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  1. Nike’s Write The Future Advert

    Nike’s Write The Future ad for the 2010 World Cup, featuring a host of superstars, catchy soundtrack, an innovative and ingenious storyline and for once, a believable ad. Well done Nike.

  2. Adidas adiPURE III

    The classic football shoes with the latest technologies integratedin them. These shoes are lightweight, very comfortable, more protective than some of the new ones out there and have a K-leather upper for the traditional look. The good thing about K-leather …

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  3. Aston Villa game for the Hawks

    Forgive me if there is a shred of emotion underlying the theme I wish to expound, and similarly, forgive me if there is a more than a shred of hypocrisy. But you see, in the immortal words of Tupac Shakur, …

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  4. Bayern Munich v Inter Milan Live Blog

    As it was written in the ancient prophecies or the Dead Sea scrolls or some such Tyldesley-esque nonsense, Jose ‘The Self-Appointed Special One’ Mourinho will lead his Inter Milan team out against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final on the 22nd May.

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