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  1. The Rebirth of AC Milan

    These have been a disappointing few years to forget for the red half of the San Siro, not only have AC Milan watched cross town rivals Internazionale manage to win the Serie A title back to back for the last …

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  2. OmniFootball Review

    Trying to get information on your favourite club from one website is damn near impossible to do. First, there’s the difference in opinion. You may have one blog you go to for hilarious commentary, whilst another is for in-depth analysis …

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  3. The Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on 30th August, 1972 in California, USA. She is a former model and a world-renowned actress. She can be easily recognised from her roles in The Mask, There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels, Shrek (voice), …

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  4. The bright light at Chelsea

    Chelsea is often bandied about as being old, ageing, beyond their prime, as Sir Alex Ferguson would attest. And it’s hard to argue the point, with a fair slice of our key players over 30, the most notable including Ballack, …

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  5. Marsha Thomason is a City fan

    Marsha Thomason was born on 19th January, 1976 in Manchester, England. She is an actress, best known for American TV series Las Vegas and Lost. Earlier this year in April, Marsha married her boyfriend Craig Sykes. Marsha Thomason is a …

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  6. The German star – Veronica Ferres

    Veronica Maria Cacilia Ferres was born on 10th June, 1965 in Germany. She is a German actress who gained popularity in a French movie. Veronica Ferres is a fan of Bayern Munich