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  1. Soccer Rules

    To ensure fair play in all of the lands, the world’s governing body of football, FIFA, have laid down a set of rules for all to follow. Instead of letting people of the different regions of the world to mold …

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  2. Soccer Positions

    The eleven men fielded on a soccer pitch are assigned to specific positions in accordance to their specialties. Some of the most common soccer positions are: Sweeper Center Fullback Left/Right Fullback Wingback Left/Right Midfielder Defensive Midfielder Central Midfielder The Winger …

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  3. 10 Famous Debatable Goals

    It’s a well-known moniker in football that “goals change games”. But the impact can be cataclysmic when the goal should never have been allowed to stand. Here are ten goals that will give players and supporters a legitimate reason to bleat “if only!” for decades to come.

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  4. Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool – Goals

    Manchester United overcame a spirited Gerrard-inspired Liverpool fightback to win 3-2 at Old Trafford in the latest installment of the Manchester United-Liverpool rivalry. United had Dimitar Berbatov to thank for a splendid hat-trick as the Bulgarian continued his rich vein …

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  5. Berbatov Hattrick v Liverpool

    Dimitar’s Berbatov splendid hat-trick against visitors Liverpool at Old Trafford on 19 September 2010. Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool (Berbatov) Manchester United 2-0 Liverpool (Berbatov) Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool (Berbatov)

  6. United 3 Liverpool 2: Su-Berb Performance

    Dimitar Berbatov scored a quality hat-trick to propel Manchester United to a fully-deserved 3-2 win over Liverpool in the Barclays Premier League. Like they have done twice already this season, United let their opponents back into the match, but, thankfully, this time, and against their most-hated of rivals, they kept their nerve and were able to get the decisive goal to get all three points.

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