Manchester United v Real Madrid – which is the bigger club and why?

Soccerlens reader (and Real Madrid fan) Ramos writes in:

Re: “The Football Debt League – Top 10 Most Indebted Clubs by: Ross Mackiewicz

That was a really good article and I applaud the writer for having done his research into the numbers and for having put forward an unbiased view of those numbers too. However, I’d like to point a glaring error, that stood out to me, personally.

“Manchester United is a proven example. They are arguably the biggest football club in the world along with Real Madrid.”

This is factually incorrect. Real Madrid are the biggest football club in the world. Period. Manchester United lags behind this greatest of football clubs in every criteria that one could use to rank big clubs, save for the number of fans in Asia that each club has. To be more specific, you could say that “Manchester United, along with Barcelona, are the second biggest football clubs after Real Madrid”. Please refrain from making the same error again. By referring to Manchester United as a club that is equal to Madrid, you are doing a huge disservice to all the contributions that so many legends of the game have made to football through Real Madrid, and would be ignoring the consistent glory that the club, itself, has achieved through time. You would also be paying homage to Sky Sports instead of to all these legends, is that what you want? I hope not, for the sake of the beautiful game. Thank you and keep up the good work. :)

This raises an interesting question – what is the criteria you would use to rank how ‘big’ a football club is? Trophies? Great teams? Great players? Do historical trophies count as much as recent performances? Is money a factor? Is the club’s financial worth important?

Tell us what you think in the comments below, and share your thoughts on which of United and Madrid is the bigger club.

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