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  1. England have run out of excuses

    By now, Terry Venables and Steve McClaren have used every excuse under the sun (and some of them more than once) to justify England’s spectacular loss of form after the 2006 World Cup (never thought you’d read that, did you?).

  2. What if Ruud had stayed at Manchester United?

    Ruud’s recent interview got me thinking – what if Ruud van Nistelrooy had stayed at Manchester United? How different would things be, and where would Manchester United be right now in the league and other competitions?

  3. Barcelona victims of ego and press

    Success and presidential elections are never a good mix, especially not when a club with the stature of Barcelona and a press as willing to publish gossip as that of Spain is concerned.

  4. Arsenal and Wenger right about Lehmann

    If you’re not an Arsenal fan, it’s hard to look beyond Lehmann’s attitude on the pitch. He’s aggressive, he gets provoked (or commits fouls, depending on your interpretation) very easily, is sometimes shaky when rushing out and is getting old. …

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  5. Neville gets it wrong about agents

    In a statement that will undoubtedly be interpreted as subtle criticism of some of his teammates, Gary Neville has said that footballers should ‘ditch football agents’ and let the clubs or the players themselves keep the extra money.

  6. Barcelona and Ronaldinho vs Eto’o

    After the little bitch-slapping session that went on between Frank Rijkaard and Samuel Eto’o in the press recently, there are more rumbles about unrest in Barcelona.