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  1. Liverpool’s summer transfers so far

    Liverpool have ‘rotated’ a chunk of their squad this summer, letting several players go and bringing in reinforcements (noticeably in attack) to give Liverpool the cutting edge they have sometimes lacked in the last two seasons. Tony, from Anfield Red …

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  2. Football In Film And TV

    Recently I have been watching the re-runs of “Life on Mars” on BBC4. For me this is one of the best series created by the BBC in the last couple of years. However, this week’s episode was a big disappointment, …

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  3. Get the coolest Ronaldinho tee ever!

    Not much I can say about this except that the guys at Subside Sports just emailed this pic to me and I think this is arguably one of the coolest shirts I’ve seen this summer.

  4. West Ham: Victims or Idiots?

    In the last few months West Ham fans have become increasingly defensive and come out in droves to protect the honour of West Ham United whenever the club is criticised.

  5. Hawk-Eye to make football faster, not slower

    There’s an interesting article on the BBC Sport site which profiles the development of Hawk-Eye technology specifically for introduction into Premiership football. The Premiership should be checking on the developments by the start of the season. In ideal conditions the …

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