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  1. Valencia: Football Club or Soap Opera?

    Following Valencia Club de Futbol has always been a rollercoaster ride. Crazy managers, amazing strikers, bad players being paid too much, good players being paid too little, shock wins and unexpected losses are all part of being a fan of …

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  2. Arsenal head to Old Trafford all Gunners blazing

    After surprisingly struggling in matches against Birmingham and Burnley, and unconvincingly-yet-convincingly beating Wigan, Manchester Utd ‘welcome’ Arsenal to Old Trafford for an early-season titan clash. All the Gunners are blazing in the Premier League so far, comfortably winning their opening games, scoring a staggering ten goals and conceding only two as they continue to shame their pre-season critics. That’s obviously ignoring the five goals that Arsene Wenger’s men put past Celtic en route to Champions League qualification.

    Four competitive games, a measly 3 goals against and an astonishing 15 goals in that oh-so-important ‘F’ column. So who’s the key man? Well, sadly for Sir Alex, it’s Arsene. Wenger has changed the Arsenal formation to a fluid 4-3-3 system, so Fergie can forget plans of wafting Van Persie’s socks under Vidic’s nostrils – everyone in an Emirates stamp is filling his boots…

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  3. Retro – Not always the “In” thing

    Fashion writers like to think that they have their fingers on the ever-changing pulse of the British nation, that they are armed with an intricate understanding and perception of what is hot, not, and what could well turn out to …

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