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  1. Gilberto should stay as Arsenal captain

    Football managers see the players a lot more than we do – they’re there every single day in training, we see them 90 minutes a week, and that too if we manage to catch the game on TV or not.

  2. How Arsenal can beat Chelsea

    Chelsea fans think Arsenal will be beaten. The media thinks Arsenal will be beaten. Heck, even Arsenal fans think that Arsenal will beaten. But Chelsea are not invincible, and they CAN be beaten, even at Stamford Bridge (though that’s very, …

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  3. Manchester City in takeover talks?

    Manchester City are in talks with investors which “may” lead to investment in the club. Good news for the club, but more likely than not this will not turn into a takeover of Manchester City (despite the rumours of a …

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  4. Sunderland Sex Tape

    3 Sunderland players (keeper Ben Alnwick, midfielder Liam Lawrence and striker Chris Brown) are alleged to have been caught on tape having sex with an unknown woman.

  5. Champions League Second Round Preview (1)

    The draw for the second round matches (to be played on 20/21 Feb and 6/7 Mar 2007) takes place in Nyon, Switzerland, on 15 December (next Friday). Here are the teams, regulations and possible dream matches.