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  1. Diego Milito Inter Milan Wallpaper

    One of the best football wallpapers I’ve seen this season, coming from the creatives over at gfxworld Poland. The design is fantastic, with a lot of attention being paid to detailing and the small things that make a difference. The …

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  2. David Beckham LA Galaxy Wallpaper

    This is a throwback wallpaper, being slightly older than others I’ve been posting. However, it’s a very nice David Beckham wallpaper wearing the LA Galaxy football shirt, which is hard to find these days. The Englishman looks good in the …

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  3. Ryan Giggs Wallpaper by Matush

    A great football wallpaper by Matush, featuring Ryan Giggs wearing the Manchester United shirt. There’s a lot that works well on this wallpaper, going from the effects around the player that really put emphasis on him, to the wonderful work …

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  4. FM11 Official Trailer

    Finally the release date of Football Manager 2011 is getting closer, and that means official trailers are being released, screenshots leaked, and a more in-depth look at the game everyone is expecting so anxiously. “The official web trailer for Football …

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  5. The Best Goal Ever?

    Picking the ‘best goal’ over a period of time is a difficult task – everyone has their own criteria what makes up a ‘great goal’ or the ‘best goal’. Are the best goals the screamers from 40 yards out? Or …

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  6. USA vs Poland Live Online

    After USA somewhat established themselves as a football power in the 2010 World Cup, Poland will become their first experiment in order to test their new strategies after ridding themselves of the mistakes in South Africa.

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  7. Nou Camp gets a new pitch

    FC Barcelona’s home ground, the 98,000 seater, Nou Camp has had a new football pitch installed recently. Here’s a time-lapsed video of the the whole procedure: