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  1. Six Dodgy Alan Curbishley signings

    Following Alan Curbishley’s departure from West Ham yesterday, his transfer policy at the club has come under increased scrutiny. Soccerlens has rounded up Curbishley’s worst forays into the transfer market.

  2. Tottenham must evolve or sell

    Daniel Levy wants the Premier League to ‘review’ the transfer system (O rly?). Tottenham may have agreed to drop their ‘charges’ against Liverpool and Manchester United in return for 50m, a striker on loan and a donation to charity, but …

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  3. Can City’s players avoid the axe?

    You can’t help but sympathise with (be jealous of) City fans at this point. Since last year, they’ve gone from despair (going nowhere fast) to joy (Shinawatra) to eventual despair (Shinawatra) and now, on the last day of the transfer …

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  4. Jimmy Bullard – England saviour?

    Watching England press conferences is a wonderful way of invoking a spooky sense of deja vu. The players sit looking like they would rather be somewhere else, going through the motions of rolling out the same old meaningless clich├ęs, and …

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