Luis Suarez now targeted by Real Madrid

Luis Suarez now targeted by Real Madrid


Real Madrid have set their eyes on Liverpool’s want away striker Luis Suarez, according to reports from Spanish newspaper AS.

Luis Suarez

The Los Blancos were linked with Suarez early in the summer but the interests frizzled out as they concentrated on buying Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur. In the mean time, Premier League rivals Arsenal tried to lure the Uruguayan and had lodged two bids, but both were rejected.

The saga took a nasty turn, as Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers reacted angrily over his attempt to force through a move and even ordered him to train away from the first team. In the end, Suarez apologized to the players and the fans, while the Gunners conceded defeat in their chase.

But, according to journalist Javier Matallanas, Madrid have re-opened talks with the Reds over a possible transfer of Suarez. Rodgers has said time and again that Suarez will not be sold in the summer, and with only a week left in the transfer window, it will be interesting to see how they react to Madrid’s offer.

Madrid have Benzema and Morata as their main strikers, but the Frenchman’s future has come under scrutiny in recent weeks despite his agent cooling down talks linking him with Arsenal.

Madrid are on the verge of making a record breaking signing of Bale, but money won’t be a issue for them if they intend on making another big money move for Suarez. The club could look to dispense with the services of Coentrao, Benzema, Ozil and Di Maria, which would be more than enough to pay for the arrival of Suarez.

The question however is, if it is a ploy from the Spanish media to unsettle Liverpool & Suarez? Or will this nightmare unfold in front of the Reds right at the end?

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  1. Only if Benzema is included, because it is too near the close of the transfer season. A January transfer for Suarez would be better, unless we could secure a replacement first.

  2. LFC…Don’t ever you dream to get sign world class players if you are NO MONEY and scare to break the bank.You just can get shoping poster of players you want stick it on the wall. Only that thing you can do it.You are lucky Sturridge and Coutinho can fullfill our expectation.If they are fail……you will struggle again.Please do not too stingy about development the team with marquee signing.Quality is related to the big budget.FSG should sell out LFC team to another richest paerson or mega company if they not able to provide enough money to secure any players target.Very sad and angry to look 1 by 1 our target players miss to anothers clubs,especialy when see they join our rival clubs like MUFC and Spurs……I hate to lose something like this.LFC must sell out best players to fund more budget for get new players.Every season must start again and again…..this is why the team cannot give consistant performance.Best players must be sold out and start with new players who will take times to adapt new situation at the clubs.Awfull……

  3. A move abroad would be a good idea for Suarez in my opinion. The English media has been brutal, but a lot of it has been fair/or at least been brought upon himself. I still think that Suarez can be a brilliant player, but a change of scenery seems positive. Besides, Liverpool got Sturridge seemingly operating like the forward Chelsea so wanted him to be…

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  4. Numerous reports came out overnight that Spurs recieved another bid for Bale. Many people think that is a lie from Spurs to get more money from Madrid. So naturally to counter that, AS comes out with the Suarez story to put pressure on Spurs that Madrid are willing to go elsewhere and leave them with an unhappy player.

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