Manchester City could face punishment for breaching UEFA FFP rules

Manchester City could face punishment for breaching UEFA FFP rules


Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain have breached UEFA’s financial fair play rules, according to reports from BBC.

President of UEFA, Michel Platini revealed earlier that no football clubs will be excluded from European competition, as of now, but the clubs who have failed to meet the criteria are facing sanctions from UEFA.

Michel Platini

The report says UEFA has made settlement offers to all clubs (fewer than 20) that have breached the FFP rules. The decision now rests on City whether to accept the offer made to them or try to negotiate a lesser punishment, which could be in the form of reprimand to a fine or European squad restrictions next term.

We don’t know yet what are the settlement terms offered to the clubs, but UEFA could reveal the outcomes as early as Friday.

Under FFP, losses are limited to £37m (45m euros) over the last two years, while City posted combined losses of £149m for the last two seasons – £97m in 2012 and £51.6m in 2013.

French giants Paris Saint Germain are also one those clubs that have breached the Financial Fair play rules. Although they wiped out their losses with a huge and back-dated sponsorship deal with the Qatar Tourist Authority, Platini says he was unsure whether that sponsorship deal with the related party played by the rules.

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  1. Article is misleading in that it brings together FFP allowable losses and Accounting losses. These have different rules on admissibility of costs and allowances. City are investing a fortune in infrastructure and a superb Academy in Manchester. You will find that city’s breach will be minor and not connected to the scale of PSG accounting scam. Anyone who thinks Abu Dhabi investors are fools or amateurs needs to give their head a wobble. City will hopefully win the title again and all this FFP nonsense designed to keep the G14 cartel in clover will just evaporate.

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