Mourinho sends ‘good luck’ message to €40m striker

Mourinho sends ‘good luck’ message to €40m striker


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is praying that probable new signing for next season, Diego Costa doesn’t get injured in the World Cup.

We have already seen so many top players will miss out this edition of World Cup through injuries and Mourinho doesn’t want another good player to join that list.


Basically, he has his own interest here. While Chelsea have agreed a €40m deal for him and even medical has been completed, it will be a blow for the Londoners, should he return injured to complete the deal after World cup, as that would hamper Chelsea’s pre-season plans.

Mourinho said as quoted in the Spanish newspaper AS“I hope Diego Costa doesn’t get injured in the World Cup in Brazil, has a nice vacation and a great next season. I don’t know where he will play, but I hope he has a fantastic next season.”

Costa is currently with the Spain national squad preparing for the World Cup in Brazil. When Costa was asked whether he’d sign for Chelsea a while ago, he replied “Maybe”. 

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  1. I believe if Costa comes back to the bridge with injury, its going to be a wrong investment for chelsea. Chelsea needs him from day 1 of the season all through the season. He’s been tagged to make the difference in chelsea’s goal scoring

  2. We all join our Manager in the process of Prayers that our new signing don’t get injury in the World Cup and hoping that they will play Final Game of World Cup with Brazil so we pray that Costa don’t get injury again

  3. Diego Simeone wants Courtois if you must take Costa but you people are greedy. You want to take but you do not want to give. You want to plunder his team, his hardwork completely and leave him with “Begin Again”. He has told his President to fight for the club at the window so he can fight on the pitch

    Give Courtois and Take Costa is their message but believe me our Mou is deaf to that message – Up Chelsea

    • I’m confused if u’re a chelsea fan or not….Greedy?….We loan the young best goalkeeper that the world has ever seen to a club for 3 years for almost nothing and u still say greedy!?…That same boy cost us a cup and a CL Final….and u say greedy?….Selling Costa to us is the Lowest payback cos they still owe us for sure

    • Stupidity is your middle name. How many season did Courtous spent with Athletico? Chelsea even allow him to play against them in the champions league… Do you have sense at all?

  4. God will protect Costa and he will be fit for chelsea next season. Get Coutios and Lukaku back, they all have to prove it at chelsea.

  5. Costa himself knows all these already. I just hope he returns home safely. Blue is de colour!!!

  6. God will help us. Costa will not come back with injury. 4 athletico madrid, we may give them lukaku ‘cos I dont want them to suffer and buy mario

  7. Idiot jose mou do not let lukaka go.diego coasta is not physical than lukaku.simeone is actually better than jose because he like lukaku after seeing coasta going bad from next season.we shall see!

  8. Costa inJuly nooop”””””””God will protect all our player for us””””””””” I wish them source””””I lest my case

  9. How I wish Chelsea will not sell Lukaku outrightly.That boy is better than Eto’o,Torres and Ba put together.

  10. With the arrival of costa and fabregas chelsea has a chance of wining the EPL next season. I equally want jose to bring back the young and best keeper from atletico M. So that there will be no excuses this time. Blue is the colour, football is the game!!!

  11. Mourinho is a confused man. He is an idiot and would lead Chelsea to religation if care is not taken. He is not the best Coach for Chelsea. Guss Hindink is.

  12. If Costa and Cesc deals aredone deals then we should recall Lukaku,Cotouis and get madzukic and sell moses,torres,ba and let our own eto’o go.We want to see who liverpool and man city are next seaon.

  13. Mr.Abramovic,please let Mourinho stay at chelsea reguardless of whatever happens next season.He’s a great coach we need,dont listen to what people say about him,firing coaches distabilises teams,we want to see our coluor blue fly high forever.You are the owner for all the money and everything and we are the ones who give the manager and players total support.Go blues go!!!

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