Manchester United Transfers: Fans Upset By Lack Of Action!

Manchester United Transfers: Fans Upset By Lack Of Action!

Manchester United transfer news is non-existant under Woodward
Ed Woodward is more elusive than the Pimpernel!

Manchester United Transfers are as rare as hen`s teeth according to fans frustrated by the lack of solid news about alleged targets.

Manchester United transfers are non-existant under Woodward
Ed Woodward is more elusive than the Pimpernel!

The UK media is filling column inches thanks to the lack of any sort of news about Manchester United transfers coming out of Old Trafford. With the start of the World Cup still four days away, the tabloids have gone into overdrive. One claims United are `in talks` with this or that player, only for it to be contradicted by another newspaper.

Fans are caught in the middle of this furore and having spoken to a  few outside the ground recently, I can tell you that the mood is hardening. There is more than a whiff of the farce of last summer. I personally did not blame Moyes for that but laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward. As far as Manchester United Transfers policy is concerned, Ed is the `elusive Pimpernel`. “they seek him here, they seek him there” but Ed isn`t to be found anywhere.

Manchester United Transfers Descending Into Farce!

It is difficult for United fans to stomach when they see local rivals Liverpool going ahead with their transfers, albeit at a relatively low level. Today being Sunday, we have the take on Manchester United transfers from all of the Sunday versions of the tabloids. If anything, they are worse than their daily relatives when it comes to sensationalism.

Today we have the breaking news from the Sunday Express that any attempt to re-sign Paul Pogba would cost a massive £60m! Bearing in mind that Sir Alex Ferguson, instead of awarding the player an improved contract and more playing time (the sort offered to Adnan Januzaj recently), allowed Pogba to leave for Juventus for free puts this into perspective. Furthermore, Pogba`s departure from Old Trafford was not exactly on friendly terms. He has since stated that he will never return to Old Trafford under any circumstances. That sort of money would be better spent on someone like Vidal.

If, as looks likely with the World Cup imminent, transfers are put on the back burner until it has finished, any fans hoping for some marquee Manchester United transfers to make a statement might be disappointed. According to the Daily Mirror, van Gaal, despite what he said earlier about not thinking about Manchester United transfers, has been in contact with Ryan Giggs about where he sees the necessary players.

All I can say is that just a cursory glance at some of last season`s videos would tell him all he needs to know. United needs a centre back, a left back, two midfielders of the Strootman type, and a top winger. There are five positions identified in a flash! £200m should easily pay for that!

As I said yesterday, fans want to see some signs of action from the elusive Ed Woodward, before the Manchester United transfers once again become like the Brian Rix farce of last season.

Manchester United fans deserve better than this.

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  1. Well like I said few days back, until and unless vidal,reus,pogba,cesc,di maria,hummels are not in the team , don’t count on any of it.every summer the same shit happens , we linked with the best players but we settle for the rest.fergie use to say there’s no value in the market every year , van gaal says there’s no need for players like kroos,cesc koke and co…so to all the rumours out there and to ed woodward , please go jump of a dam bridge and do us all a favour , and to all united die hards,don’t worry, exciting times ahead,bring in lallana , vlaar, maybe even a carlton cole will get us champions league, oh wait,, what’s emile heskey upto these days ,hey , there’s a real value for money ,150k ….

  2. I think there’s realy no money to spend and even if there was none of the players linked will join its happend for years now, we not stupid so to all the papers writing alot of bull dogs ass , go write about your mums and dads rather please …..

  3. From all of us UTD fans, the silence from Old Trafford is deafening, all the crap these journalists write. They cant write about the other teams as it wont sell papers. They constantly make up stories of all these so called stars heading for Old Trafford. What a load of rubbish, I know Utd cant name any targets but FFS at least say that your are looking. Its an effing shambles, unprofessional, amateursish, embarrassing, laughing stock, get rid of that idiot woodword and get Gill back.

  4. Fergie always said DO YOUR BUSINESS EARLY!! So i know we have the world cup to consider.But United seem very unprofessional ,the media link us with everyone.But it really is looking like last summer all over again!! If we dont sign the right players i predict an even worse season than last ahead!! Carrick for instance isnt up to the task especially without quality around him.I would rather see the kids given their chance than stick with carrick and cleverly!!!

  5. No action with Man u and I’m just tired Man u now cause this shit happen every year

  6. Manchester united to sign kroos before world cup- van gaal not interested in kroos instead he is for schwein. U r boring!

  7. I think man utd finishing position 2013-2014 season on 7 destroy many things at club, because no any top player will accept to join,all players want to play champions league,new coach will bring 4 or 5 players from his national team

  8. Everyday hyping , but no corresponding actions ,I’m so sick and tired.i pray we don’t settle at relocation next season

  9. To all the journos out there writing a load of bullshit , go suck eggs and blow bubbles please,you people have become very sickening ,every summer is the same story ,so to all the journos hears one for you guys,I heard from a very reliable source that all your mums are signing for an american based whore house ,they will be offered around about 25k a month to sell themselves ,extra incentives for highest goal scorer,,,,lol ……..

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