Liverpool legend: Sanchez signing will not help Arsenal finish in top four...

Liverpool legend: Sanchez signing will not help Arsenal finish in top four next season


michael owenLiverpool legend Michael Owen believes Arsenal will not finish in top four next season, despite signing Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean international completed his switch to the Emirates after leaving Barcelona earlier in the ongoing transfer window. The former Liverpool and Manchester United striker says he does not take Sanchez highly.

Owen believes both his former clubs will finish ahead of Arsenal next season, while Arsene Wenger will see his side miss out on top four next season.

“I have been really impressed with Arsenal’s signing of Sanchez. They have been missing a bit of quality but [they’ll miss out],” Owen told Talksport.

“The signing of Sanchez has made everyone sit up and take note. I really do rate him, he’s a top player and it’s a big step in the right direction.”

“But, in no particular order, my top four for next season would be Chelsea, Man City, Man United and Liverpool.”

“Arsenal haven’t had any real stand out players in the last few years, like Thierry Henry. They have just lagged a step behind,” he added.

United finished seventh in the league last season. However, Owen has backed the 20-time English champions to finish in top four next season. The Red Devils will see Louis van Gaal officially take over as their manager on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Liverpool have lost Luis Suarez to Barcelona this summer. Brendan Rodgers is continuously working towards building a squad to challenge for the league title, while also competing for the Champions League.

Next season will be really exciting as Manchester City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool and Arsenal will fight for a place in top four. In addition to this, these clubs could face competition from Tottenham Hotspur and Everton.


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  1. Na bad belle dey worry d guy…… He is jst jealous dat arsenal signed sanchez and liverpool sold suarez

  2. I would have liked Sanchez but maybe he’ll need time to adjust to the prem ( here’s hoping) but I trust Brendan and what he’s trying to build, I’m excited by these signings, but yes I would have been excited by Sanchez.

  3. If Owen’s predictions are as good as his BT Sport Commentaries then Arsenal are guaranteed to finish in the Top 4 because he is absolutely awful. I thought Mark Lawrenson was bad but Owen tales the Gold Medal for being the biggest dullard on television.

    • Owen predicted, Liverpool for the Top 4 last season when nobody else did. Just saying

      • he had said almost the same thing last season.
        he had said Manchester United would be champions last season. and where did they end up?
        he had said Liverpool would be in the top 4, with Arsenal trailing behind Tottenham… that was when Liverpool had Luis Suarez and played less games; and Tottenham spending to get more players than any other club.

  4. My reply is very simple. Can this soccer genius remind us what his predictions for Arsenal were last season?

  5. Difficult to understand what this guy’s problem is with arsenal.Even if we were to sign C Ronaldo,Messi and Neyma we wnt still be in the top four in his opinion.Real big beefer.

  6. Owen is just being stupid n foolish. I still don’t understand why he hates Arsenal that much. Maybe he wanted to play 4 Arsenal but Wenger didn’t give him d opportunity. I tink it’s 4 dis reason he hates Arsenal.

  7. The guy owen, what does that name mean. let me give meaning ” jerk” , just dislike him, he is irritating,

  8. Fuck You Michael Owen!!! Ex-Liverpool FC, ​​Manchester United piece of shit!!! You are just a fucking jealous cunt who know damn well that Alexis Sanchez is ten times better than Lazar Markovic!! And Owen also knows there were three Arsenal FC players on the German national team that won the World Cup. And he saw not one Liverpool player out there on the pitch in the final Buhuu!!! So he had to come with a pathetic comment about Arsenal FC having not a shot of making top 4 next year??? See where we are now you Flamingo Devil dipshit!!! And we did it piece of cake with top players who are far from Alexis Sanchez’s level!!! Was twice as long on top of the table as Liverpool FC with they’re 58 days!!! Liverpool FC threw away their chance to win the Premier League thanks to their heroic captain Steven Gerrerd losing the ball and therefore a loss “Bump!!!!! Ops I slipped”!!! Man City and Pellegrini with their pathetic 12 days on top has no other than Gerrard to thank for the trophy they won since they just lucky as hell last year. And next year they are going to have no Yaya Toure in they’re squad who refuse to join the club again after they did not even congratulated him for his birthday and he was refused to go home to his brother where he wanted to be sitting beside his brother’s bed in the hospital but instead his sibling died without being able to see his brother since he was was in Brazil with Ivory Coast. Arsène Wenger said to Emmanuel Petit once at a critical point in his life when we were going to a match before the train arrived and he told him go home to your wife and witness the birth of you’re child we shall manage without you. That’s what a kind of manager Arsene Wenger is, he has a heart!!! Like all players who play for Arsenal FC appreciates tremendously!!!! Pellegrini is nullified as a manager who has 0% Premier League experience compared to Wenger who has been in the game for 17 years making top 4 all 17 consecutive seasons as manager. Unlike Pellegrini who has been in the Premier League in one year and Brendan Rodgers in two years. Arsène Wenger makes the largest acquisition in the Premier League with buying a player like Ozil last year that led us to, 128 days on top of the League, Arsenal rules the hardest Champions League group any English teams had to enter as well as the league although it was one previous year Champions League finalist in the group, Arsenal FC becomes the first club to win at Signal Iduna Park, Arsenal beat both Munich and becomes the first English team to win at the Allianz Arena and beats Dortmund later making Arsenal the first club to beat both away the same year in 9 years. Arsenal FC beats arch rival Tottenham every game even if Tottenham had spent over 100 million pounds on players, Arsenal FC the only side that beat Liverpool twice last year and then Liverpool had Suarez and Arsenal FC had not Sanchez quality (remember he has played in four countries Italy Spain, Argentina and Chile) which is the best signing so far in the Premier League, Arsenal FC wins the FA Cup having to beat arch-rival “Tottenham Hotspur” “Liverpool FC”, Wigan Athletic and Hull City!!!! Thanks Liverpool for sucking ten times more then Arsenal FC, And there are several other players on the high quality players list Sanchez is only the beginning. Arsenal’s outfits look great and not pathetic like Man United and Liverpool FC’s!!! Oh it’s certainly your two former clubs there!!! And Liverpool had the ugliest away kit last year also in the club’s history, according to critics and club fans!!!! In case you did not know!!! This year, it looks like you are imprisoned in three different places. And Chevrolet has been criticized by tons of United supporters via Twitter where they say simply “Many thanks Chevrolet”!!!! The sponsor fit no whatsoever to the kit since the logo is so insanely huge and has the same color as their devil crest!!!!! Arsenal FC on the other hand has been praised to the skies for their costume since the colors brings memories back to the Rocastle years only Red and white and all three are great and. Can not wait for the trip to London during the autumn when I will not only see my favorite player Özil and Ramsey but Sanchez as well in a Arsenal colors. And has anybody thought about Fàbregas may be killed next year??? Remeber what he said to fans in 2010??? “If you ever see me wearing a Chelsea shirt you have the permission to kill me” See he hates Chelsea and helped us persuade Sanchez into a Gunner move!!!!! The man is a legend in my eyes. But who knows if not a Lennon psychopath won’t just pop out of nowhere to kill the dude??? thanks Mourinho for making you’re move when there where ten times better midfielders then Fabry!!!!! This you’re way for making up for you’re stupid mistakes and talk last season???

  9. lol. “Show him boys, show him all the way!”

    It’s alright, his predictions never come true. Him saying this probably means we’ll win the league now. 😀

    [I saw this comment somewhere else and repeated it here because it’s so true.]

  10. 1 decent season in 20 years, are these guys deluded… they sold the best striker in the world to barca…. liverpool will struggle for the next decade trying to find another biter and will slip back to their usual top 10 finish… owen should keep his mouth shut, great player once but embarrassed himself with the last 5 years of his career. what a plonka…. can not wait to see sanchez bang the in against a toothless liverpool this coming season.

  11. Fuck ur ass dumbfolded stupid old thing called Owen. Y u owez hate ARSENAL?? bullshit

  12. am a chelsea fan but i think arsenal will be in top4 as usual,i dont see liverpool in top4 having sold suarez and in a case of manU i doubt

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