Moreno deal delayed, Liverpool refuse to pay extra payment

Moreno deal delayed, Liverpool refuse to pay extra payment

Alberto Moreno

Liverpool are refusing to pay a paltry sum of €2m to Sevilla and are on the verge of jeopardising the deal for Alberto Moreno. What should have been a ‘done deal’ by now, is now been delayed, as Liverpool feel they’re paying over the odds for Moreno. 


After being omitted from Spain’s final squad for the World Cup in Brazil, Moreno went on holidays with his partner, but not too far from Sevilla so that he could react promptly in case a call comes and he has to fly to England, as well as to attend the marriage of his friend Luis Alberto, who has told him great things about Liverpool and Anfield during the celebration. 

Moreno refused to comment on his future but it was becoming increasingly clear that he future probably lies with the Merseyside giants. He was told before going on holidays that the two clubs had reached a verbal agreement and all that was left was for him is to take a plane to Liverpool to pass the medical. 

So far, so good. The agreement between Sevilla and Liverpool was reached pretty quickly, through a third party. It was basically a case of Sevilla setting a price and Liverpool accepting to meet it – 20m plus some bonuses.

While Liverpool agreed to meet the principle amount, it is the bonus clauses that gave birth to conflict. According to Estadio Deportivo, it is around €2m, depending on Liverpool reaching certain goals.

Sevilla wanted a lot of the transfer fee to be paid in advance but Liverpool, who are not even sure if they’re overpaying, didn’t agree to that. In fact, both Moreno’s last two matches (Europa League final and Spain vs Bolivia) as well as him not being called by Del Bosque for the World Cup have cast some doubts on Liverpool regarding the transfer. 

However, Sevilla camp are optimistic that the deal is likely to go through, as Brendan Rodgers desperately need a top left-back in the summer. Negotiations had reached an advanced stage and it shouldn’t be a problem to come to a definite conclusion, however, the bizarre nature of transfer window tells us, expect every turn of events, unless the deal is done, that is club confirms the signing.

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  1. I find this really annoying, if a price has been agreed just pay it, we lost 2 or 3 good players last season because we seem to delay just signing the paper and the same could happen again. We don’t know the full details but if it is about 2m Euros then I feel we should pay and move on.

  2. While this on/off transfer is a bit of a pain, there has to be a line in the sand where you have to say ‘No’. £2m may be ‘paltry to the author of the piece, but it is still a lot of money.

  3. The ‘paltry sum’ of £2 million? Paltry? You need to get your head checked, son.

    We’ve learned from the past – if a player isn’t worth 1 million more than the asking price, even half a mill… then don’t pay it. Pay what they’re worth. *Cough* Clint Dempsey *cough*

  4. Pls finalise this deal anyhow and bring him to anfield..m its taking too long now! Ynwa!

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