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  1. Joe Kinnear’s Wikipedia page gets f***ing defaced

    Newcastle caretaker manager Joe Kinnear has found himself undermined, unwelcome, unhappy and now the victim of Wikipedia graffiti in his first week in charge. His foul-mouthed tirade against journalists at a press conference is still providing plenty of internet entertainment …

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  2. Are Arsenal out of the title race?

    One point against Sunderland is a lot better than no points against Sunderland, but a 1-1 draw was not the result Arsenal fans would have been looking for against the Black Cats, particularly given their slip-ups already this season. The …

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  3. Newcastle fans are not For Kinnear

    Joe Kinnear – the man who has single-handedly raised the number of expletives in football by 2387 per cent in one week – is now finding that even his name is a swear word on Tyneside!

  4. More swearing from Joe Kinnear

    You have seen him swear on Football Focus, you have heard his foul-mouthed tirade against this country’s finest newspapermen, and now Newcastle caretaker boss Joe Kinnear wants to prove he can mix it up with a few hand gestures. Here …

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  5. I’m a Berby Girl…Ouch

    It may appear unfair to a cynical minority, but nepotism remains as common as Coleen McLoughlin. I certainly have my father to thank for my first job — he was a kerb-crawler. Dimitar Berbatov also has his father to thank …

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