pitch was the longest etc etc.

    Arenal’s pitch at Highbury, although voted the best playing surface many times, I seem to remember was deemed to be too small (width) to play any games in EURO ’96.

    Obviously, astute managers size their pitch according to their team’s strengths and playing preferences.

    City Groundstaff have just got more work to do than most to prepare what is always a magnificent playing surface at CoMS. CTID

  4. I’d be very suprised if Everton had the widest as we hardly have any out and out wingers. We’ve got Arteta but i cant see it being the widest. No chance

  5. Actually there is a point to this article. Uefa Regulations stipulate that from the group stage of the CL the field of play must meet standard dimensions of 68*105m [74.36*114.83 yards]. Exceptions may be granted by the Uefa administration only at the written request of the association of the club concerned, to be submitted to the Uefa administration before the start of the season.

    I assume the figures above are a little innacurate, otherwise Arsenal would have to continue to get dispensation to appear each season, in spite of the new ground\pitch.

    Only Man Utd, City and Blackburn definitely meet requirements based on the figures given.

  6. Hmmm…. I knew the COMS was hude, but I thought Craven Cottage would be the smallest, it defintly looks like it on the Tele.

    Really, I have a theory, the more modern and newer the stadium, the bigger it ‘looks’.
    Think about it, City of Manchester Stadium is huge, Craven Cottage Tiny, Emirates looks humungous but is not too big.
    Highbury looked like it was only 75 Metres wide, because of the older stands and the Stamford Bridge pitch does look a medium size, A medium stadium!!!

    Geez, Am I a god damn legend or what~!

  7. Ahmed,

    Why do you want to “put EPL Talk to shame”? I was the one who took the time to research and write the article and — to my belief — all of the pitch sizes are correct.

    Arsenal’s grass area at Emirates measures 123×83 yards, but of course that isn’t their pitch size. They can increase or decrease the size of their pitch as it suits them.

    The Gaffer

  8. question:

    can the manager change the dimensions of the pitch as he sees fit? that is of course if it doesn’t violate any higher regulations.

  9. “The large number after the size of the pitch is calculated by multiplying the length and width of the pitch (in yards):”… that’ll be the pitch AREA in SQUARE YARDS then eh? Junior school Maths obviously not your strong point then?

    Typical of a Rag fan… No brainer! Like picking that lot to support.

    You make me laugh!


  10. :) Chris, come around more often, that was not mean in any seriousness, more in jest.

    It is great of you to do the research, but it appears that there are some discrepancies. Perhaps you could list your sources on your original post? Would love to get an accurate picture of all this.

  11. Most of the sources for the pitch measurements came from the club websites themselves. Point well taken, though. Next time I’ll list the sources so people can see what the information came from.

    The Gaffer

  12. oh no weve got a small pitch im gonna change clubs and move city!! this is terrible forget about winning the premiership focus on getting a bigger pitch 😉

  13. lol at Football news you can trust, this site is just like the daily mail or Mirror, pro united, dont make out you are not because you know different. Quite simply pathetic, look how City are made the main attraction in this pityful pathetic article, how sad can you get, oh i forgot you rags have nothing left to attack us with, i suppose having the biggest pitch now makes us cheats or something, are we cheating other teams?, i dont think so, if anyone is its the smallest pitches.

    move on.

  14. jay man city are such cheats they make everyone run extra on their pitch to win its a conspiracy!

  15. It may be news to the uninformed but The Cult Manchester Club has always had one of the largest pitches in english football.
    Its in the spirit and ethos of our football club.
    You had better ask the others on thier philosopy.
    We are used to being overlooked, little mention on the best Academy in the country, no mention of our regular award winning pitch or groundstaff either or that this seasons EUFA cup final is being held at the best ground and pitch in the country.
    We will just let you sad bastards try to catch up.

  16. From

    Q) I know the pitch is bigger at Emirates Stadium, but how much bigger is it than Highbury, and is it now the biggest in the Premiership?

    A) The pitch at Emirates Stadium is 105 metres long by 68 metres wide. The old playing surface at Highbury was 100 metres by 66.7 metres. 105m x 68m is the ‘standard’ UEFA size for a playing surface, Arsenal now has the joint biggest pitch in the Premier League.

    Convert this into yards, EPLTalk’s figures are correct.

    Arseblogger, where you at? :)

  17. im quite suprised at blackburn being third , we do have a nice big and excellent playing surface at ewood park, didnt expect it to be the third biggest

  18. Hello Everyone

    I would like to know is it true that the pitch sizes varies
    from one club to another?
    Dont they have a standard size to adhere to ?

    I am kind of puzzle by the width and length of the pitches
    What is the control factor v the standard size? Could you englighten me as this is something new, I presume all playing fields were same only the stadium capacity was different! I have been following football for more than 30 years … This a discovery

    Could u enrich my foot ball platform on this matter

    Thank you for your cooperation


  19. U’ve got the pitch dimensions totally wrong son.
    105x68m (115x75yds)….Arse, Man City, Sunderland & Man Utd.
    115x74yds….Villa, ‘boro, Reading
    110x75yds..Wigan, RL on the grounds
    110x70yds..Stoke & Fulham, postage sized piches that allow Stoke to play their dross football & Fulham used to have a 115x75yds pitch but they built extra seating around the touchlines by stealing space from the playing area.

  20. I have great doubts about your stats.

    The Times has dimensions of all of the Premier League pitches and they are nothing like yours.

    Murdock may be a twat but I’m going with him on this one.

  21. Highbury & Emirates are virtually the same. 4 yards is hardly virtually the same. It’s like saying Arsenal & Portsmouth are virtually neighbours because they’re in the south.

  22. Utter nonsense, I have just had someone point this article out to me, and I can confirm that COMS as well as about 3/4 of the Premier League are all the same @ 105×68 metres, given I am a groundsman at MCFC I would say I am better placed than the author to confirm dimensions. It has always been that measurement since we moved there, the last time the pitch was measured in yards was our final year at Maine Road, when it measured 116.5 yards x 78 yards.

    Get the facts right before printing lies next time please.

  23. I read a comment of someone saying, “am I being naive, or is 3 yards really a difference?” Well ofcourse it is.. You are not talking about 3 yards in one area of the field being longer. You are talking about 3 yards wider say for a 115 yard long pitch. That’s a huge difference. That’s how you must look at it. Think of how many more people you could sit in those 3 yards around the entire pitch.

  24. Actually The Britania has a greater playing area than Arsenel , Slumberland , Man City and Manure.

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