Possible Manchester United Starting Line up against Everton

Possible Manchester United Starting Line up against Everton


David Moyes returns to a familiar territory at Goodison Park as Everton play hosts to Manchester United in a high voltage clash on Sunday. Roberto Martinez’s side were handed a shock loss by Crystal Palace in midweek which somehow dented their Champions League aspirations.

The Toffees are currently fifth in the standings, a point behind Arsenal while Manchester United can look forward to the business end of a terrible season they have endured since last summer.

everton vs united

For the Red Devils, its their first outing since their Champions League exit at the hands of Bayern Munich as Moyes’ side sit nine points behind Everton. Roberto Martinez will be looking to do the double over Moyes, after his side beat United by a solitary goal from Brian Oviedo earlier in the season at Old Trafford.┬áIt was Everton’s first win at United’s home ground in 21 years.

Wayne Rooney has been declared fit for the return to his boyhood club while Robin Van Persie is still out, recovering from a knee injury. Another former Everton player Marounne Fellaini is carrying a knock while defenders Rafael and Johnny Evans face late fitness tests.

Prediction: Everton’s desire to guarantee Champions League football might just prove to be the difference in the end. I will put my money on the home side to edge by 2-1 in a closely fought encounter.

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  1. Just don’t understand Moyes a has to start him and Mata are great together Welbeck is trash would not even have him on the bench Roo is recovering from an injury why has Moyes not learned from the Bayern game a match fit Chicha is available so why not play him oh forgot Roo is also the manager does whatever he wants and gets away with it and why is Moyes looking at J Martinez we already got too many strikers he needs to buy a replacement for Fellaini first

    • this is a preedicted lineup sir so stop cursing smnt dats not final. Who saidmmoyes is watching marinez. he went to a match where he played he could have been looking on 21 other players. if moyes had benched rooney for dat game and we lost we wud have gotten so much criticism. class is class, fit or unfit, chicha doesnt step up when he starts in big games so benching him is understandable. Also fellaini has come in a transitional mufc he is better dan dis so give him time to adapt..agree hes been poor but he will improve…….STOP SOUNDING LIKE YOU CAN FIX THE PROBLEM WHEN U CANT…THE onlynthing that can is Time

  2. I’v nthng 2 blame moyes but i still hating you cuz u can’t rich us 2 qualify champion’s league….how does many people will say about you? Is that how man utd players produced a new man utd’s banner named the (choosen one1) but we deliveratly changed it 2 wrong 1 i’v nt ever see man utd in finished while 7th position despite their style when playing,try nd buy reus,shaw,garay,kroos,bigovic,giv kagawa chance.

  3. if at all moyes will start juan mata as a second fiddle to rooney, i think man u will comes back home with 3point respectively…

  4. i dnt no why moyes doesnt want to play kagawa whiles he is gud pass fellani n welbeck. Plzzz play kagawa play kagawa

  5. mata number 9 kagawa central midfield with carrick, wazza free duty..so we can bonce back to the toffee

  6. Believe it or not, Moyes is the mess of the season. A coach without technical ability. Is it not almost the same team that won last season EPL tittle with Sir Alex Fergulson?

  7. a letter to Mr Moyes,sir,with all due respect pls u know u are not good enough for man utd job.resign from ur post and perhaps u can take on reserve team,u have did a lot damages to d team than d good. after today match if u fail to beat Everton, just resign.trophy less season,no champion leagues football, no motivation, no good tactics and no fears for ur team Mr Moyes.can’t u see u are not good for united at all

  8. Kagawa, Chicharito,Nani deserve to stay @ man U. They only want out due to neglect. Play dem,
    – Sell off Young, wellbeck, Cleverly. – Replace Evra, Rio, Vida wt Mangala,Garray, Shaw. Buy Marco Reus/Kroos and one oda w-class creative MF.
    – Man U must be on top next season otherwise Moyes must go.

  9. Haahaahaahaa Moyes is the best man for the job, he is working very hard to take u people to d next level, that is Division2, with the most foolish management in d league right now. Up Liverpool up Liverpool

  10. mr.moyes,we do rspct u as d choosen 1,u hav 2 win against your former clud or else…u go and manage a small club lyk crystal palace plzzz,,,start januzaj,rooney,kagawa,mata and carrick

  11. moyes must go first.. Then we will decide for the up coming future for the club.. More yes useless

  12. what i jst wnt to say is that, man united manager david moyes did nt need to sell shinji kagawa coz that player he as an experience dan dat of our mieldfield. Bt we need to add to our squad for next season.and we need to bring a quality player i.e mangala, ander heirerra, marco reus, toni kroos nd luke shaw and cavalho. Up kagawa coz dat player is bad

  13. moyes shd leave,he has shown us enough failures,even if they spend big in summer with this poor management,it wil not help utd.

  14. I will be much ashamed if u those critisizing moyes turn to jubilate and praise him next season cos dis is united we are resiliant.UNITED WE STAND

  15. Jus fokin leav fellaini pls,y nt play kagawa look hmch ball he gets an hw well he plays huh he was top screr at drtmund 2012 season,moyes is spoiling hs talent ,an dnt bye shit players jus gt a better mid in felanis place pls and defnder pls,wers januzaj huh wt mata kagawa an carick ina team,smallng evra jones and vidic defnse wth rooney upfront,wellbeck quest mark cos he cn make sloppy finishes sumtyms

  16. Pls anwer diz question.. Why are u guyz called fans?, u should support the club in good and bad tyms… U guys are fans, but not a die_hard one… Support ur manager, erect the club… Render useful advice and not castigating.. Sir alex said something the day we lifted up the BPL trophy.. He said… Stand by your manager.. U nt doing that… Truly moyes. Z really finding it hard thiz season.. Buh.. He z a great manager.. We will surely rise again… MOYES IN… HATERS OUT… Up man united

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