Potential Strikers for Arsenal to buy in January

Potential Strikers for Arsenal to buy in January


The unexpected news that Arsene Wenger has declared he will try to sign a striker in January must have floored most Arsenal fans. The Frenchman doesn’t usually make any claims let alone buys in the transfer window.

Even if Robin Van Persie wasn’t out for the season, I still really felt Arsenal had to buy. I’m sure Nicklas Bendtnar, who himself has been hampered with injuries is feeling gutted as this would have been his chance to stake his claim as the central striker at the club and is now out until the new year.

The interesting thing about all this is that usually, Arsene places full faith with what he already has in his squad. I think his mindset has changed due to last year when he bought Andrey Arshavin. The circus and ruckus surrounding the little Russian when he made his own way to North London probably surprised Wenger. The lift it gave the fans during an abysmal season was there for all to see.

I think he may buy this January but with The Boss, you never know!

Potential Targets:

Yao Kouassi Gervinho

This player from Lille has pace, power and a great hairstyle to match. Wenger has long been an admirer of the former Le Mans player. He will be eligible to play in the Champions League but if called up, will be jetting off to the African Cup of Nations in January. He can play on the wing or up front and could be a worthy addition.

André-Pierre Gignac

He’s the star of Toulouse and as a French international, will be just to Arsene Wenger’s liking. He is picked ahead of Benzema for France and is as rugged as Rooney, but taller (he’s over six-foot). He will command a big fee, and his feet may not be on the ground after being linked with Europe’s biggest clubs and as his acrimonious departure from Lorient. He can play in the Champions League.

The only thing that Wenger may be hesitant on is the fact that he has already named his club in which he would like to move to (Manchester United, after watching Cantona play). It doesn’t really matter normally, but you see it with players, when determined to go to a certain club, they usually get their way.  

Bryan Ruiz

Costa Rican sensation currently plying his trade at FC Twente in Holland. Tall, technical and blessed with an attacking prowess. He could be tempted to move to Arsenal with the promise of playing against some fabulous teams in the Champions League and in a general hunt for trophies. However, he is playing with a highly talented team that look like they will win the Eredivise so may want to see the season out first before moving. Probably the least amount of money will be needed on this player.

Fernando Llorente

This would be the best bet. I’m not sure if Athletic Bilbao would be willing to sell their poster boy, but before the World Cup, where he will undoubtedly shine, a club could get themselves an awesome player without the astronomical price that will come in the summer. This is the target man that Arsenal need. And unlike so many others can finish too. England fans will remember his goal for Spain against them but he’s capable of so much more. He is young and will have plenty of time to grow at a club that has patience with youth.  

I would have said Niang, who plays for Marseille. But he is out for six weeks and may not want to move to another club when his team are flying at the moment.

I will not mention Van Nistelrooy, not because Arsenal hate him, but because of his injury problems. Arsenal already have Van Persie, Rosicky, Djourou, Eduardo and Diaby who are permanently injured, why add another? Madness rumour.

I also don’t think it would be worth mentioning, Pato, Torres, Benzema, Aguero or even Dzeko for the simple truth that Arsenal cannot afford them. It will be hard to buy anyone in January because most clubs have targets for a season so it will be even harder for Wenger.

Notice I haven’t mentioned Chamakh? I have a feeling Arsene may be trying to get him on a free for the summer!

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  1. You seem to be forgetting Carlton Cole of west ham would be an OK fit.

    Also Adriano is available on a free transfer. no money down sounds great for the Arsne way.

    Pavly. of Tottenham may work?

    as an addition to the striker we are looking for we should pick up R Van der Vaart, as i feel we should have in the summer window. can play in the mid or on the wings. with the frailty of our players the more the merrier.

  2. Adriano, perhaps? If he can offer the same amount relative to his peak that Henry gives Barca or Ronaldinho gives Milan, then he’s an unbeatable signing. Basically free, in great form, and apparently with his demons behind him. Oh, and he’s not Euro cuptied.

    Alternatively, how about Heskey? He’s really not a bad player, and although he can’t score, he could provide a focus for attacks.

  3. Good piece of article,u’ve really done your homework on the players and didn’t just put them as suggestion because they were rumoured widely,but u put in suggestions of strikers who you had analysed that have great impact in squads,and certainly not many can thought of..Well done for the excellent piece of analysis of the real potential strikers for Arsenal..and I also agree with u that I’ve also a feeling that Chamakh will be arriving only on the summer for free after the world cup..

  4. Very well done mate !! You certainly have cheered me up for Jan !! But Arsenal is the 7th or 8th richest club in the world, and an owner (only owns 29.7% of Arsenal) who owns denver nuggets of NBA and is a tycoon. So, I dont see money as an issue. But maybe I am wrong. But I would really like to see someone like Adriano in Arsenal coulours !

  5. they should bring bryan ruiz he has been scoring 10 goals in row in the eredivise or dzeko those players are the best in the list

  6. You got to give the chance to Bryan Ruiz he is talented and got great potential, to shine in the best leagues in the world. Ruiz is a good replacement for Van Persie, the have very similar characteristics, and he would not only be a replacement he will stay there and give much succes to the gunners!!

  7. The best choice are: Lucas Barrios, a great player of B. Dortmound ,and Brian Ruiz.brian is in a great moment and is a young man.

  8. I am Costa Rican, and as a follower to the arsenal, it would be best Bryan Ruiz, for youth, by the ability, on the future, is the best we can do, is the new figure of the Dutchman football and is a very cheap price.

  9. I think that for arsenal is great opportunity to have a very technical player and with a biggest instint of goal , obious he is so talented

  10. Brian Ruiz needs a greater challenge that Holland, he already conquested Holland, he needs a more competitive league, Ruiz is way ahead of Holland soccer and that league is to little for him, Arsenal needs him. He is a winner and make things happen his style is just beatiful, way he plays is magic.
    Lets call him the Magic Ruiz.

  11. I give my vote to Ruiz…. He’s a young and amazing player…. Now he is good and he could learn and get more experience with a year,,, he will be better…… i like Ruiz style….. best player of holland and his country……

  12. i think Gignac is the right man coz he can take ashot from afar,unlike those who play with chances in the final third

  13. bryan ruiz…he’s young and hungry, costa rica did not advance to the world cup, he can concentrate on the club and do good.

  14. Stay away from Ruiz! He’s ours. He’s got to stay. We’re not selling. He’s staying put. You can’t have him. Shop elsewhere. He’s not moving. Nope. Sorry.

    If you bring 25mln however….

  15. Arsenal have had a lot of young stars…enough of that. We need somebody like Ashavin and V.Persie who can play shot,huzzle for goals…I think Gignac is perfectly good for this position. The good news is that,he will be eligible to play champions league for Arsenal. Go for him Wenge. He’s not goal shy but a prolific striker

  16. I lov arsenal style of play, but d attack is nt potent enof. A guy lik gignac fits arsenal style. Go 4 him

  17. i want the following strikers in aresnal next year….
    3)darren bent
    4)david villa
    5)luis fabiano

    1)di maria

    1 strong,tall,fast defender will be so cool
    sorenssen(stokes city) as goal keeper

    and DONT GIVE FABRE AWAY….it will be the biggest mistake
    ….gunnerz 4 lyf

  18. arsenal should buy forlan from ATHL madrid since aguero agree to go to stamford bridge this january transfer windows

  19. From the strikers linked up at the top i feel bryan ruiz or Fernando Llorente is good for arsenal but i feel most suitable striker in the situation for arsenal is david villa of spain. he’s talented n in form playing form of his life right now striking pretty well and is consistant. there was a time he wanted to train under sir arsene wenger and if now arsene wenger takes him this january he will be very usefull.

  20. that’s so simple Bryan Ruiz is the best option for our team, i just wanna say that we have to look for people for the next generation of players, he is young and he is a start, he has all to play there.
    as a fan i really want this player in arsenal,it ust be great ,believe me!!!!

  21. bryan ruiz is amazing!!!! he is humble, he is showed in Alajuelense and Genk and now is showing up ii Twente We need someone like Ruiz, not like Vela he is a chikypussy, go Arsenal you can add this wonderfull soccer player!!!

  22. Loook, the best option for Arsenal is Bryan Ruiz, he is so talent… how many players you know that can score 10 goals in a row? He scored against ajax and that ¨soccer player¨named Luis Suarez could not do anything, he was best soccer player in the belgium league and now he is goin to be the best in holland, he broke dennis berkamp record !! Arsenal needs an player like him, and if they let him play there he is going to score a lot of goals, not like that useless mexican frijolero indian named Carlos Vela

  23. i think that Llorente is well trained, but Ruiz is good as well, these are the best options, the arsenal should make a proof and see who is best for the game style.

  24. Ruiz is the best option for the Arsenal and Wenger football as a striker who has great technique, is high and he knows scoring with the head, he is excellent identifying and creating opportunities within the area and outside, plus he knows how to make great passes to goal to his companions, and he dont miss a goal in front the golkeeper

  25. but the next season because this is going to win the title of the erevidisie with FC Twente made the team on his shoulder

  26. i am a payer in ghana and i am a fan of arsena too i need same one to help me

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