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  1. West Ham: Victims or Idiots?

    In the last few months West Ham fans have become increasingly defensive and come out in droves to protect the honour of West Ham United whenever the club is criticised.

  2. Hawk-Eye to make football faster, not slower

    There’s an interesting article on the BBC Sport site which profiles the development of Hawk-Eye technology specifically for introduction into Premiership football. The Premiership should be checking on the developments by the start of the season. In ideal conditions the …

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  3. Where will Sagna fit in at Arsenal?

    RearGunner from ArseRant writes: The news that I’ve been expecting for a while has arrived – we have indeed officially signed Bacary Sagna, a move that I’ve voiced my confusion over and one that intrigues me greatly for he is …

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  4. Dani Alves to Chelsea is pretty scary

    There are few players in world football today who would a) go to Chelsea and b) improve Chelsea at the same time. Dani Alves is one of them, and thinking about him putting on the Blues shirt worries me.

  5. Should Drogba leave Chelsea?

    Like Lampard, Drogba is at the peak of his market price. He could command 20m today but would he command the same next summer, when he’s 30 at an age where even Henry went for 16m?

  6. Should Chelsea cash in on Lampard?

    After seeing how Arsenal and Manchester United got less money than they deserved for their star strikers, there’s a good case to be made that Chelsea should cash in on Frank Lampard this summer.