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  1. Who would you pick for Newcastle?

    Newcastle United are more troubled than usual these days, what with Keegan’s departure, the fans’ protest and the press having a field day with takeover speculation (Ambani has categorically denied any intentions of buying Newcastle), player revolts (Given is on …

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  2. Zola: Chelsea is the past, West Ham is my future

    Gianfranco Zola is widely expected to take over as West Ham manager this week with the Italian’s charm, playing reputation and promise to deliver entertaining football a winner over other candidates. Zola, Speaking to the Daily Mail:

  3. Tackling the Talent Gap in England

    Fabio Capello’s England squad selection for the World Cup qualifiers against Andorra and Croatia asked more questions than it answered. The inclusion of Jimmy Bullard and omission of Michael Owen garnered the most press, but one or two other absences …

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  4. Interview with Raphael Honigstein

    Raphael Honigstein is a German journalist and author who works as an English football correspondent for German media as well as his more prominent role as a German football correspondent for English media (you may remember him from his work …

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  5. The Communist Republic of Arsene Wenger

    For a manager who rarely witnesses the on-pitch misdemeanours of his own team, Arsene Wenger is never short of views on football’s bigger picture. Comrade Wenger has used his weekend off to good effect by bemoaning the break-up of communist …

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  6. Five Things We Know About England

    Watch England v Croatia live online. They say that history repeats itself. In England’s case, stupidity repeats itself, ad nauseam. You could drive yourself insane hypothesizing how England will line up against Croatia (doesn’t matter if players lack discipline and …

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  7. Did Andorra secure a moral win?

    Andorra coach David Rodrigo claims his side’s 0-2 defeat against England was a moral victory for the tiny country. While it was undoubtedly a better result for Andorra than England would have hoped for, it was a somewhat predictable outcome. …

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