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  1. Deconstructing Football’s Conspiracy Theorem

    (Note to the Soccerlens Massive: I was gonna keep stoom on this but, now the dust is settled, I thought I’d put my ha’penny’s in…) A rhetorical question: Can the existence of an organisation as decidedly iffy as Media Sports …

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  2. Arsenal in relegation battle

    Yes, I know Arsenal have 35 games still to play and have a game in hand – RTFA and then rant Even pessimistic Arsenal supporters who predicted another 4th place finish this season would not have imagined the position their …

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  3. Manchester United need to stop the bleeding

    Right now Manchester United is precariously balanced between two philosophies – a desire to return to the free-flowing, attacking United of old versus the need to be effective, defensively solid and to control the game from start to finish.

  4. Did Giggs “take a dive”?

    As a Manchester United fan it feels sacriligeous to even think about it… However, Manchester United fan or not, the question must still be asked: Did Ryan Giggs (Manchester United legend and our longest-serving player – not to mention arguably …

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  5. The Unbearable Lightness of Being…A Spurs Fan

    A few hours after the referee had blown the final whistle, I find myself sitting in a restaurant, opposite a beautiful woman, picking at a calamari entrĂ©e and throwing a glass of (rather cheeky) Chardonnay down my throat. “You okay …

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  6. Peter Crouch is NOT a great striker

    When you mention the Peter Crouch and goal-scoring records in the same breath I’m not only forced to choke on my breakfast, I lose my appetite for the rest of the day as well. Are we deliberately playing the ridiculous …

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