Manchester United join race to sign €80m Liverpool talisman?

Manchester United join race to sign €80m Liverpool talisman?


Hold your nerves. Fasten your seat belts. This has to be the (bizarre) ‘transfer story’ of the month. Manchester United, yes let me repeat, Manchester United want Liverpool’s talisman Luis Suarez in the summer. Crazy Monday morning, folks! Welcome to Soccerlens!


Last month, Spanish newspaper AS reported that Real Madrid made Luis Suarez their prime summer target next season. The Los Blancos were said to want the Uruguayan to become their latest Galactico in the summer and are ready to pay €60m for him.


We laughed at the report, assuming by using basic common sense that Liverpool would hardly sell arguably the best player in the Premier League for such a figure.

Catalan newspaper Sport has taken this to a new orbit. They report today that Premier League rivals Manchester United are ready to join Real Madrid in the race to sign Liverpool’s Luis Suarez. Now how funny is that?

They say Manchester United’s new manager will be given a transfer war-chest of over €200m, and Louis van Gaal wants to add a quality striker and will be eager to land Suarez to pair him up with Wayne Rooney & Robin van Persie. The Red Devils would be happy to spend €80m to secure his services.

All I can glean from this story is that the Catalan press are trying to put a pressure on Real Madrid. As simple as that. Manchester United would be mad to try and lure Suarez to Old Trafford, considering the history & rivalry between the two clubs. And that too after what happened in the Suarez-Evra saga!

Doctors say laughter is good for health – so, laugh, laugh, laugh & laugh…

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  1. Why not? If they can part with the whole of that €200M war chest and make him the highest paid player in the history of the game, say with a weekly salary of £450k . Crazier things happen everyday in life. #YNWA!

  2. Surez world no1 plyer not like Rooney,ven parise if u like buy 200mil not jock80mil also Real mad u thinking cool mind u buy Bale how much 100mil how about surez only 60mil u don’t funny again

  3. Suarez to United? What a non-story!!!
    Liverpool in the first case would never sell to United. Secondly there is the history between Evra and Suarez AND Evra is still at Old Trafford and thirdly, 60 milliion EUROS???
    That equates to only 49 GBP an absolute steal and one that would land Liverpool officials in jail!!!
    Still, stories like this give everyone a good laugh for a Monday morning.
    Keep them coming, the Summer should be one hell of a happy time!

  4. Liverpool never sell to Utd
    Suarez hates Utd
    Suarez hates Evra
    Suarez wants Champions league
    United don’t have Champions league

    This is the most ill conceived, unsubstantiated story of the summer to date! Author you’re an idiot.

    • Why blaming me? Unsubstantiated? No, I gave the source! And I even ridiculed the story. Any objection should be raised against Catalan newspaper Sport, not at me!

      • Then I suggest that you be more selective when you decide to post a story.
        It is obvious to everyone that the above ‘gossip’ is nothing more than make-believe and was put out purely to sell newspapers in Spain but for you to post it questions your journalistic talents!

        • Basically you’re saying the story shouldn’t have been there at the first place in the site, right? Rather than informing the readers & criticising the original story or take my own angle to it? I chose the later one. Anyway, I always accept healthy criticism.

  5. A virus at Anfield cannot be sold to Man Utd. Liverpool will not be foolish enough to sell even thier worst player, talk less of thier prizest asset to a rival club liike Man Utd. It is a big and expensive joke.

  6. this press again on suarez n lfc!!!the truth is that,they want to deliberatery disrupt suarez n uruguay!!!why on eath should dogs back at their own shadows?to real mad little,you idiots,cant you have longterm plans to your youths?waiting for lfc to scout n nurture for you to insert our beaks?arbeloa,alonso n now suarez?shame to you?the press on suarez likened to pharisees vs jesus in the bible!!!

    • Really? Liverpool bought Suarez from Ajax, Arbeloa from La Coruña e Alonso from Real Sociedad. You don’t rise them so your point is ridiculous.

  7. What ablashephemy,stop wasting ur breath on suarez,we have adnan,lets hope we nurture the boy and sell to highest bidder to real madrid or psg coz football is bussiness

  8. My guess is that they saw the opinion piece in the Mirror which said Man Utd SHOULD bid for Suarez as a sign of intent and blew it into a full on transfer rumour.

  9. What a load of tosh this story is,for god sake what will these media morons come up with next

  10. saikatmandal this is why your working for a top media company, because your a clown, Man u wont sign this nasty little character, who (Sir Alex bigrednose Ferguson) told Liverpool to get shut, let’s face it plan A didn’t work accusing him of being a racist, then all a of a sudden, a idiot like this journalist comes out with a whopper don’t play with fire saikatmandal

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