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  1. Manchester United and Nani’s new deal

    Over at Red Rants we were discussing the new contract Nani has ‘supposedly’ signed at Sporting Lisbon, and a couple of things popped up about the reporting of this news that looked suspicious.

  2. New Middlesbrough Crest

    The new Middlesbrough crest has come under serious criticism, but there are some good points to it as well and compared to the old Boro crest (below) it’s definitely an improvement.

  3. New Aston Villa Crest

    Aston Villa recently (well, a couple of weeks ago) revealed a new crest, going retro and against the grain as far as the current trend in the Premiership is regarding club crests.

  4. Will you jerk off to save the world?

    Here’s an interesting news tidbit surrounding the 2007 FA Cup final – the Guardian reports that (I’m paraphrasing this): “Fans at the final will eat a shitload of food, drink a shitload of beer and cause a shitload of pollution …

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  5. Superior Sevilla

    Sevilla coach Juande Ramos persisted his side deserved to be the second club to defend the UEFA Cup after their dramatic 3-1 penalty shootout win over 10-man Espanyol.