Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard – Who’s Better?

Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard – Who’s Better?


These two marvelous midfield Maestros would waltz their way into any team in Europe, but are both inconsistent on the international scene.

Following on from Ed Harrison’s argument that these two superstars of the premiership should not be guaranteed a starting place in the England line up, which one of these players would YOU pick should McClaren leave one out to give the team more balance?

For the basis of my argument, I will settle the matter comparing attributes which all midfielders need in their arsenal, rather like a game of TOP TRUMPS. I have given them a rating out of 10 for each attribute. Here it goes…( I know that many of you will disagree!)


Skill 8 8

Passing 9 9

Leadership 10 8

Shooting 8 10

Tackling 9 7

Defending 8 7

Speed 9 8

As You can see, Gerrard just shades it scoring 61/70 with Lampard achieving 57/70.

In a game of Top trumps, Gerrard would only be ‘Gazumped’ by Lampard in his shooting ability. Off topic slightly, how many other midfielders in Europe would score as consistently high across the board as Gerrard? Sure, there are those who are more sublime in the pass, stronger in the tackle, faster and better at shooting. But he has no weak aspect to his game. He can play central midfield (as a holding or attacking player), in the whole just behind the srikers, as a right winger and also as a makeshift right back or centre half.

Therefore (in my slightly biased opinion!), I rate him as the most complete midfield player in Europe…with Fatty Lumplard a close second. In fact why should McClaren leave one out? He should give them both a kick up the arse and demand that they get their act together. It would be such a waste otherwise.

Does anybody agree?

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  1. I have Gerrard higher on skill and shooting. Remember the World Cup: Frank had more shots than anyone but not 1 goal.

  2. I’ve never seen lumplard dribble past anyone in my life. Yes he might dribble when he gets sight of a bucket of lard and his big old belly rumbles but he doesn’t have the same skill or technique as Gerrard. And by your reckoning, having more shots than Gerrard makes him better at shooting? Could you imagine lumplard scoring the goal that Gerrard got against West Ham in the ‘Gerrard Final’?


    He picks up the second ball from Drogbas knock backs and tries his best to confuse the goalkeeper by smacking the ball against the nearest defender and deflecting it into a half empty net.

    Lumplard is only better than Gerrard at eating pies.

    8 out of 10 for speed. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  3. Steven G

    Its a pity theres no Scholes

    Btw …Why is Lampard called Fat Frank?????Can someone tell me

  4. Intelligence: Gerrard 0 Lampard 9
    Decision making: Gerrard 3 Lampard 8

    I’d also dispute the passing rating. Gerrard’s hollywood passes are as likely to reach Row Z as go in the goal as reach their intended target. Gerrard 2 or 9. Which brings me to consistency\reliability.

    Gerrard 4 Lampard 8

    What’s the score now?

  5. no contest – its a joke comparing the two players, I’ve never once seen Lampard completely and utterly dominate and transform a game in the way Gerrard can do.

    Wheres are the stats for

    Crossing Ability?

    and whoever said Gerrard can’t shoot as well as Lampard hasn’t seen many of Gerrards best goals have they?

  6. In my opinion there is no comparison between the two players. Gerrard is by far the better of the two players. Why the whole country debates who should play for England between the two is pretty lame. Everyone knows that Lampard was never good enough to play for england when Chelsea were also rans in the league.
    But since they have been under Abramovich and Mourinho’s control, opposition had to sit deep and try to avoid getting steamrolled by them, hence giving greedy lampard room to blast 10 shots per game at the poor camera men behind the goalposts. One of these happens to go in every couple of games or so and he is a hero because he scores.
    The other reason for Lampards England inclusion is the fact that Chelsea were winning the title and the London press would cause too much of an uproar if he wasn’t included.
    I feel sorry for essien and Makelele who have carried him over the last few seasons.
    In my opinion he is overrated and gets more praise than he deserves.

  7. Sid

    Your statements are exagerated.

    Intelligence – Gerrard 0 Lampard 9. None of them are Brains of Britain, but neither are thick. To say Gerrard is in the Rooney league of intelligence is OTT.

    Decision making – sorry whats wrong with Gerrards decision making, perhaps you could elaborate?

    Passing rating – Lampard is not a particular good passer. Very rarely on the deck. Gerrard of pre-Benitez era would go for Hollywood balls all the time. He isnt allowed to do that now.

    Consistency / reliability – Mate, Gerrard is the current PFA player of the year for performances throughout a season, which would suggest he is very consistent. Lampard is also consistent…….consistently average!!!!

  8. Lampard shouldn’t be considered better at shooting than Gerrard simply because he attempts more efforts on goal from the free-attacking role he is given at Chelsea. Yes, Lampard scores a lot of goals, but how many of those goals are deflected?! Every week, Lampard gets the ball outside of the box, head down, shoots, usually a deflection! He’s a really selfish player, with (for all the attention on his shooting ability gets) nowhere near the shot-power that Gerrard possesses.

    Gerrard is also far quicker than Lampard, and a far more natural footballer. Everything Lampard does looks too deliberate and awkward, Gerrard has the natural look in the mould of his England predocessor, Paul Scholes.

    For me, there is no debate, Gerrard over Lampard.

  9. I do agree with all of you except Sid. Come on Sid, what makes you think that Lampard is far cleverer than Gerrard? Gerrard seldom makes any mistake nor wrong decision, so what’s wrong with his decision making? About the passing, I don’t need to say much, isn’t it? When was the last time you see Gerrard putting in a wrong pass? When someone disappears throughout the whole match and suddenly pops out with a goal, courtesy of a much deflected goal, you call that consistency??? I seriously doubt that, I call that lucky. And just look at Gerrard, he’s all over the pitch and he’s been doing that week in week out. I think you should rate your own intelligence, rationality, and observation before putting that comment, Sid. To me, there’s no need for comparison between Lampard and Gerrard, because Gerrard is simply better!!!

  10. No contest SG in my opinion, Does anyone remember Lumpard dragging his team back into Finals & games when it seemed impossible ?? NO, Has Lumpard scored in every cup competition final possible ?? NO, Has Lumpard ever played out of postiton for a season and won Player of the year ?? NO. I rest my case !!!!!

  11. This is just as pointless as asking who was better Pele or Brian Kilkline!!!!! There really is no contest Stevie is world class, arguably the best in the world.

    Lampard is an average midfielder made to look better than he is by the players around him at Chavski. As a Liverpool fan it is nice to see that this seems to be the abiding opinion of all who have cared to post a reply

  12. you forgot somethink fat lampard cant tackle sg is the complete player jamie redknapp was better than lampard

  13. I think Lampard is very overrated. Play him in a 4-4-2 and u see how average he is. He is very lucky he plays with other great midfielders behind him (Essien, Ballack, Makelele) to do all the hard work thus allowing him to sit on the 18yrd box taking pot shots all day. There are several other English midfielders Id rather have in my team, Gerrard and Scholes being just two. Both these players know what being a proper midfielder is all about, running a game and getting the ball in the back of the net through other means then just constantly shooting. Making important passes and having the vision to bring the wingers and strikers into play is a midfielder’s job not taking pot shots all match.

    I’m no Liverpool fan but I’d have Gerrard over Lampard any day.

  14. I ahte to say it, but Stevie gets it for me, plus he’s a bloody nice lad! not got a mouth on him like Lampard!

  15. Ahmed – I would have to go for Gerrard – simply because he displays more leadership than Lampard – and has played better for England than has Lampard (though still not up to his Liverpool level of performance).

  16. fat frank lumpard is not fit to lace gerrards boots let alone wear an england kit!

    the argument is pointless as everytime they play together for england, because of gerrards natural all round ability, he does the holding role while fat frank “bombs” on peppering the advertising boards with wayward shots in the hope of hitting a defenders a**e and it going in!

    if gerrard played for a london team there would be no debate, als as he is a northerner the press dont rate him and he always makes way for the superior (ha ha ha) lumpard!!!

  17. We cant compare this two great players because they play a different position. Lampard is more deffensive game.

    Free Kicks_ Lampard
    Long Shots_ Stevo
    Fitness_Lmapard(he was able to break a record with more games in a row being in the 11 starting)
    Intelligence: Lamps(some times gerrard seems like is a little bit lout)
    dribbling: Gerrard
    Long Passing_ Both of them are incredible
    Playing for national team: Gerrard

    For me in the past 3 years i prefer lampard. He became 2 in the Fifa world player of the year just ronaldinho was better. He has the record of more goals for a miedfielder in the premier, chelsea has won the las 2 premiers, he is still scoring and gerrard is not in his moment

  18. Sid,

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    I can’t believe we’re having this discussion again.

    My choice is on neither… rather focus on getting Scholes back.

  19. andrei meza,

    what planet are you from?? you are talking absolute sh**e!

    just cos he played consecutively does not make him fitter than gerrard, it means he s**ts out of tackles more! you dont get the nickname fat frank or fatard if you are fit!

    and all you need to do is read my mate kopite’s reply about quality of player, he sums lumpard up in a nut shell!

  20. andrei mezza- Fitness? Gerrard covers a lot more ground in 90 minutes than lampard ever does. The question of intelleigence is hard for observers to rate. I feel that gerrard is a particularly clever player, certainly no less intelligent that lampard. I would agree that his goal record is outstanding, but it doesnt mean that he is a better player.

  21. The most complete midfielder’s in Europe my arse. Gerrard is a poor tackler and his positioning is cack. Lampard’s ability is fairly limited too. He can’t tackle that is why Essien, Ballack and Makelele cover him defensively at Chelsea.
    However at least Lampard is efficient. Gerard is piss poor as a central midfielder. That is why whatever season he has played there Liverpool have been poor in England.

  22. ok keith thats your opinion but you appear to be in the minority here. Most neutrals will disagree with you. Who do you think would be the most complete midfield player then? is it scholes by any chance? :-)

  23. these two man are brilliant but i dont think that lampard is better than gerrard, but of course sometimes it wont be a good day for gerrard, i think cristiano is the best:D:D

    Anyway, they also do good works for their teams so i cant do a comparision with that two player

  24. Ronaldo has been arguably the best player in europe this season, definately in the premiership. I would say that he is the best RIGHT SIDED ATTACKING MIDFIELDER in the world, without a doubt. But the most COMPLETE PLAYER? I have him higher than gerrard in skill, shooting and speed, but he is not defensive and can’t tackle. Ronaldo- skill 9, passing 8, leadership 8, shooting 9, Tacling 6, defending 6, speed 10.
    total score 56/70.

  25. If Lampard could replicate his performances/results for England then despite liking to watch Gerard more and, in general, thinking him to be a better player than Lampard then without doubt he should get the nod. This would mean that Gerard could come off the bench as an impact player, not just in a physical or skill sense like the advantage of Lennon’s pace and dribbling ability bring the team when he comes off the bench, though arguably Gerrard has that too. But Gerard coming of the bench in the midst of a lacklustre England performance (which is pretty likely considering how they’ve played recently) could turn any such game on its head.

    Off course based on Lampard’s recent performances for England only a fool would give him the spot over Gerard. Not only has he been wasteful in some games, in others he has gone missing — probably not something any team other than Chelsea can allow a central midfielder to do.

    Ultimately it may come down to who has the better repore with Hargreaves, any thoughts there guys?

  26. Andrew, where did you get these ratings from? Are they just in comparison to the average Division 1 player or what? Lampard and Gerrard are merely decent passers (compared to proper creative players like Deco, Scholes, Alonso, Seedorf etc) and neither are especially quick or skillful. If they were really the two best CMs in the world England would be able to string more than two passes together in opossition territory.

    Dont get me wrong they are both very good all round players, but they are made to look better because of the players around them at their clubs, its not like they try less for England.

    Aside from that this is a good article and I agree with how you compare them (although Gerrard is more tecnically skillful and you should really have put down an intelligence rating from which Lampard would have scored higher). I just wish people would put things into perspective.

  27. steven gerrad gets my vote he is the best and he also scores more than frank and he is a better player!!!!

  28. Andrew, the most complete central midfielders in world football are Deco and Ballack when both are on top form. Both can attack with aplomb and score and both are masterful defensively. To insinuate I would say Scholes is laughable. He is the worst tackler around amongst midfielders.

  29. Why is this debate all around?

    Lot of people say Gerrard and Lampard are the best midfielder in the world, Terry and Ferdidand best defeneder, Rooney one of the best frontmen.I think all of these are good players but not the best ones, more hyped by media.
    If it is so why can’t they perform in the international level even sometimes?
    England still struggling to qualify for Euro 2008.

    I think we are having this debate just because of media.
    Most of the money in the world is in Premier League and everybody watches that tending to overanalyze the player. I wonder how many of us watch French league or Portugese league, they may have better players too.
    Essien came from French league, Carvalio from portugal, the only reason chelsea and liverpool are successful is because of correct combination of players they have , thanks to mourinho and benitez.

    Want some comments dude.

  30. DM – it’s an unfair debate.

    Gerrard and Lampard are excellent players. If they can’t play together in the England line up, is it the coach’s fault or is it the players’ fault?

    The problem of playing these two in midfield and then getting that midfield to work is very real.

    The whole – Gerrard should play on right – thing doesn’t suit me. It shuts Lennon out of the side and forces Gerrard into a role that’s not his best.

    It’s like having two excellent keepers – you can’t play both, can ya?

    So now you have two excellent central attacking midfielders. You can’t play them both, so you have to sit one of them out (and possibly rotate, to allow for injuries and what not).

    It’s bloody simple, but I don’t know what sort of pressure the manager is under to pick both of them. Because if it is his personal opinion that the team he’s putting out is the best team for the job, he’s not thinking straight.

    And Rooney is an excellent player :)

  31. knew gerrard was better than lampard any day. its a real shame that i surrport rubbish old chelsea who cant win anything. they have to buy all the top named players who cant even score. i should surport manchester united now thats a team

  32. i will not compare gerrard with lampard because gerrard is better than him in a bright way but.i will compare him with ronaldinho and effectivity on goal.
    gerrard is the most effective player in the world .
    we speak about the modern football in this days but gerrard is the teacher of this modern fotball,we spoke about ronaldinho but forgot that ronaldinho didnot and willnot apply the modern ball

    gerrard is the most open minded in the world in football.

  33. Both are disgracefully overrated

    Both are very good players, but Gerrard is treated like some kind of God and he never does it at the top level either

    I would really love to explain for the 100067 time about why gerrard is overrated, but i jst cant be assed any more cos ppl are so narrow minded when it comes to the “God that is Stevie G” (yawn)

    all i will say it is all relative, and the likes of ballack (in his prime), deco, riquelme and even pirlo wipe the floor with both of these guys

    if gerrard wasnt english, he wouldnt be regarded as world class in england

  34. Gerrard is definitely a lot better than Lampard.. he has carried an entire CLUB on his shoulders… and he has a lot of leadership… in the central midfield area.. i think the central midfield of England should have Gerrard and Hargreaves.. with Lampard on the bench.. and to have more natural balance on the flanks… probably Joe Cole and Lennon in the near future would make a solid midfield…. in the future.

  35. Not to be biased and all but Stevie G for me. personally Gerrard can perform a lot better whenever his under pressure. Like people stated before Lampard lacks the ability to dictate the game and control it like Gerrard. For some people to say Gerrard is sh*t then i guess you don’t have the slightest clue of what football is. Saying ronaldihno , deco and ballack as the best cm’s in he world. Hmmm very debatable, ronaldihno good at club level but worst then Gerrard at international by far. Deco only decent Portugal player other then diving Ronaldo and last of all bullocks, yes i mean bullocks of a performance for Chelsea, overrated big time. However in my view Gerrard is not the greatest of all cm’s, as i have always enjoyed Zidane even though his ageing

  36. Allen , I assume you are referring to me? Where did i say gerrard was shit? Thats yr defence mechanism coming into play, I said he was good, possibly very good, but not the world class God he is revered as, hence he is overrated. And don’t tell me I know nothing about football for saying Gerrard is overrated, cos he clearly has never done it against any team of note (west ham in a shitty cup final doesnt matter) aside from milan, and they let pool back in anyway, He fails for england every time, and his biggest asset it seems is his “completeness”, irrelevant of the fact it is a team game and you dont need anybody to complete, you comibe strengths to compensate for weaknesses, hence the reason why the liverpool and england mf lines dont comprise solely of gerrard

    ffs, other guys can defend and attack better,, so why do you need him to do both to a good standard, rather than have kaka who can attack better and gattuso who can defend better?

    Yes stevie is complete, but he is the best an nothing, hence the reason he is dispenisble. please use your brain, and dont misquaote me saying i said gerrard is shit, thats typical

  37. What are you on? Ballack drove Germany to the World Cup Final in 2002, he scored the winner in the semi after being ruled out of the final, that demonstrates character, He sank a pen agasint argentina with an injury, whilst gerrard fluffed with his agasint the portuguese. Clearly, ballack has far more mental strength, and has done far more for his county, And gerrard has done more than ronaldinho at international level? When exactly did this occur then? Ronaldinho won the world cup in 2002 and had a pretty good tournament, whereas gerrard has done absoultely fuck all for england, oh wait he scored a great goal in the final minute agaisnt T and T when the game was won anyway, and earlier in which hed looked shaky, my mistake

    Please grow up, remove yr head from gerrards arse, and realise you are spouting complete drivel. you cant even read pal, who said gerrard is shit? Not me is sadi hes overrated, not the same thing

  38. I am a chelsea fan but to be frank i think gerrard is a far better player than lambs. gerrard dominates the game better than lambs and on so many occassions you hardly notice lambs during games unless when he scores. if gerrard wasn’t better why will chelsea be chasing his signature for two seasons and ready to pay £50M for him. also i think gerrard is the only english player that will be a success in any league in europe. Lambs is so scared to leave chelsea because he knows he wont be able to match the hype the media has put on him.

  39. how can lampard get a 10 for shooting! i don’t watch epl but from teh 5-10mins of lampard i’ve seen this season, i haven’t seen him get ONE long-range shoot on target!
    whereas stevie G is what you call a football player! teh best england can produce. for me, he’s better than beckham.

  40. Lampard is an intelligent player, who always seems to be in the right position but his goals can hardly classify him as a world class player. He wastes far too many chances, and personally I cannot understand why he takes Chelsea’s free kicks — he is really s**te and can only score if the ball takes a couple of deflections and bounces over the keeper.

    Gerrard on the other hand is in a class of his own. I dont need to repeat his superb qualities since that has been discussed. Liverpool have far less quality than Chelsea, making his performances all the more impressive. My only criticism of SG is that he doesn’t have the best touch in and around the box, unless he is shooting..and maybe he is not the most creative (but you cant have everything)

    As for England, they really need to have actual “wingers” and McClaren should encourage competition for the RM spot among Beckham, Dyer, Lennon, and Bentley perhaps in the future — rather than stifling competition by sticking Stevie there…

    McClaren needs to prove his worth by making this “hard” decision…

    And England can change gears by pairing either Hargreaves or Carrick with Gerrard in the middle depending ont he situation in the game but Stevie’s place as the top choice CM should be undisputed

  41. stevie g m8 lumpard needs 2 b left outa da england squad we wil play so much better cuz lumpard is jst not gd enuf 4 da ability ov da england squad me nan is beta than lumpard lmao


  42. How is lampard rated at 8 for skill what skill does he possess when has he evr dribbled by loads of players or chipped a keeper from 25 yards and 9 for pasing he plays a few little 2-3 yard passes not accurate 25 yard passes like Gerrard,Scholes,Carrick,Emre,(in the prem) 7 for tackling he leaves that to his teammates he cant tackle like parker,Hargreaves,Butt,makelele essien etc.(in the prem)
    He is hugely overrated!!

  43. I cant believe there is even a discussion on this.

    The most complete player is Gerrard by a long distance. For example, take the recent friendly versus Brazil. Gerrard played the holding role to allow Lampard to venture forward. It can’t be done the other way round as Lampard can’t defend. Then Gerrard proceeded to do Lampards job aswell because he was so ineffective.

    The sooner McClaren grows some balls and drops Lampard for Hargreaves, Barton or Carrick, the sooner Gerrard will finally be allowed to express himself. Which will only benefit England.

  44. sid u are an idiot and that goes for all others who think lamps is better than stevie g at anything! SG is an athlete, FL is a goal poacher who work hard in training and never produces when it matters. The last bit of good work i saw lampard do was against barcelona in the champions league 2 whole years ago whereas gerrard is captain fantastic, can run all day can shoot better, pass better and quite frankly piss all over frank

  45. Personally i think they are both a little over rated, and got off lightly in terms of criticism for their performances at the world cup. Very poor.
    Lampard has flattered to decieve for some time now, and is at last being found out. Chelsea seemingly prepared to let him leave. If he does head to Barca i think he will struggle. Could be horribly exposed. ADmittedly he seems to have a decent football brain, but i dont rate him. He’s predictable, hit and miss passing game and im surprised some of you mark him so highly on shooting. For me, he doesn’t seem to be able to score without a shot taking a couple of deflections along the way. Definitely not the player everyone seems to think.
    Gerrard on the other hand does at least play the CM role pretty well. People seem prepared to overlook his temperament too, I suppose you could say that that bite is part of his game. It should be Gerrard over Lampard for England every time, and shoe horning them both into the same team is only making them look like mediocre players when they are actually ‘half decent’.
    As a United fan my only concern would be that Chelsea would be a better team without Frank next year.

  46. Agree with nelly, Gerrard and Lampard are both different players.

    Gerrard is versatile and I prefer him to play at right midfield cause he is able to cut into the middle and trigger his power shot or he can boost his pace upfront and cross in.

    Lampard, I cant see him doing anything for neither england nor chelsea. I feel he’s overrated.

  47. I dont think we are winning much by comparing them, But, if i have to agree with ALL those who chose stevie G. He is a great midfilder and aa awesome captain at Liverpool.Lampard is very good also, but he has a lot of defets, he brights in Chelsea, because of his mates.
    Whatever i dont care about that cause im a girl and i have 2 say they are both SO HOT!!!

  48. first of all sorry for my bad english now back to the topic i think why Arsenal MANUTD fans hate Lamps because Chelsea are the closest rival of all he scores a lot of goals and second i dont need to explain why liverpool fans hate cause he is constently compared with SG . we should not abuse someone just he dosant belong to the club u love or support,i do think that SG is much better player but . forget about deflaction a goal is a goal . what u need to win a match?…… goals i am not Chelsea fan i am from spain a Barca fan from childhood.

  49. only a 6 percent of lampard goals were deflections.

    And no matter if were deflected or not a goal is a goal.

    I hate francophobes

    Liv fans hate and talks a lot of shit of lampard because they ere frustrated that liv pool cant win anything and gerrard is compared with lampard.

    the only thing that this forum show is that there are more francophobes than chelsea fans.


  50. Steven Gerrard is by far the better player. Both intelligent and instinctive, strong, fast, accurate passing, amazing dribbling, Beckham-like crossing, unstoppable shot, even 40 yards out, excellent delivery from corners or free shots and great leadership abilities. He should have been England captain! I’d take him over any other mid-field player in the world. Not only for his abilities but also for his pride, his unparralled passion and loyalty to his team.
    Having said that, I’d sleep with Frankie Lampard any day of the week. What can I say? He’s the sexiest, most edible player in the premiership!

  51. Dear Friends,

    I would like to agree with Keith Kaira II who says that Deco and Ballack are the best CMs. However, i would like to add Stevie G and Ronaldinho to that list. Ballack is awesome when playing in the right position [no thanks to fat frank]. Lampard is the most overrated player in Europe at the moment. Ballack and Steven Gerrard are the best players in the Priemiership. Free Kicks —- Ballack 10 Lampard 1.5…….

    The reason why Chelsea aren’t scoring more goals from set pieces ais that LUMPARD takes all of them. Ballack shud take them………..

    TAKE CARE…….


  52. Both guys are overrated. Both kinda suck.

    Gerrard is the “one-eyed-king-in-the-land-of-the-blind”.

    Just thinking that Lampard might be going to Barca makes me nervous. Firstly, now Chelsea’s midfield will be a true force to reckon with, and Secondly, Lampard’s imminent failure at Barca will highlight a fact that few English fans will want to admit.

    How is it possible that people can even think of comparing SG with Ronaldinho? Are we so desperate for heroes?

  53. Cant believe we are talking this again! :)

    For the guy who rated Lamps ahead of Stevie G in shooting skills,

    Andy Gray ” What a hit son.. What a hit.”

    BTW : im a manc!

  54. Comparing Lampard and Gerrard is rubbish…

    The contribution of each player in each games is fully 100%

    but….the reason why stevieG top on Lampard is because Lampard wasn’t a captain of Chelsea but Gerrard is captain of Liverpool… gerrard holds a responsibility to control his friends in a field and that makes gerrard more mature than lampard.

  55. I think that gerrard is the better of the two. he shoulders responsibility, blazes with passion and is simply the better footballer.

    i know i’m a bit biaised but why would ronaldinho always say he want to play with gerrard? also, pele(best player ever) said he wished ‘gerro’ was brazilian. if the 2 best players having graced football rate gerrard, i fell that we simple mortals can simply adore gerrard. that said, gerrard was a bit thrashy this year,…(a kop fan)

  56. Okay. Honestly, the majority of you are Liverpool Fans. I’m also a bit biased, but read my post, and read it thouroghly.

    Lampard Gerrard

    Skill 6 8

    Passing 9 9

    Leadership 7 10

    Shooting 10 9

    Tackling 7 9

    Defending 6 9

    Speed 8 9

    Crossing Ability: 8 9

    Versatility: 7 10

    Heading: 6 8

    Stamina 10 10

    Desicion Making: 10 7

    Intelligence: 10 6

    Goalscoring: 10 9


    End result: I would want them both. Statistically, Gerrad is better. He is a a fearsome sight in midfield, deadly at any range, versatile, and if you even let him get within sight of your penalty area he will incite the fans into a frenzy.

    However, while Gerrard is passion and fire, he often as not makes stupid, infantile mistakes. Lampard, while not the most complete midfielder, is by far one of the most intelligent ones. Deadly accurate at a range, he triggers perfectly timed runs that pull defenses apart, and puts him in a perfect positon to score. Even if he isnt in position, he can do it.

    In other words, comparing them is stupid.

  57. Im Man Utd and even I’d prefer Stevie G over fatboy anyday!
    Stevies got the passion and the determination, Frank treats football like Mcdonalds, he’s always going through the drive through but can never be arsed to go inside! and it shows! METEPHORICALLY SPEAKING OF COURSE!

  58. Why dont we jst accept that both these cunts are as overrated as fuck, and whilst Gerrard is better who cares since neither at the top level anyway and besides a flukey second half in istanbul, neither have ever lived with the best in the world anyway

    oh and a side note, to the girl who said they are both “so hot”

    are you seeing brad pitts face when you look at stevie g? he is so ugly

  59. Lampards a fat lard and coud never control a game the way Stevie does! Lampard talks to much and is overated. He looks so average you can’t even see if he’s playing or not but Stevie is QUALITY!!!!!!!!! My only question is why does Benitez play him on the right??? He’s better then fat frank anyday though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. some people on this forum, talk absolute rubbish, really ! gerrard is only an average midfileder !? what planet are you on, he is without doubt the best midfield player in the world, he can do everything to the top standard, pace (faster then he looks, just ask bouma!), technique, tackling, haeding, passing long (although the odd hollywood pass) and short, vision,crossing, shot, control, leadership, can beat a man ( although not through pure skill like ronaldo), great engine, can play numourous positions well (sven said as well as being englands best mid also englands best right back!) and now other player i can think of (please dont say ronaldo, ronaldihno, deco ,ballack,ect) , has won so many high profile big ,matches on his own, its quite staggering if you sit down and think about it. im not saying he is the best attcking mid in the world, i personally think its kaka, but gerrard is on his own in the centre of the park, just ask henry, ronaldinho what they think and they will all say the same !

    as for frank lampard, he is a good player with a brilliant goal scoring record, but no way is he on gerrards level . he is only rated so high because he is in a team that allows him to play pretty much as 2nd striker , were allhe has to do is shoot 10 times a match , and makele and essien do all his work.

    if i was to rate them on each aspect it wolud be:

    pace – lamps 6.5 gerrard 9
    passing – lamps 8 gerrard 8.5
    crossing- lamps 7 gerrard 9
    tackling- lamps 7 gerrard 9
    shooting- lamps 8 gerrard 9
    leadership- lamps 7 gerrard 10
    dribbling- lamps 6 gerrard 8
    skill- lamps 7 gerrard 8
    work rate- lamps 7 gerrard 9
    big games- lamps 7 gerrard 10
    technique- lamps 7 gerrard 8.5

    im not for one minute saying lampard is a bad player, he is a very good player, but almost everyone (honest chelsea fans included ), all say gerrard is a far better player.

  61. mark o if anybody talks rubbish it is you

    I stated gerrard besides istnabul has never lived with the best in the world

    and thats a fact

    olympiakos, west ham and the numerous premiership sides he has saved games agaisnt are not the best in the world

    did i say he didnt save games? no, i said he didnt agaisnt the best in the world

    destroying west brom or whoever week in week out then going to euro 2004 and the world cup and being totally cack isnt the best in the world

    by the way, all that crap you reelled off is lies, gerrard is very poor defensively, and he has no technique a sin skill

    and why the fuck shouldnt i say ballack? he scored the winner in a world cup semi final after being suspended for the final, and sank a shootout penalty agaisnt germany 4 years later injured whilst gerrard bottles his the next night

    so why the fuck shouldnt i say ballack etc?

    ronaldo lmfao, brazil’s ronaldo in his day was 10 times the player gerrard can ever dream of being, he was heralded as a phenomenon the world over, NOT JUST IN ENGLAND LIKE GERRARD

    seriously, stop humiliating yourself with your lack of football knowledge

  62. lol oops

    meant for geramyn aagsint argentina, was so annoyed at your post was typing fast as fuck

  63. since when the fuck could gerrard tackle like gattuso? or play a through ball like zidane or riquelme? you talk utter pish!

    imagine it, gerrard calling gattuso overrated

    gerrard is the last guy in the world who can call any player overrated lol

  64. you fucking idiot, football isnt about being complete

    so what if essien etc do all lampard’s work, he is an ATTACKING mf, thats why we have different types of players within the mf to complement each other you tool

    being complete means fuck all, thats why we have 4 mfs

    ever heard the saying jack of all trades master of none? im fed up saying this on the net, gerrard is good at many things but world class at none

  65. Steve Gerrard, Gerrard,
    He’ll Pass The Ball 40 Yards,
    He’s Big And He’s Fucking Hard,
    Steve Gerrard Gerrard.

  66. lampard is 10000 times better than gerrard. lampard is a world class player who is very underrated, gerrard is very, very overrated. hardly any people can see how good lampard is and mourinho is one of them. and this is all coming from a man united fan!

  67. Frankly SG is better than FL in some comparision but SG is more over-rated because FL is a good player in a better team and SG is a better player in a good team.

    P.S: I support Arsenal n Barca.

  68. Gerrard over-rated???? now thats funny people have totally mocked gerrard his entire life. Hes fought for every scrap of reputation hes got hes made his mark on history like it or not in 30 years time kids will remember the name of Steven Gerrard and Lampard will be long forgoten.

    A more competitve article would have been Roy Keane VS Gerrard because it takes talent to become a legend and Lampard is no Legend!!!

  69. Gerrard, no question. The only reason Lampard gets away with his instantly forgettable performances a he gets is because he’s a Londoner playing in London, amongst a London-based press.

    I’m not saying Lampard’s no good, but Gerrard just has more visible heart & desire and is generally more intimidating than ‘Lamps’.

    Hargreaves and Gerrard is the future of England’s central midfield. I also think Joe Cole should play behind the front two, cos he is no left winger – he spends all of his time in the middle of the pitch.

  70. Juninho from Lyon craps all over Lampard and Gerrard and is possibly the best passer in the world.
    People talk about Gerrard carring a team on his shoulders, Juninho brought Lyon to the quater finals of the CL twice and semis once and to 6 consecutive french league titles.
    He is also arguably the best free kick taker in the world

  71. Agree with Kramster all the way

    To the poor deluded soul above, dont you ever wonder why people mock Gerrard? because hs is so blatantly and amazingly overrated

    there are so many higer quality mf players than him, yet his reputation seems more than his actual true talent

    “Gerrard carries Liverpool and England on his shoulders”

    “Gerrard is the most complete player in the world”

    “Gerrard can play in any position but goal”

    All of these claims are totally false, and it is ridiculous how the most avid Gerrard fans are Liverpool fans are English and therefore display a complete lack of objectivity

    it is so ironic when people say that anybody who says Gerrard is overrated knows nothing about football

    They are the only fuckers who know nothing about football, because bar a bizarre night in Istanbul with the considerable help of Dietmar Hamann and Milan’s complacency to chnage his fortunes, Gerrard has never done anything right agasint a top side in his life

    And I don’t consider West ham and Olympiakos world class sides, so what he did there is not indicative of world class talent


    I don’t rate Lampard either but he is at least bearable, because the whole of England isn’t telling us he is 5 times the player he really is

    Gerrard is better, but still way more overrated, because Lampard gets a rough deal and Gerrard gets all the glory

    Gerrard is a very good player, and Lampard is a good player

    But put both up against the best in this sport and it is a joke, they are a joke

    Fact, don’t dispute it cos you haven’t got a fucking leg to stand on kids

    i can also feel and sense the anger and frustrationf rom the gerrard fans when somebody correctly states he isn;t the player you say he is, because you are all so desperate for him to be the best in the world, which he is nowhere near

    You are all so fucking pathetic haha

  72. Juninho didnt you know the french league is a mickey mouse league plus the premiership is the toughest league in the world and who ever said gerrard carries england???

    You are one of those people that think players abroad are better than home bred players because they’ve got natural talent.

    Yes hamman did make a difference but that doesn’t mean gerrard and carragher didnt up their game!!

    Juninho is good but no were near Gerrard Lampard Terry Carragher or Rooney so stop blabbing your mouth off :)

  73. haha and you are one of those people who thinks that English players are all way better than they really are

    Rooney is a fucking joke, his burn out has started, who even cares about Michael Owen now? That is Rooney’s fate, he can’t even score for fucking England, he’s finished

    And Juninho is better than all the players you mentioned combined

    Carragher lol, you are a Liverpool fan that is why you mentioned him, he is fucking bollocks, Cannavaro and Nesta are both way better than Terry, as are numerous other defensive players

    I do hope you get to Euro 2008 tho, truly, it wouldn’t be the same without the every two year lmfao at your deluded claims of winning something then the inevitable falling flat on your faces

    Gerrard and Carragher didn’t up their game, Milan downed their game

    is not the same thing

    And I think foreign players are better than English players because, well, it’s true!

    Juninho played in the Brazilian national sid, nobody and I mean nobody (yes this includes your precious Gerrard) in the england side deserves to get a fame for a top international side (of which england are not)

    Also clown, Juninho has done it in the CL way more and over a longer period than Gerrard

    is it mickey mouse also? fool, theres only two teams in the english title race, chelsea and united

    Stop pretending you know footbal, you are English and from liverpool

  74. Juninho is a more complete player than both gerrard and lampard, he actually can tackle,unlike gerrard who relies on having two DMF behind him, and can also take on players like no other EPL player minus Joe Cole and C. Ronaldo(Robben left).

    I would also rather have pirlo, gattuso, Diego(Werder Bremen), Fabregas, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Deco, Xavi and Essien in the middle of the park in my team.

    heres a youtube link to a really good juninho compilation:

  75. Finally, some people agree with me that both these guys are crap and all over the news cos of british media hype.At least lampard was 2nd best player in the world at one time and SG has never been nominated and dont think he would ever be.

  76. Lverpool fan

    you’re a retard!!

    Juninho is without a doubt much better than Lampard and Gerrard(diver)!!!!

    Gerrard is over-rated,he doesn’t deserve half the praise he gets!

    Lampard is worse,he is a shit,over-rated c**t!!!!

  77. Im not a heavy england fan but we do have great players if we had a better manager we could probably win something. This subject says Lampard vs Gerrard but without a doubt both of them are far superior than juninho :)

  78. Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, Man u, Chelsea, Newcastle, Villa, Everton all these teams are strong lets see the good french teams :) Lyon and…. oh wait just lyon

  79. isn’t Juninho Brazillian? I’m sorry, but I don’t see the relevance of his name being mentioned. I’m pretty sure that Buffon a better goalkeeper than Robinson, but who gives a shit? he’s foreign.

    Sort yourselves out people, and stay on topic.

    It’s easy to say all these players are better than their English counterparts, but how many of these people have you seen week in, week out? I’m sure if you saw a highlights package of Lampard & Gerrard, they’d look every bit as good as the various foreigners mentioned so far. Tricks and long distance shots don’t make a player.

  80. liverpool fan

    Everton,Villa and Newcastle are brutal,i don’t know why you mentioned them when you were talkin about the best clubs in England.

  81. As for me man united fan i prefer that gerrard is better than lampard many ways because gerrard is an experience player who can change match when match is not intresting.Also riise is my role model.

  82. Lampard has a better eye for goal i think though i think Gerrard has better accuracy you have to remember no other Midfielder has more shots than lampard a season but Lamps has better movment and anticipation than Gerrard.

    I am a Liverpool fan as you know and think Gerrard is better but i do wonder why Giggs was nominated for PFA player of the year ahead of Lampard :)

    Strikarz i agree with you most of you that are sticking up for foreigners have only seen their good times on video highlight or a rare match.

  83. wow so what if juninho carried lyon to the quarters twice gerrard has carried liverpool to the finals twice wining one of them and for the ppl who say that west ham and olympiakos arent world class quite frankly it doesnt matter no team in the world could have stopped those goals

  84. wow i think its funny that u mentioned gerrard carrying liverpool to the finals and then trying to top it with saying juninho carried lyon to he quarters hes helped them to the finals two of the last three years and won one of them and for the ppl who say that west ham and olympiakos arent world class quite frankly it doesnt matter no team in the world could have stopped those goals gerrard is way better than lamps(to stay somewhat on topic)

  85. stevie has to control the whole midfield at liverpool..he doesnt get as much support from his midfield as lampard does..thats why lampard is able to get into more attacking positions and score more consistently..but lampard comes nowhere when it comes to leadership..stevei is the midfield general…

  86. and smartass gunner and david ..u out of ur mind… juninho comes nowhere near gerrard..hes good with freekicks..but thats all to him…he is just an attackin midfielder {a good one too}.. but he knows nothin abt defense..

  87. simply overated players.they aint all that but if they were the only two remaining cf’s in the world and i had to choose 1 then it would be gerrard for the simple fact that he is a match winner,we’ve seen him do that a number of times and also his work rate. if it wasnt for the likes of essien and co. doing all the work for lampard at chelsea then i doubt if the guy would be half as rated as he is right now

  88. re aatir does it really matter if Juninho can’t fucking defend? Could Pele defend? Could Maradona defend? The mf is based of different types of players, to compensate for each others weaknesses, there is this obsession with completeness from liverpool fans, not cos it is actually important to them, more because it is the biggest case they have for Gerrard being world class

    ie a df mf DEFENDS and allows an attacking mf to go forward

    there is no need for a player to be complete, so quite frankly how complete Gerrard is is simply irrelevant to how good he is

    id rather have a specialist in one area than a solid player in all areas

    Gerrard is good at many things, but the best at nothing

    He isn’t the best going forward, and he isn’t the best defensively, he is merely ok or good

    id rather have tow players, one shit defensively and the best going forward (ie Kaka) and one shit going forward and brilliant defensively (ie Gattuso) than one Gerrard who does both quite well

    cant you people understand the logic behind this? If you cant interpret what I am saying then I hazard to suggest that you are intellectually challenged to the highest degree, and I’d hate to see you try and study to be a rocket scientist if you cant even interpret this easy idea

  89. Personally I feel his goals against West Ham (first) and Olympiakos were very overrated

    the ball sat down perfectly for him, and I feel better goalkeepers would have got the Olympiakos one, it wasn’t that high in the net of far in the corner, although it was swerving into the side netting

    The second goal against West Ham however, was a fucking peach, credit where it is due, the point is though he doesn’t do it at the very top level ever

    Besides which, strikes don’t make a good footballer, anybody can hit a rocket now and again, not anybody can spit world class defences with a through ball

  90. Your all idiots Juninho can actualy defend and Gerrard didnt take Liverpool to two finals he had good players to back him up Lyon has no one to back Juninho up.

    The point of all my comments is to bring attention to mindless so-called football fans that there are actually good players outside of England and that most players in the EPL are overrated by the english press and media

  91. By the way if anyone watches the CL than they would know that Lyon has beaten Madrid 4 times in a row, also dispatched of Bayern Munich and I wonder who controled the tempo in those games………….Juninho

  92. steven gerrard is the best palyer in the world if he was playing at madrid or baraca he would be considered the best!!

  93. i think its absolute shit to say gerrard and lampard are the best in europe they cant create[especially lampard]d they cant break a move. i have never seen them dribble[again lampard uni dimensional] like ronaldinho kaka deco fabregas zidane giggs etc. not many teams want them they will fail outside ENGLAND in more technical leagues. And most importantly they take club over country. gerard played with a hair line for liverpool.Only gerrard should paly for england lampard inhibits this rolls royce from liverpool

  94. David i completely disagree with you having a complete midfielder in the center of you play couldn’t be any more perfect!!! controling play with pace, deadly strikes, stunning tackles, brilliant passes, good runs and the leadership a motatvation witch takes our team to the next level.

    Sure Lampard and Juninho have alot of goals but you must consider that half their goals are from Penalties or Free kicks. Also both players have had from 3-7 more seasons than Gerrard!!!!

    Sure taking free kicks is good and all but some of the best free kick takers in the world haven’t even made pro football. Oh and David nobody ever called Gerrards first goal agaisnt West Ham good??

    Toulouse came third in that pathetic league we thrashed them 4:0 with our second team!!! if Fernando Torres and Samuel Eto could be world class defenders in that shite leage :)

  95. I also kinda agree with what corey is sayin part of the reason Gerrard is only ranked top 10 in the world and not top 5 is because he plays for Liverpool not Barca or Man united :)

  96. i totally agree with Kush and kramster, and you mention all that completeness

    but you are missing the point, gerrard doesnt implement “stunning tackles” or “brilliant passes”

    most of his passes go in row Z and where is this ideas that gerrard is brilliant defensively

    look ffs, im being polite as some of you were but shut up ffs, gerrard can’t compete against the best in the world and his performances for england prove it

    i know you are desperate for gerrard to be world class but he just isnt, and never will be

    accept it and move on with life, he is the most overrated player i have ever encountered in 25 years of watching football

    good player but people talk like he is some sort of God and when you watch him play he isnt 1/10 of the player

    His mucle must be fucking Harry Houdini and his aunt Mystic Meg

  97. I still cant believe how deluded some people are. Gerrard is more talented and passionate than Lamps but saying hes the worlds best CM let alone player is ridiculous.

    All Liverpool fans just think about the following…….

    When Liverpool play good teams why does Benitez always choose to play both Mascherano and Alonso aswell as Gerrard? Isn’t Gerrard supposed to be able to protect his back four and dictate the pace of a game all by himself? Why would the great Rafa Benitez waste a place on the teamsheet?

    Why were Liverpool (and England now) unable to play good football when Gerrard was used as part of a two man central midfield? From 2002 to 2004/5 Liverpool played hideous football, Im sure you will all admit that Liverpools improvment to how they are now started from 2005-2006. Is it really just a coincidence that this is when Benitez started playing Gerrard on the wing?

    What has Gerrard ever, ever done for England at a major international tournament?


    Im not disputing the fact that Steven Gerrard is a matchwinner and a good CM, but hes not a Great one. If he was you all would be able to put up a well rounded argument against the three points I raised without sounding stupid or biased wouldnt you………….

  98. Couldn’t be arsed to argue anymore i know im theres never gonna be a winner here lets just enjoy the fact that Liverpool are no longer a one man team :) and man u and chelsea better be on their toes!!

  99. MDH says everything I have been saying

    Especially the point about the international tournaments

    Let’s stop this Gerrard hype

  100. Im sorry but i had to say something one last time (i stole this off the Liverpool Forum!!!) :)

    Dear Stevie

    We were watching your goal agaisnt Man United in the league cup final as we went on to win 2:1 and we had a new player to sing for.

    We were watching you in the uefa cup final when you scored in that 9 goal game then we went on to lift it after our 5:4 victory!

    We were watching you after our star striker leaves we look to be done and dusted agaisnt olmpiakos and then you pop up with one of the most important goals in Liverpool History!

    We were watching when you scored a delightful header agaisnt AC Milan to start the greatest come back we’ve ever witnessed and waved your hands in the air to tell us we’re still in this.

    We were watching when you scored that stunning added time goal againts West Ham when the rest of our team were too tired and drained to continue.

    We were watching when Villa had just equalized and runied our dreams of getting off to a flyer but you took the free kick and put it were it belong.

    And we trust you!! we’ll be watching at the end of the season when you lift Liverpools first premier league cup!

    People might alwas call you overated and crap… they might say some foreign player who can do fancy tricks with a ball is better than you but we know the truth and what do we call you?? Steven Gerrard Captain Fantastic

    Sorry but i just thought that was really good when i heard it :)

  101. Well, i liked the way Stevie plays than Lamps… But sometimes, (DEPENDS on the Formation and Strategy) Lamps can play more effectively than Stevie… It’s all depends, right? Sometimes, when I see England play, I think he didn’t fit the formation (I don’t know why)… That’s England problem. Why didn’t England use any foreigner as their coach? I told you, the way England play (Their crosses, long balls from wings, standard wings attacks, etc) are too old-fashioned.. In that 4-4-2, Lamps doesn’t have any way to show his might. Maybe McLaren should ask “The Special Bastard (ehh “One”, I’m sorry..)” to maximizes Lamps ability, hahaha… So, for all Lamps fans, maybe you should blame the strategy, hahaha… They must use Arsene,Fergie,Jose or Rafa as their coaches… Adapt more European or Latin culture to their football philosophy, like the premiership does… That’s the reason why Premieship is best league while England doesn’t play like the best team in their league… So, who will win my vote? I prefer Sir Bobby if England want to keep their tradition… I guess Sir Bobby Robson is the best manager which can combine both English culture and European culture… McLaren? Never see of his best till today, and maybe too early to judge him… Sven? He is contaminated by English culture and that make him confuse, I guess…

    Okay, back to the topic, let’s get straight for the plus… Lamps shoots better SOMETIMES and he is better in finding goals… Not every player has a sight on goal, not even Ronaldinho or Stevie… That’s he is worth for… And for the minus point, Lamps can’t play in different positions, right? He is best in Central Attacking Midfielder, and no more.. Maybe Forward… Hahaha…

    How about Stevie? Stevie is far more versalite… Also, he is far more complete than Lamps, except his finishing (I really regret his missed oppurtunities against Milan last season)… So, if you asked which one is better, I would go for Stevie…

    Ps: I’m just a Liverpool Fan and England Fan… Hope for their best!!!

  102. We were also watching him when he ran into that Aston Villa player to get a free which shouldn’t have been given, and won them the match!!!

  103. Simple answer – why for 2 summers did Moureen try to buy Gerrard????

    With Sissoko Mascherano Alonso & Gerrard – Lampard wouldn’t get near the bench at LFC!!!

    To judge who’s the best watch the games were they play against each other.

  104. Oh and a midfielder needs to be able to tackle…Scholes can’t so stop with the joke of saying he’s the best LOL

  105. Why does everyone think Scholes is better than Lamps and Stevie :) thats like saying Kevin Davies is better than Kaka!!

  106. why not gerrard and 1hargreaves 2carrick in the midfield.
    1hargreaves is a fckng dog and gerrard would have the space needed and if 2 carrick gets a place in the first 11 then the team is very very attacking.
    in both cases GIVE YOUR WINGS A CHANCE . I mean lennon,wright philips,goe cole,downing

  107. I really can’t believe this stupid thread keeps popping up like some fucking leach or parasite that a person can’t get rid of.

    Lamps and Gerrard are BOTH overrated!!!

    Regarding the ‘Scholes is a better midfielder’, true. Gerrard is good, but not as good as the Liverpool faithfull think he is. Hell, last year even Darren Fletcher played better than Gerrard. When United played Smith in midfield against liverpool, even he out-played Gerrard.

  108. Karl do i detect a hint of jealousy the united don’t have a great CM such as Gerrard or Lampard :)

  109. Yeah, I know it sounds that way :-) , but I’m just really sick of this stupid comparison.

    To be honest, we had the great Keano for centuries. We are still on the lookout for one that will be able to replace him effectively (perhaps OH, can’t tell yet…). No offense, but I’m sure if SAF thought Gerrard was IT, he would have gone ALL out and made some sort of an offer (especially when the Heinze thingie surfaced). Well, he didn’t even consider it.

  110. Yeh but karl you have to consider that SAF wouldn’t have stood a chance at getting Gerrard in the Red and black

  111. I’m inclined to agree with Karl that this thread needs to put away for good. We’ve all got views on who the best midfielder in the world is but the fact is that for England, Gerrard and Lampard are probably the best options going on their club form. The downside is that neither have played consistently well for their country, in fact i don’t think any English player has been consistent in their performance in recent times and we all know that the fault for this lies with the manager(s) whose responsibility it is to get the best out of the players.

  112. I will sya it again.

    Lampard gets way too much flak from some morons in England, and Gerrard gets way too much credit.

    Therefore, whilst being a SLIGHTLY superior player, Gerrard is also more vastly overrated than Frank.

    Put thme up against Kaka, Pirlo, Gattuso, Juninho, Seedorf, Baraja etc though and it is men against boys

  113. David let me reveal the truth to you know :)

    Kaka::: He is the best player in the world of course he is good but strange isn’t it that Carragher kept him completely quiet maybe the worlds best isn’t as good as they used to :)

    Pirlo:: I hate people who call him world class he is good no doubt but definately no Lampard or Gerrard wtf did this guy do in the past 3 years did you see him in the CL?

    Gattuso:: He is definately good but he feeds on weak (but skilled) players with his strength when he marks a determind player he is useless.

    Juninho:: we can i fucking start he played well in the CL but is playing in one of the worst leagues and definately no match for a premiership defence.

    Seedorf:: he is good but not consistantley good a couple of goals and one twos every 15 matches do not make a world class player

    Baraja:: never heard anyone call him class before made me laugh a bit. couldn’t hack it in the EPL as simple as that :)

  114. You laughing at somebody calling Baraja class shows your naievity/xenophobia.

    How can you doubt Juninho and Pirlo? Juninho does it against better defences in the Champions’ League than you will ever find in the Premiership. The Premiership has some of the worst defending on this planet, which is the main reason why your precious Gerrard looks so great in it.

    Are you fucking off your tits on seedorf? The guy has an amazing football brain, the exact opposite of Gerrard who really doesn’t understand the game but is an athlete, This is what you are missing here, the best players don’t run around like headcases ie Gerrard, they do most of their work in their head.

    TBH I think you just skimmed over some of the most respected and talentedcentral midfielders in world football.

    I am sure you don’t mean a lot of this, you seem to have a decent degree of knowledge on the game so I find it hard to believe you mean what you are saying and this isn’t just pro Gerrard lack of objectivity.

    Your opinion should be null and void being Liverpool supporter, your feelings for him are amplified 10 fold over the rest of the footballing planet. And that goes for England also, although not quite as intensely as Liverpool fans feel it, but it is close.

    Put short, Gerrard will never be as good as any of those players I mentioned and yes, Ruben Baraja in his day was better than Gerrard (and more versatlie/complete since you love that so much, he truly could attack and defend) and just because mainstream English propaganda says Gerrard is better than Baraja doesn’t mena he is because you will find plenty of Spaniards who will bring you all into the real world onthe subject of who is better.

  115. btw I have been reading the threads on Torres and Babel also, Babel is a good player in the making but Torres is so overrated it is amazing. Good player but not a natural finisher and will never be a top level strike rin the vein of a Tevez or Ronaldo.

  116. btw League Une isn’t that bad, I am not sure why you are talking about it like it is the fucking Estonian League here.

    Obviously I mean Ronaldo of Brazil in the above post, in his heyday, the “Phenomenon”.

  117. Oh yea

    I sorta contradicted myself up there saying Gerrard fans are English and thus biased, and then saying Spaniards would prefer Baraja, that is double standards I accept that.

    However I think people from neutral nations would prefer Baraja as well over Gerrardo boy.

  118. Well i am an england fan but that is not why i am sticking up i have to admit i did over react in my comment a bit but it kinda sickens me every one of our players Torres, Gerrard, Carragher, Reina are all constantley called overated.

    I think you and i know you aren’t the first one to insult Torres by calling him over rated. I really think he has stepped up a level at liverpool and yes Babel is good but like Nani he needs to show that on the pitch.

    a lot of people know Gerrard as a hero and won’t except another Liverpool player beeing mocked. Gerrard and Owen were our only taste of the big time we were exiting our time a great era but then he stood up and put us back on the map.

    I can’t make Gerrard be more recognised he has already played the blood out of his feet but still people shun him but believe it or not he was a kid who supported liverpool now he a legend who plays for liverpool! He stands up for every kid who thinks they don’t have a chance

  119. Ok son fair enough, I see your point and I respect the fact that you haven’t resorted to petty insults here, fed up of that on the net, as have been both a perpetrator and victim of it.

    Anyway I agree that gerrard has did well to make something of himself, but I don’t see how that gives people the right to claim he is a lot better than he is.

    Respect is granted for getting himself away from the shit life somebody of his intellectual standards would have lived if not for the game, but he still in my opinion (and i think the general concensus) is not world class.

    Good player though, to be taken seriously.

  120. btw I thought Owen was as overrated as Gerrard, and a far infeior player round about France 98 lol.

    I was only 16 then though so had to mature a bit knowledge wise, so i admit I may have been harsh on Owen at that time pal.

  121. [Liverpool_Fan]
    “… it kinda sickens me every one of our players Torres, Gerrard, Carragher, Reina are all constantley called overated”
    I can fully understand where you’re coming from.

    No insult intended, but,
    I just want to say that the reason people feel they are overrated is because of the way Liverpool fans elate them to be more than what they are (supreme case of hero worshipping I guess). I think because they yearn for the glory days of old (which I can fully understand), they always feel like ‘this is the season’. And, in order to have ‘the season’, you have to have ‘the players’.

    Sorry to throw your ‘arch-rivals’ into this illustration, but in 1999, United had a totally ‘average’ group of players, and managed to win a treble.
    I can understand Liverpool’s position though, but it is a bit irritating I have to admit. (some meekness might help getting the world to notice LFC player’s quality)

  122. [Karl]
    No insult intended, but,
    I just want to say that the reason people feel they are overrated is because of the way Liverpool fans elate them to be more than what they are

    This isn’t aimed at you Karl – I’m just borrowing your comment
    The thing that personally annoys me is that other fans do exactly the same over their players, i’ve seen comments on Tevez, Anderson and Nani on this site to name a few Man U players that are just as bad as some of the rubbish posted about Liverpool players. Why is it that we always get accused of ‘bigging up’ our players when its not just some Liverpool fans that do it.

    Personally i think Gerrard is a fantastic player for Liverpool, he played a massive role in securing our last two pieces of silverware and i do rate him better than Lampard, but then i’m hardly going to say otherwise.

    The main problem with all this hype around players is down to the press, they build poeple up so much that they’re never going to match people’s expectations and then you get idiots regurgetating the rubbish they’ve read.

    Finally i’d happily agree that when it comes to England Gerrrard is overrated, but i’d say the same for Rooney as well!

  123. I don’t really think Gerrard playing poorly for England is a lack of Talent. Any England player for that matter. English players are born hard workers and most of them are top in the world rankings but you need some natural creativity to your team which england doesn’t and will probably never have :(

    i do think you comment is good and well put together but when it was just Gerrard, Owen and Carragher are world class players i knew that the max we could win was the league cup and i would have been happy with that.

    The year we won the champions league Benitez grabbeed us by the scruff of our necks and told Gerrard you are the Captain these people look up to you call you great now its up to you to prove them right!

    and now we are growing as a team not just the Stevie and Jamie show so less pressure and now we are expected to fight our wy against the Likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan. If liverpool don’t win the league this year i will be happy if the make Man u Chelsea and Arsenal sweat.

    But i am desperate to see Liverpool win the league Maybe someday could be even sooner than i think :)

  124. Liverpool will never win the EPL under Rafa Benitez because of his stupid rotation system and he also approaches away games like they are cup legs and plays to defensive.

    Pirlo has posibly the largest passing range in world football today and is probably the best Midfielder in the world.

  125. Who knows, I personally don’t see Liverpool winning anything this season but I will eat my words if wrong.

  126. Pirlo has posibly the largest passing range in world football today and is probably the best Midfielder in the world???

    I think you need to actually watch pirlo b4 making these commments AC Milan players are all overated they would have been knocked out by Celtic if not for kaka the only 2 decent are gattuso and kaka the rest may have once been good but are now shite.

    Messi? Kaka? Essien? Gerrard? Ronaldo? How is Pirlo the best MID in the world?

  127. Gerrard is definately the best, he is all over the field unlike Lampard who will likely be seen when only attacking.

    i give Gerrard 9/9 and Lampard 6/9

  128. Gerrard is the best. His technique is far better than lampard. Lampard cant get past anyone. Gerrard can break through defenses alone. He has great response. I have never seen a better attacking midfielder than Gerrad. Yes lampard has a beautiful strike, but he cannot make chances, he waits for them. Gerrard creates chances and finshes them. Gerrard>Lampard. Anyways GARETH BARRY is the best english midfielder :)

  129. Gerrard doesn’t score for England or for Liverpool. To call him better offensively than Lamaprd is both misguided and pathetic.

  130. Brian, do not go there please. Scholes is not exactly a goalscoring machine either, but he is – or better said was for the better part of the last decade – the best attacking midfielder in the country. Midfilders do not score as many goals usually. Anyway I would give the edge to Gerrard simply because I find him able to do more – NOT better just more useful – but I do not think it would be a massive difference if either plays with Barry for England. They are both extraordinary.

  131. Ive heard man u and everton fans say things like this about Gerrard all his career the only suprise here is that a Liverpool Fan feels this way and Big Deal?

  132. I read that entire article and those idiots dismissed it as drivel

    How the fuck can one guy criticizing the way one guy taking credit every time a side wins a final be labeled as drivel?

    Keep bigging up Gerrard OFF the park, he will contine to not prove himself ON it, for England or agaisnt the best club sides

    And yes, he was overran in the first half of the 2005 Champion’s League Final

    it isn’t all about Gerrard though, i still think he is a better overall footballer than Rooney – overrated as FUK IMO

  133. “the only suprise here is that a Liverpool Fan feels this way and Big Deal?”

    Exactly, because you think the sun shines out of his arse and are sooooooo incredibly baised, if he was at Man utd youd hate him.

    I am not even English, I have no preference but Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira were both, well, miles better players than Gerrard!

    All English players are overrated, don’t even get me started on Rooney and Beckham, I mean fuck I have given Owen a hard time, but I still think he had done far more at the age of 22 than fucking Rooney. And you will NEVER win any tournament with these guys

    You are about to go out of Euro 2008 after the Russian defeat and this is because you THINK these guys are so superior to the players of Russia, Croatia etc

    But you are completely wrong, they fail as individuals and a team

    Everything about Engllish football, from the players, to the national team, to the Premiership, is overrated, and Spain and Italy are superior in everything. English football just isn’t good enough

    it is not a lack of tactical awareness, underperforming players, or media frenzy

    The simplefacts are English players lack talent compared to Brazilian, Argentine, Italian etc

    Dispute that all you want, but the World Cup and European Championship records of the last 15 years do not lie

    And that’s the bottom line

  134. Gerrard is totally overrated, and I dislike he keeps getting a free pass from the media for his shit performances this year with club and country but…

    Three Lions isn’t losing just because of him.

  135. Owen was one of the best players in the world at 22! he was not overated.

    I know id hate Gerrard if he was at man u because he would have brought them so much more success.

    Roy Keane was a great player (patrick veira doesnt deserve to clean his shoes) but he was just the tank in the middle Gerrard is that and more.

    I know Gerrard has been really off this season but the only big teams we did play agaisnt this season (Villa and Chelsea) he was incredible! if he can retain the form this season he can proove all you critics wrong.

    And incase you think i dont fuck up about Gerrard this happens to be a article about Gerrard if it was about Hypia i would talk about Hypia right?

  136. frankie frankie lampard all the way gerrard is an overrated scouser es shit ow many goals as gerrard scored comapred 2 lampard ………. exactly ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh

  137. Interesting point made by David about the ‘completeness’ of Gerrard being a non-issue in a team sport. I’d have to agree – I’ll take an excellent def.midfielder with poor attacking skills paired with an excellent attacking midfield player who is useless defensively over two (or in englands case, one) ‘complete’ central midfield players any day!
    I’m not going to give either him or Lamps marks out of 10 for skills – an utterly pointless pursuit with any player – seen that a footballers individual competences vary enormously according to the opposition, self-confidence on the day, injury, energy, pitch-quality, weather, team-mates,… the list goes on & on.

    Gerrard is not the ‘best midfielder in England’, he is the only truly good midfielder England have. Note the difference :)
    Lampard is a very decent player – perhaps even inspired on the odd occasion he finds that goalscoring touch – but he’s a LONG way off getting into a first-choice England 11… if England had a coach with a bit of nouse, that is.

    Why on earth no one has thought of using one or two solid, hard working holding midfielders such as Hargreaves or Barry providing the defensive graft and coverage behind a skillfull player such as Joe Cole or, preferably, Wayne Rooney with two strikers, or two wingers and a target man in front (ie. 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-3-1 respectively) just baffles me.
    Sure, neither are as talented or as used to the role as Kaka, Zidane, Totti et al. but surely there is a precedent to at least TRY to get england playing attacking football rather than persisting with the old 4-4-2 where none of the midfielders (bar J.Cole once in a while) so much as looks like they are going to link up with the forwards or take advantage of space behind the opposition midfield??

    As an Englishman I must concede we simply don’t have the quality of attacking players to match nations such as Argentina, Brasil, Portugal or even The Netherlands at this point. On skill and creative power alone we will always be outplayed if we, as a nation, persist in selecting our youth players on their strength, fitness & grit.
    You can get a 17-year old kid’s fitness up to professional level in about 6-10 months.
    Dribbling technique, ball-control, one-touch-passing, tempo & feeling for the game are skills that can’t be adequately taught past a certain age. Why not take kids with naturally developed ball skills who have played a lot of five-a-side games and get them fit – rather than taking physically strong kids and trying to teach them how to control a football??
    It’s not a coincidence Brasil have so many national trophies. They have millions of kids doing nothing else but play impromptu 4, 5 or 6 a side games on small surfaces where time is short and quick feet and a football brain are the ONLY way to play. Who cares if they are conditioned or not? Any decent coach can get them to acceptable fitness levels within a jiffy.

    Rant over πŸ˜€

  138. sam h

    1. Lampard is 2 years older and started his football career at a younger age than Gerrard therefore has had for more appearences.

    2. Lampard plays further up the field than Gerrard lets compare Essiens covering telents to Alonsos? Essien is far better which gives lampard more freedom.

    3. 35% of Lampards goals are Penalties or Edge of the box free kicks.

    4. Lampard has more shots a season than any other Midfielder in the premiership.

  139. 5. Lampard scores many more goals than Gerrard, who often finds himself relegated to the right side. Why would that be?

    6. Does it matter than Lamps is great at penalties and free kicks? They are still goals, and worth the same.

  140. Funny, how Liverpool fans continously turn the debate on Lampard instead of looking at their own man.

    Meanwhile, Gerrard gets a free pass for playing like shit for club and particularly country, turning in uninspiring, shit performance after uninpsiring, shit performance time and time again for Three Lions, when his appointment as Vice Captain deems he should be one of the main motivators of the side.

    An example of Gerrard’s recent performances for his country, which holds him so dear I cannot wonder why:

  141. No, Gerrard has been shit for Three Lions for a long time, but he gets a free pass because the ignortant England supporters isntead focus on Lampard because they can’t bear the though of Gerrard taking any criticism.

    Gerrard deserves the criticism, both because he has been awful and because he is Vice Captain.

  142. Brian i agree Lampard shouldnt be criticized! because he shouldnt even be in the England squad to get criticized

  143. both are big time failures for what is the point in arguing and concluding lampard was the worst of the two

  144. yeh he was brilliant hes a good player sometimes chelsea fans blab about him too much but and then he pisses me off :)

  145. Hey Liverpool Fan, you mean like Liverpool fans always blab about Gerrard and then he pisses me off in matches for Three Lions? :)

  146. lampard had the most shots in the world cup and didn’t even score 1. but on the other hand gerrard actually won games for his team. and sum1 said above he doesnt score against good teams… um..arsenal? and he assisted aggers goal against chelsea. that was a perfect pass

  147. and get your ass on youtube. see lampards top goals, other then that chip against barcelona and sum long shots theres 1 deflection, 3 penalties and lyk 2 one on ones. Because he needs those average goals to fill up time of video, while gerrard’s top goals are 6 minutes of non stop long shots and getting past players

  148. that gerrard is argueably the best centre midfielder his precision, final ball through, accuracy, shooting tops lampard off the shelf. his will power and determination to succeed is tremendous and always plays till his hearts content.Not only this he has the motivation skill to uplift other players around him. when he is at full throttle he is easily the best player around, and cannot be put amongst other individuals…AS HE IS A TOP ELITE PERFORMER!!!!!!!!!!

  149. They’re both useless, overrated and cheats. They wouldn’t make it into any Italian team, especially Inter.

  150. this comparassion is pointless. Lampard is far better than gerrard. how many times does lampards loses the ball? it is hard to see that he loses the ball because he plays a modern football he plays at one touch. Lampard has something that gerrard doesnt have: INTELLIGENCE.

    Lampard has more goals than gerrard in the last years. Gerrard is really dissapointing. He is like a depressive- maniac sometimes he is injected and playing marvelous and sometimes he is shit. If you see lamps he is playing at the same level all the matches good level and sometimes he just plays excellent, but he never plays bad.

  151. Guy above sounds foreign, or of foreign ancestry, as a result he proves what i suspected, people who appreicate overseas football prefer Lampard because he is more intelligent than Gerrard and plays a more continental style.

    Yes Gerrard has dynamism and scores some rockets, but where is the brain, the analytical side of his game? He understands fuck all about football, but he is a total athlete more than Frank is.

    The idiots who call him fat Frank just prove that even though he isn’t the best athlete, he possesses something Gerrard will never have, the ability to play the pass in his head before the ball comes to him.

    Riquelme has that in abundance and the idiots who know nothing about real football have a term for it – “immobile”

    No it isn’t you fucking morons, it is intellect and the ability to dictate play, slow the game down to your level, then when you desire (and I am saying all of this on a personal level for the likes of Lampard and Riquelme, not that Lamps could ever get near Riqeulme’s level but….same idea) bam, speed it up with a great pass, get your team going and play an exquisite through ball through the eye of a needle. He doesn’t have to run because he makes the ball do the work, the Arentine way of La Nuestra

    People who don’t understand football or see it a skick and rush are gerrard fans, not footballing purists, that’s the facts here.

  152. obv stevn better play then frank i think because steven runs his socks of for liverpool where frank doesnt do as much work as steven does and aslo he will never give up.

  153. The comparison your making is nonsensical as the players are so different at what they do and where they play.

    Lampard is an Inside Forward, not a midfielder. If he was a midfielder he would be able to tackle and fully influence play from the middle of the park, but he can’t. However you cancel out his pathetic attempts at defending and you have a one man assault unit really. He can shoot, pass, keep the ball.

    Gerrard is a central midfielder. He can tackle, he can influence play, he can pass and he can shoot. He can do everything that Lampard can and more. And I defy any of you to prove me wrong.

  154. Since you asked, Shaun, Lampard trumps Gerrard in consistency and effort (as well as that rare ability to play the right pass under pressure instead of the hollywood version).

  155. i h8 the way people compare these 2 y? steve g any day lampard just shoots never slides 4 d ball never goes in 2 footed shite! sveve g by miles

  156. Steve Gerrard, Gerrard,
    He’ll Pass The Ball 40 Yards,
    He’s Big And He’s Fucking Hard,

  157. Gerrard is the best. His technique is far better than lampard. Lampard cant get past anyone. Gerrard can break through defenses alone. He has great response. I have never seen a better attacking midfielder than Gerrad. Yes lampard has a beautiful strike, but he cannot make chances, he waits for them. Gerrard creates chances and finshes them and am a chelsea fan trough an trough but gerrard better than r lampard!

  158. Gerrard only looks good because he carries liverpool if chelsea were as shit as liverpool then frank would have to carry them too and would look amazing he only scores so many goals because no 1 else can score!!

  159. Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league?!

    These Liverpool obsessions with Gerrard are making me sick.

  160. if kaka moved to wigan he wouldnt win the league in 25 years with them but does that make him less of a player. It shows how good Gerrard is if you expect him to win the league himself

  161. i dis agree i think gerrard is one of the all time great centre midfeilders who ever thinks he is overrated is kidding themselves, lampard has to have 50 shots before he scores 5 goals, gerrard usually does it first time and he is a tremendous cm in the context of defending aswell.

  162. [199. Liverpool_fan]
    “if kaka moved to wigan he wouldnt win the league in 25 years with them but does that make him less of a player.”
    – Erm…just to counter your statement:
    Maradonna did it when he moved to Napoli. (he even did it for Argentina).

    Try another one? :-)

  163. who scored in every qualfiying games to get us to the last world cup lampard!!!!!! he is by far the better player and you people who call him fat should possibly look in the mirror also he plays when injured unlike gerrard who is not that great at all


  165. lampard isnt fat…. if ud like to read his autobiography he was actually the fitest player in the england team during the world cup.

    wen did gerrard score the goal to win the premiership???

    wen did lampard ever pass the ball back to his keeper and let henry score???

    exactly everyones happy to point out all the bad thnigs about lampard.. but what about the good things?

  166. Steven Gerrard is Shite!
    Can anyone else not see that for 99% of the game he does nothing and steals all the headlines if he nips in a winning penalty or Liverpool/England win?
    If you don’t believe me, remember Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal last week? Despite A blinding Display from Arsenal and a poor performance by Liverpool, Liverpool triumphed with a late penalty. Up steps Gerrard, who is only beaten by Senderos, Eboue, Carragher and Kuyt as worst players on the pitch and scores, grabbing the headlines. It was Torres and Babel who sent Liverpool through, not Gerrard.
    His ball control is poor, his shooting is inconsistent and his ability to take on players is shoddy. It’s not fair that a great player like Lampard should be kept out of the England side because of a player who is still living on Istanbul 2005 is being put in instead.
    I would put Lampard before Gerrard but I think that the Barry-Hargreaves combination suited England better. When those two played, England won several gaes by high scorelines in a row. When Gerrard and Lampard played, England got knocked out of Euro 2008.
    The only way Gerrard can save his career is if he moves to an Italian or Spanish team where he can learn excellent ball control from the experts.

  167. Felix Navidad has lost it Gerrard is one of the best plyers in the world & Lampard is a fluke. Gerrard also has a much better shot than Lqmpard and it should be 10-8 for shooting to Gerrard instead of Lampard.

  168. Right, firstly I think you cannot compare the two as they are completely different players. Lampard is allowed a much more attacking midfield position at Chelsea as that is the way they’re team is structured (Makelele and Essien provide a more defensive role therefore there is no need to have Lampard tracking back all the time to defend). Gerrard on the other hand has less quality behind him therefore he is required to defend more at times which gives him less chance to get forward than Lampard and perhaps score less goals.

    Lampard has scored more goals than Gerrard both at club level and internatonal level. Admittedly, Lamps does get more deflections but then maybe Gerrard should take a leaf out of his book and take a few more risky shots…….he might get a few more deflections if he took a few more chances. You don’t get as many goals as Lampard just because you’re lucky. Noone can be lucky all of the time, throughout their whole career and there is some truth behind the saying ‘you make you’re own luck’!

    Gerrard on the other hand probably wins more tackles in his role and is therefore classed as being better defensively than Lampard but who knows how many more goals Gerrard would score if he was allowed a more attacking role and who knows how many more tackles Lampard would win if he was asked to defend more.

    They are both top class players who really cannot be compared and who probably shouldn’t be in the same England side as for some unknown reason they’re combination just does not seem to work. Have them both in the squad and try playing them seperately maybe.

  169. DEFINATELY GERRARD is better than lampard
    How can you even compare gerrard to measly lampard
    Gerrard is the best player in the whole world everyone knows that and im a chelsea supporter
    its true

    GERRARD is the best

  170. no contest – its a joke comparing the two players, I’ve never once seen Lampard completely and utterly dominate and transform a game in the way Gerrard can do.

    Wheres are the stats for

    Crossing Ability???

    and whoever said Gerrard can’t shoot as well as Lampard hasn’t seen many of Gerrards best goals have they??????

  171. did u guys see the croatia game when gerrard wosnt playing? Lmaprd looked much better n so did englan. drop gerrard. good player but not gud as lampard!Hence why lampard het more goals & Assist!!! Gerrard luooks gud surrounded by average players im afraid.

  172. It’s an interesting debate, but I think the two players are actually very different.

    Gerrard is an all-action ‘Roy of the Rovers’ style midfielder who gets everywhere, tackling shooting etc. Lampard is an attacking midfielder who makes and scores goals. He doesn’t concern himself with anything else. In each of their roles, they are the best in the Premiership.
    Those who claim Gerrard is much much better obviously haven’t watched them both play consisently. If you only ever watch highlights on MotD or listen to biased commentary, you’d think Gerrard was invincible. Gerrard’s Hollywood highlights are always going to impress people who don’t watch Liverpool games impartially. The fact is however, that his range of passing and decision making are not as good as Lampards. Spend an entire game focusing on Gerrard, and you’ll see how many misplaced passes there are. Lampard also outscores Gerrard every season. Obviously we have to note that Lampards tackling is poor – but then that’s not the role in which he plays.

    To sum up, if you need a midfielder who can do everything (beacause the majority of the rest of your team aren’t in the same class as Lampard and Gerrard i.e. Liverpool) then Gerrard is your man. If however, you have world class players to support an attacking midfielder, then Lampard will create and score more goals.

  173. frank lampard is a million times better than gerrard he is amazing just look at his goal tally frank lampard isnt just better than gerrard he is better than every other midfielder in the world no forget that he is the best player in the world and anyone who says he is crap obviously don’t know anything about football

  174. Lampard for chelsea 10/10
    lampard for England 8/10

    gerrard for liverpool 10/10
    gerrard for england 4/10

    lampard is playin well better than gerrard at the moment
    they both play mint for there clubs but lampard is well better in a England shirt no question about it
    only a scouser would think gerrard is better in a England sirt

  175. Both outstanding players. I prefer Gerrard, but Lampard has been looking superb this season. He was majestic against Villa on Sunday, absolutely took us to school.

    While I think Gerrard is the better overall player I’m hoping for a Barry/Lampard centre mid in the internationals. They worked well together against Croatia.

    As for David crying that Gerrard is the most overrated player ever, this guy also stated that Torres is not a natural finisher. Quite.

  176. Just Let the stats speak for themselves:

    England Games

    Gerrard Total – Caps 68 W 44 D 16 L 8 Win Rate 65%
    Lampard Total – Caps 64 W 36 D 15 L 13 Win Rate 56%
    Together Total – Caps 40 W 24 D 8 L 8 Win Rate 60%
    Stevie without Frank – Caps 28 W 20 D 8 L 0 Win Rate 71%
    Frank without Stevie – Caps 24 W 12 D 7 L 5 Win Rate 50%

  177. There is no contest, im as anti-scouse as the next bloke, but gerrard is ten times the player that lampard is, fat frank isnt fit to kiss gerrards boots, how on earth you put lamp-tard ahead of gerrard on shooting ill never know.

  178. Dude you are crazy!
    gerrard is behind lamp in shooting, you are crazy, it is sure that your other ratings are arguably good but no shooting either they are equally good or gerrard is better,
    fabregas suxxxx

  179. Gerrard will always rule, when did lampard ever score from a diameter of 10ft?, best midfielder in the whole world and most disciplined captain….Gerrald should be the England captain

  180. i think these stats are more realistic arnt they…

    gerrard 9-lampard 9
    gerrard 9-lampard 10
    gerrard 10- lampard 10
    heading ability
    gerrard 8-lampard 7
    work rate
    gerrard 9-lampard 9
    impact in games(takes the game by the scruff of the neck)
    gerrard 9- lampard 9
    overall rating
    gerrard 54/60 lampard 54/60

    my prem dream team would be


  181. what are u guys talkin about is lamps fat.go to his web page and take pics.ultimately when chelsea were at thier best lamps was the back bone nd i kno u man u nd liverpool fans keep dissin him bcos he always scores against u guys.

  182. I’m a man utd fan and I hate liverpool but I have to say gerrad is the best all round midfielder in the world. The guy isn’t the best in terms domanating all attributes in football but is fairly good in all. Where as lampard is quit brilliant in getting in good positions at the right time to score goals and has a few other decent basic attributes like all other professional footballers at all levels do.

  183. I support everton but have to admit lampard is no way near gerrad in terms of talent. Gerrard was mentioned by kaka as only current english player that is good enough to wear the brazil shirt! Im not a football expert but this is coming from one of the world’s greatest players!! BTW Lampard is better looking, Gerrard’s not bad either, I think that would be a more of a difficult debate??

  184. I don’t really support anybody, I try to follow MK dons only because their my local team, but i do love football and this would be my all time prem dream team.


    Keown Adams Campbell

    C.Ronaldo Gerrard Keane Giggs


    Henry Zola ??????????

  185. My bench would be


    Oh yeh no room for lampard…….!!!!

  186. Good, Lampard And World Steven G.both are good .But Lampard is very bad in the Box than Steven G.Shoting Lampard is great .But long passing Steven G is great ..Well Both are good…Chelsea Fans plz dont give up.Chelsea for life .If you are chelsea fan you can call me here +234-070-92229223

  187. no competition………………times up, games over,lamp …..looses gerrard wins….no thoughts of comparision…gerrard s the only best …..he is actually the only one who exsists……………he is the ultimate midfielder…soccer is ever arguments…verdicts passed ……………case in favour of gerrard

  188. steven gerrard is by far the best midfielder in the world.
    he is a true leader and turned the game around against milan in the famous champions league final. lampard could not do that even if his life depended on it. he is over weight and lacks in fitness. lampard is the most over rated footballer in the world.he is not better than gerrard in thinking, passing, shooting, pace, transforming teams and scoring goals most importantly. and whoeever must write lampards shooting is better than gerrards must never even have seen gerrard play. he has scored far more goals than lampard for club and country and his shooting average is also better than fat lamp lards. on average lampard takes more shots in a match than gerrard and still gets less on target so that proves gerrard is a far more better player.

  189. i cant believe, people after considering all the achievements and what both players mean on the pitch, still get the gut to compare gerrard to lampard.lampard simply has got no match in the premiership.players of his caliber come once in a decade and he is ours in this present day footballing world. lampard rules.

  190. That is untrue you don’t know nothing about football if you think it’s like that. This is true.


    Skill 9 8

    Passing 9 8

    Leadership 10 8

    Shooting 10 9

    Tackling 9 7

    Defending 8 7

    Speed 9 8

    Crossing 10 10

    Stamina 10 10

    Heading 9 8

    Intelligence 8 9

  191. How can you honestly say gerrard is fast!!!! He obviously isnt. All you who are voting gerrard are basing it on istanbull. One night!!!! what happened after that when the two met in the CL Final? 3-0 Milan!!! Lampard scores more goals. He can score screamers, but gerrard scores more screamers. If you are in the prem, what do you want, someone who can score 20-30 goals a season from midfield or someone who can score a few more 30 yard goals but scores a lot less in a season? Plus, gerrard gets away with murder!! In the anfield game, twice he could have been sent off, he got a yellow for a completely different incident. Lampard makes a perfect tackle on Alonso and in fact, it shows Alonso actually kicks Lampard in the shin, and gets a straight red!!! Seriously, the only people who say that Gerrard is better are liverpool fans. Lampard is clearly the one you would want mostly in your team.

  192. I’m a chealsea fan (since 1990) but lets try to be objective here. First of all, I’m a huge Lampard fan and also think that Gerrard is a great player.

    In summary, I think Lampard is a more consistent player but Gerrard can be more impactful in games. Both are great midfield scorers but we also have to look at the calibre of their teammates. Gerrard will stand out because lets face it, his teammates are not the same quality as Essien/Makelele and Ballack/Deco (tho’ i think we are over-crowded in central mid). Lets settle the argument in terms of statistics and other facts, instead of being over-emotional here.

    A brief look at stats here: For club, Lampard has scored 163 goals in 597 matchers (27.3%), Gerrard has scored 111 in 468 matches (23.7%). For country, Lampard has 14 goals in 66 matches (21%) and Gerrard has 14 goals in 70 matches (20%). A more detailed analysis would also include assists/tackles tc… ACTIM would probably help but its probably very close as well in terms of other stats. Of course, one must always take into account the differences in the roles they play for their clubs but its definitely a close fight, anyone who says one is CLEARLY better than the other is surely biased. We could also compare individual awards but i think Lampard edges out in this respect as well, with more significant awards. I rate consistency highly so i’d take Lampard over Gerrard but it’s definitely a close call. Ideally I’d have Lampard in my League team and Gerrard in my Cup Final team.

    As an England fan, i have been disappointed by both players’ failure to shine at the international stage but i blame this on the England FA, who have been appointing less than stellar coaches (McLaren? Joke!) but lets hope Capello does a better job than his predecessors.

  193. Gerrard’s career at Liverpool 1997 – 2009 = 324 Appearances + 64 Goals
    Lampard’s career at Chelsea 2001-2009 = 272 Appearances + 81 Goals

    Gerrard averages 1 goal every 5.065 games…
    Lampard averages 1 goal every 3.358 games…

    When it comes to International games, well check it out.

    Gerrard’s England career = 70 Appearances + 14 Goals
    Lampard’s England career = 67 Appearances + 16 Goals

    Gerrard averages 1 goal every 5 games…
    Lampard averages 1 goal every 4.188 games…

    Those stats speak for themselves. People choose Gerrard over Lampard without really thinking about it. Lampard is more consistent & less injury prone.

  194. Oooooh icky poo…so stevie can change matches on his own (maybe people dont notice how his worthless teammates, barring torres get tripped up all the time winning penalties and freekicks for steve to take which just creep past the goalies)..

    Now look at frank, does he indulge in bar-room brawls or get pooped on by kids in the tunnel like stevie for him to be called big-mouthed??
    People complain that he can’t change games on his own… well thats coz chelsea dont rely on only one penalty or freekick expert…

    to compare the duo’s big-match playing skills, just have a look at their respective champions league finals against milan and united.. poor stevie couldn’t touch the ball against milan and frank even scored that cool goal against united…

    so hark all those “lumplards” and maybe start on “gerfraud” the bar-dancer

  195. wow…. this discussion was opened March 14,2007. & still runin’ ….my my my… well, look where we are now…
    it’s interesting when ur scrolling down the years & opinions, how the majority voted more 4 Stevie G , then u reach March 09 & u have people praising lumpard !!!
    March 09 ?!!didn’t they watch the massacre of the M cities ? Madrid & Manchester … & you , zoykriosisssst , don’t mix between the game & the private life just 2 make a faggit point …
    Gerrardinho by faaar is a team leader ,an inspirational captain & a real artist ….
    a point 2 mention , if anyone saw England’s last friendly 4-0 against slovakia , credit has 2 be given to the ‘italian’ Capello 4 succeeding 2 play them both & getting the best out of both..
    it took six years… Six…having in mind that both players had there 1st game with England in 2003…. England supporters should appreciate the italian Sauce & savor it…

  196. Steven Gerrard is alot better and I will show you a few reasons why

    (1) Look up on youtube “Steven Gerrard Tackle against Southampton” Thats one reason why he is better

    (2) Look up Steven Gerrard Clay pigions

    and what you all do not get is Gerrard regulary plays out of position for England. Some gams as CM, next gam RM or ST. Gerrard can play anywhere, hell he has even played Defender for liverpool when we were in trouble this year but you see, Gerrard stands up for Liverpool. He is the heart of the team and motivates us if we are down.But does Frank do that, no when Chelsea play good its not because of him, its because they have a class team. Gerrard wears the captians armband with pride while Lampard does not wear the armband for Chelsea now does he?

  197. the lad keith writin on this is a joke? gerrard cant tackle? hes the best in the world at tacklin ya beaut. ‘gerrard tackles’ on youtube, his tackle on phil neville at the corner flag, jockin ronaldo when the manc rat neville couldnt do it for england, the double tackle against charlton when he flys in to chris powell, pistone, jagielka and the best right back performance ever in the biggest stage of all the champions league 2005 final when he savaged guttuso in the centre and inhialated serginho 3 times ha ha. he killed lampard, kalou and anelka 2 weeks ago at anfield aswell. the tackle on rooney when he runs back 40 yards for it aswell. you dont know gerrard if you dont think he can tackle. lampards a good finisher and passed but hes only good going forward, gerrard does both.

  198. Discussions like this come up all the time, it is so hard for people not to be biased. I agree with comments that many English dislike Lampard. Liverpool fans hate him because he is compared with their “God”, and Man U and Arsenal fans hate him because, until this year Chelsea have been more of a threat than Liverpool. Even this year though I believe that Chelsea will overtake Liverpool in the League.

    As a Frenchman, I can objectively say that the person I see as a greater threat from midfield is Lampard. The stats alone show that he is more effective in front of goal, it does not matter if he shoots more than Gerrard because it is only the goals that count towards who wins a game, not the total number of shots.

    You say that Lampard blazes away and hopes for a deflection, only a very small number of his goals are created by deflections. Gerrard on the other hand just blazes away from 30 metres out. If you watch ‘Gerrards Greatest Goal’ videos on Youtube you see that they are all long shots, and while these do take skill they just don’t show the same sort of panache and consistency as Lampard’s goals. Lampard will score from headers, plays beautiful little chips (I’ve only ever seen Gerrard chip once against Middlesborough, and addmittedly it was a fantastic goal) as well as scoring from range. He has better all-round capabilities and can score from positions that Gerrard cannot.

    It is said that he is terrible defensively, but this season it is something that he has really improved. And besides, if you want a defensive midfielder you include someone like Hargreaves, and partner him with Lampard so that Lampard can continue in his offensive role, a role he performs better than Gerrard.

    Finally it is said that Gerrard can be more influential on the pitch. Now it is true that he can have a massive game, these games do not come along all that often and never in the big matches. In 2006 when Liverpool lost to Milan he was virtually non-existent. Lampard in last years UCL final cooly scored and knocked in Chelsea’s first goal of the shoot out. Lampard is more consistent and performs better in big games. This can be seen in his two goals in the quarter final between Liverool and Chelsea over the two legs, compared to Gerrards zero. Granted Gerrard missed one of these legs, but that just points out another flaw in his game; he is very injury prone whilst Lampard is very resilient.

  199. I just realised in my comment about Gerrard not standing up in big games that some people may bring up his final in Istanbul in an attempt to counteract this point. Before doing so however, I’d like you to consider this question. Where was he in the first half when Liverpool was getting its ass handed to it? He was nowhere, I don’t even remember him touching the ball. Yes, he had an impact on the second half, but, if he was the leader and god that the English press make him out as, then Liverpool would never have been down 3-0!

    Lampard is known as Fat Frank or Lumplard, and I can only conclude that this is because he is seen as lazy by the English fans who consistently search for a scapegoat for their team’s terrible performances. He is not lazy, he just makes the ball do the work instead of running around like a headless chook. He has developed a one touch, continental style to his game and has no need to run miles with the ball.

    If England want a reason why their national team flounders, it is because they are stuck playing an old fashioned game. If you want to win then introduce a 4-2-3-1 formation. A. Cole, Ferdinand, Terry and Johnson making up the back four. Hargreaves (despite his injuries) and Barry as the ‘holding’ midfielders. J. Cole, Lampard and Walcott as the three attacking midfielders and Rooney up front.

    Despite what you may think, I believe that Gerrard is a good and talented player, despite being terribly overrated and having a bad attitude. Because of his versatility I would place him on the bench, where he could com on as an impact player, replacing one of the attacking midfielders or on of the holding midfielders at Capello’s discretion.

  200. how the fuck is he overated. He was the world player of the year in 06. So how can he be overated. Gerrard is the heart and soul of this club. You Say he is overated,I laugh at that. Fat Frank is overated. I admit he is a good player but have you ever seen him play CDW when his team is down. When a CB gets cent off do you see him go and take his position. No. Gerrard is pure class…..Lampard is just class

  201. If you want to know why I think Gerrard is overrated, then I shall answer. He is treated as a God by almost every Englishman I have met, and by every one from Liverpool, when he simply is not. Everyone talks about what an amazing and ‘complete player’ he is, how he is so versatile and can attack and defend. He is simply a jack of all trades, king of none. If you want an attacking midfielder then Lampard is better, his goal statistics prove that. If you want a defending midfielder then, yes Gerrard is better than Lampard, but a player like Hargreaves or Barry is better than Gerrard. There is nothing Gerrard can give to a team that can’t be done better by a specialist. It doesn’t matter that he can play everywhere, because on a football TEAM no one needs to play everywhere. Each player makes up for the others’ weaknesses.

    The only place his versatility will come in handy is when he is placed on the bench, because it allows him to sub in for almost any player who is underperforming, including Lampard. For the England team he would be put to best use as an impact player.

    You say that Gerrard carries Liverpool, and, whilst I agree that Gerrard is an incredibly talented footballer, I would argue that he actually has a negative impact on the Liverpool team. When he is on the pitch everyone seems to defer to him and don’t play as well as they could. Alonso/Mascherano in the centre of midfield is so much more effective for Liverpool then any combination with Gerrard. The only time Gerrard works well with the rest of the team is when he is played on the wing, a position he hates.

    In addition to this he constantly undermines Benitez and has a bad attitude. No other player in the world would be able to get away with his almost insulting attitude towards his coach. Teams play better when they have a strong relationship between manager and captain, Liverpool does not have that because Gerrard is too egotistical. I would argue that Gerrard is not much of a team player because, when he is placed in a position that allows the team to play well (right wing) he objects and complains.

    He is an extraordinarily talented player but he suffers in the fact that he does not perform any role ‘the best’. He is good at everything, but not amazing at anything. Every task he can perform can be performed better by someone else, though no one else can do ‘everything’. For him to work he needs the team he plays in to be built around him, something he has at Liverpool, but not something that he can have at the English national team.

  202. So your saying right that no team needs one player to play anywhere

    Sir Alex said that Gerrard is the best hope for england at the world cup and when asked what one player you would like at old trafford, he said Gerrard

    Morinho needed a better midfielder then Lampard…who does he go for…you know who

    Face it. Lampard is a great player but he is not a renowned goalscorer, like Gerrard. Lampard is not known for being a good defencive player…gerrard is. And when it comes down to it. Gerrard is a team player!

  203. gerrard is the best midfielder, other than ronaldo, in the preimer league

    he scores, he shows class, and he leads his team

    gerrard all the way

  204. Steven gerrard writers player of the year. Lets say no more ye. hardest tackler in the game.

  205. I used to think that Lamps and Gerrard were a close call when it came to who was the better player but my mind has since changed!

    Stevie without a doubt is indeed the best midfielder in the world.I have never ever come across another player like him who is able to lead their team with such drive & determination and inspire team mates to persevere even in times when the odds may seem against them.He conducts himself in a calm and collective manner on & off the pitch……Drogba & Ballack should learn a thing or two from him!

    As for Lamps,he initially struck me as being rather decent and I thought he’d be different from those overindulgent footballers but I guess he’s following in JT’s footsteps as a serial womaniser!The bottom line is that his domestic issues are interfering with his ability on the pitch and I haven’t seen any fantastic play from Frank in recent weeks that’s worth mentioning.

    Gerrard leads by example and every bit deserves the PFA award…………A true gentleman and a brilliant footballer!!!

  206. big games- lamps 7 gerrard 10

    well,do you remember the penalty goal shoot by Gerrard in 2006 world cup vs Portugal? did you see the horror in his fearful eyes?

    i don’t think he does better than lampsy in big games
    he always gets nervous,imconfident,and he lacks the spirit to overcome hard time

  207. Skill 8 8

    Passing 9 8

    Leadership 10 8

    Shooting 10 8

    Tackling 9 7

    Defending 8 7

    Speed 9 8

    I see it more as that, but i think clever thinking should both be included i.e brains. I think they both would get an 8 but in a few years to come 10

  208. Lamps all the way, just because he plays for what you vote the most hated club in the world. Chelsea. And scouserland liverpool. Lampard got his 100th goal after gerrard but gerrard has been a liverpool much longer than lampard at chelsea, 1998 i think? and got his 100th goal in 2008 while lampard been at chelsea since 2001 and got it the same season! soo you can see who hits the next more often, if have a brain…


    gerrard 117 goals in 478 games for liverpool

    gerrard 60-70 assists in 478 games for liverpool


    gerrard’s highest finish is 3rd HA HA HAAAA !!

    gerrard wears no.4!! SIMPLY B-COZ LAMPARD IS BETTER !!

    LAMPARD TAKES ENGLAND PENALTIES !! coz he is the best !!
    gerrard never took a normal-time penalty !!

    gerrard 9 winners & 3 runner-up medals in 10 YEARS*** !!

    gerrard earns less than 100,000 !!!

    gerrard not even close with just 77 goals !!

    gerrard only knows to smash the ball with his right foot.

    LAMPARD IS SIMPLY WAY BETTER, GERRARD IS INFERIOR, AND I’VE PROVED THAT. SO ALL GERRARD FANS A.K.A LIVERPOOL FANS, ATLEAST DONT LIE TO YOUR-SELFS !! ITS NO USE TELLING RIDICULOUS & FUNNY THINGS LIKE “gerrard is the best” and ” gerrard is way better” i know gerrard is very good,but he is inferior when he is compared to Super Lampard !! just give me proof, i’m sure there will be none, because LAMPARD IS WAY BETTER THAN GERRARD.

  210. to chelsea_fan: hahahaha…

    well apparently statistics isn’t everything… honestly i think there’s more statistics to support lampard… but now i’ll deny all of urs one by one:

    gerrard 117 goals in 478 games for liverpool

    with the likes of essien, ballack, makelele etc around, everyone can shoot without hesitation. Gerrard HAVE TO ASSIST IN DEFEND, so do u think that he can shoots more often than lampard?

    gerrard 60-70 assists in 478 games for liverpool

    Unarguably lampard is the best passer in chelsea, so his teammates will always feed the ball to him for passings. Liverpool has the likes like Xabi Alonso and Kuyt who are very good in assists, so why bother letting Gerrard to handle all the passings?


    Lampard has a lot of great teammates to maximise his ability to the fullest. So it is expected for lampard to get a lot of awards. Poor gerrard cannot unleash his full abilities simply because HE DOESN’T HAS A LOT OF FIVE STAR TEAMMATES.

    gerrard’s highest finish is 3rd HA HA HAAAA !!

    Now he’s Footballer of the Year voted by the Football Writers’ Association. Do you want to argue?

    gerrard wears no.4!! SIMPLY B-COZ LAMPARD IS BETTER !!

    There’s no place in England for gerrard to BE A FREEMAN. How can he perform his best ability when HE’S LIMITED BY THE TEAM TACTICS?

    LAMPARD TAKES ENGLAND PENALTIES !! coz he is the best !!
    gerrard never took a normal-time penalty !!

    Ya, lampard is better in shoots, and only shoots.

    gerrard 9 winners & 3 runner-up medals in 10 YEARS*** !!

    Chelsea has LOTS OF CASH to buy a title. Ballack Essien etc, want me to state more?

    gerrard earns less than 100,000 !!!


    gerrard not even close with just 77 goals !!

    Refer to the one stated above about goals.

    gerrard only knows to smash the ball with his right foot.

    So? Gerrard can dribble past players for shootings. And WHO HAS THE MORE POWERFUL SHOTS?

    LAMPARD IS SIMPLY WAY BETTER, GERRARD IS INFERIOR, AND I’VE PROVED THAT. SO ALL GERRARD FANS A.K.A LIVERPOOL FANS, ATLEAST DONT LIE TO YOUR-SELFS !! ITS NO USE TELLING RIDICULOUS & FUNNY THINGS LIKE β€œgerrard is the best” and ” gerrard is way better” i know gerrard is very good,but he is inferior when he is compared to Super Lampard !! just give me proof, i’m sure there will be none, because LAMPARD IS WAY BETTER THAN GERRARD.

    I think the fact is you are lying to yourself. Both of them are great, but Stevie G is magnificent. He can turn the tides of the game, has superior leadership quality, and has the ability to bring something that’s impossible. Can lampard leveled back AC Milan to 3-3 if he was to replace Gerrard? Don’t be so naive please. NEITHER OF THEM IS WAY BETTER THAN THE OTHER ONE since their playing style is totally different.

  211. ay chelsea fan you really havent got a clue if you think lampard is better, even the most bitter rent boy will agree gerrards better. lampard can shoot – gerrard is the best right back and centre mid in the world and what goal was better gerrards against west ham in the final or fat franks deflected shot against everton? hardest tackler in the game, better reader of the game, most influential and passionate, better passer, boss finish, can run past another player and serginho for ac milan after 2005 will admit hes the best right back in the world when he filled in there and played him out of the game.

  212. Well let’s face it it depends on whaat a team is looking for. Lampard is more creative than gerrard and i think better in attack. However as you say gerrard is better in defence. So if you want an attacking mid for england id go lamps. If you wanted a more central midfielder with defensive capabilities go for stevie g. In addition FIFA seemed to think that Lampard was better when they made him runner up for world player… something SG hasnt yet achieved…. before you jump on me about being a chelsea fan, im a rome fan and as an attacking mid id prefer a younger totti to both :p

  213. this decision is the easiest decision in my life
    has lamps scored in every fnal you can play in?
    is he captain of his club?
    has he scored his pasted 14 pens without missing?
    can he tackle?
    did he score 4 goals in the prem in the 08/09 season?

  214. I would probably say Gerrard, but some people here are SO blinkered its unbelievable.

    Lampard is a brilliant midfielder, he CAN tackle unlike what you say, and he actually scored MORE non-penalties than Gerrard this season (despite SG being more of a SS than an AM), got more assists, and has always helped out at the back. The ONLY thing he is missing is pace.

    So Gerrard is better, but not by that much.

  215. Gerrard is better…wow this has bein going for some time now….and would people stop straying off the point saying NEITHER ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD
    yep well done no1 is saying they are and thats not the point of this debate, its a debate over who should be picked for the england team although its quite obviously gerrard although i support liverpool so im biased….

  216. how people can think gerrard is a great player is beyond me ! ive seen him constantly put in below par performances but just coz ppl hav heard of him he gets the benefit of the doubt good player but hez well overrated theres a lot id have instead of him

  217. come on guys…gerrard is nowhere near lampard…his passing is a big failure..lampard hass played 100 less matches than gerrard but still he has more assists and more goals…lampard has become the english player of the year twice…he has come 2nd nd once 5th in the player of the year award….gerrard has never made it to the top ten…lampard has also become the uefa player of the year…he has played a major role in the winning of two premierleague titles…hes more consistant…hes never injured….while as gerrard is overrated with no brains…lampards long balls re inch perfect while as gerrard is always loosing possesion….lampars has more goals than gerrard for england….he has also earned the respect by earning number 8 in england…hes a perfect miffeilder…alex ferguson said that hes a complete gentleman….nd yes top world managers like guss hidink,scolari,ancelotti(bfr cmin to chelsea),frank rijkard and mark hughes have praised lampard as the worlds best…

  218. To the idiots comparing stats. You should include when Lampard played for West Ham. You should also take into consideration that Gerrard started off as a right-back, and then as a holding midfielder. These two positions don’t require players to score nor is it a very realistic thing to expect. Yet their career scoring rates are almost identical, despite the fact that Lampard has always played in an attacking role.

    Gerrard in the past 4 seasons when he has been in an attacking role has actually a better scoring rate (goals per game) than Lamps. Same as assists. In the last 2 years alone Gerrard has almost 40.

    He’s also won everything but the EPL title with Liverpool. Something Lampard couldn’t ever lead a lesser side to do. His successes come AFTER Roman spent all that money on Chelsea.

    To the idiot above me who said Gerrard hasn’t been the best player in England…he was voted PFA played AND FWA player of the year. He also won the PFA young player of the year way back.

    And the reason Lampard wears the #8 is because he is older/has played for England longer than Gerrard.

    And to the idiots who use their scoring rates in the national team to say who is better: Gerrard has almost as many goals as Lampard having played as a holding midfielder for most of the matches…whereas Lampard has played in his preferred position because he is not as well-rounded as Gerrard.

    And if money means you’re better, then Beckham is the best player in the world. Seriously, some daft ones in here.

  219. come to think of it ,lampard has played very well in this season.he has gave very important pass to chelsea players.gerrard has donevery well in increasing the team morale.both should play in england

  220. andrei mezza- Fitness? Gerrard covers a lot more ground in 90 minutes than lampard ever does. The question of intelleigence is hard for observers to rate. I feel that gerrard is a particularly clever player, certainly no less intelligent that lampard. I would agree that his goal record is outstanding, but it doesnt mean that he is a better player.


    Is this some kind of joke? Lampard is a box to box player, plays in the CENTRE OF MIDFIELD. Gerrard sits and bums Torres until the ball comes to him. And who holds the record for the most games played in a row in the Premiership? And who is injured YET AGAIN for England but will no doubt play 90 minutes at the weekend?

  221. steven gerrard:

    instead of all the talking lets just compare what really matters; winners medals:

    FA Cup (2): 2000–01, 2005–06
    League Cup (2): 2000–01, 2002–03
    FA Community Shield (2): 2001–02, 2006–07
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2004–05
    UEFA Cup (1): 2000–01
    UEFA Super Cup (2): 2001–02, 2005–06

    FA Premier League (2): 2001-02, 2008-09
    League Cup (1): 2004–05
    FA Community Shield (1): 2002–03
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2006–07
    FIFA Club World Cup (1): 2005

    and then theres the individual awards:

    FWA Footballer of the Year: 2008–09
    PFA Players’ Player of the Year: 2005–06[24]
    PFA Young Player of the Year: 2000–01[24]
    PFA Fans’ Player of the Year: 2000-01, 2008-09
    PFA Team of the Year: 2000–01, 2003–04, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09
    FA Premier League Player of the Month: March 2001, March 2003, December 2004, April 2006, March 2009
    Goal of the Season: 2005-06
    UEFA Club Footballer of the Year: 2004–05
    UEFA Champions League Final Man of the Match: 2004–05
    UEFA Team of the Year: 2005, 2006, 2007
    FA Cup Final Man of the Match: 2005–06
    FIFPro World XI: 2006–07, 2007–08

    seriously; anybody who really knows about the beautiful game, could lampard have achieved this amount of success in a series of average teams? could he single handedly bring his team back from 3 0 down against a great AC Milan tream? No. Full Stop. It is much easier for Lampard to play as he has had makelele,essien,mikel kalou etc. Gerrard has NEVER had a world class midfielder to play alongside him. Lampard only came good with the arrival of the billions from Russia. Steven gerrard is a far more complete player. End of discussion.

  222. I.m sorry but which of these two midfielders has managed to score 20+ goals for the past 4 seasons running? And although you may not regard this as a great honour, but which of these two midfielders topped the point scoring on fantasy football last year? and finally, which of these two midfielders has won the league? I think you’ll find the answer to all of the above is frank lampard and to “MR Lfc man” I suppose you don’t count Alonso or mascherano as world class midfielders then do you? Lamps wins every day of the week

  223. No debt, that the inhabitant of heaven and earth knows that Frank Lampard is for sure the very best mid-fielder in the world of soccer.And i see no reason why he should be compared with Gerrard instead he should be compared with the life of Zidane,Beckam,del Piero and luiz Figo.thanks

  224. Gerrard’s about two years younger than Lampard and yet Lampard said that he used to sit on the bench and look up to Gerrard playing for England.

    ITS Gerrard all the way
    he makes Liverpool, Liverpool

  225. Hahahahahaha, I don’t think this debate shall ever be resolved. Personally, I favour Lampard, though it is obvious that Gerrard is brilliant too. It just seems to me that Gerrard lacks consistency…
    As for England, this is what I want to see at South Africa:

    Gerrard Agbonlahor Lampard

    Barry Hargreaves

    Cole Ferdinand Terry Baines

    [ANYONE but Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!]

  226. gerrard use to be a holding midfielder which means not to socre many goals but to protect the back 4 but since he changed he has scored more goals then lampard in 5 seasons

  227. Is there anyone out there who knows how many penalties each has scored. In the league and in total ? If you have a “goals scored” column of 20 but 8 are pens, then it’s not as impressive as 15 “real” goals.

  228. Right being an Evertonian im totally neutral but for me this is a no brainer, too compare Lampard to gerrard is laughable. let me put this to the arguement, Barcelona and Spain are to the best clubside and international team on the planet, Iniesta and Xavi play for both sides and only Gerrard could replace either as an attacking player and Gerrard could replace both Keita and toure as a defensive midfielder and it’s not even his favoured choice. Now can anyone imagine Lampard in a Barcelona shirt without laughing. Lets also face facts that as much as I despise kopites they know football where as chelsea fans think football started in 2003 when they artifically became a big club and have still only ever won the league 3 times.

  229. you cant compare the two,and my reasons are

    1.lampard is a more consistant player
    2.lampard’s team mates get more assit
    3.lampard scores more goals on avg/game
    Now the two players play the same league, they play for the same country and play same position. the question is what do you want from a CMF ?

  230. Majority of those legend footballer said Gerrard is very good player..Pele,Zidane,Kaka etc..Last year,Zidane said “HE MIGHT BE” the best player in the world….Do ur think Zidane is stupid..????

  231. Only 1 player can fill up every position except GK..Defender,remember what he did in Istanbul?DMF,CMF,RWF,LWF,OMF,STRIKER…Heading,Tackling,Shooting,Scoring goals,Corner,free kick,Leadership,Passing,L n R foot,speed,energy,penalty etc..don’t talk about how many’s totally not important..but u judge them by how them playing,who is the player around them..Both of them won everything with their club but Gerrard missing EPL,Lampard missing CHAMPIONS LEAGUE..But for individual award,Gerrard won more as a winner,not runner up or 3rd..But if ur talk about goals,Gerrard had scored in every competition included world cup..Gerrard better than Lampard individually..but unlucky with the team and the player alongside him..He is versatile player – Vote for Gerrard.

  232. Neither could lace Iniesta or Xavi’s boots. Beteen the two of them though, Lampard easily over the overrated Gerrard.

  233. i am a liverpool fan and admit we are a 2 man team and the only reason that gerrard stands out is that liverpool have a rubbish team.lampard is beta than a mile.if gerrard was playin for man u he would not stand out

  234. Pointing out that a player can play anywhere means that that player can be a great sub as pointed out by french man above.But a player needs to do his role best not go on playing anywhere in the field.Gerrard is a great leader and a great player but over the years i have been watching lampard he has been more consistent & cool headed than gerrard.all stats point to lampard but we should not go by a central player gerrard is better (better defensive abilities) than lampard but as attacking mid-field player lampard is better.for a captain i would select gerrard.
    players like kaka & ronaldiniho have never been great leaders but have been very influential , so has been lampard.

  235. Lampard is surrounded by world class players. Gerrard is surrounded by fairly average players therefore it is easier for him to “shine” amongst the rest. Place Gerrard next to the likes of kaka, ronaldiniho, ballack, messi, ronaldo etc… will he still continue to shine??? I think Gerrard cannot touch Lampard when it comes to shots and threw balls. Therefore Lampard can be placed in any team and Gerrard will only continue to shine in Liverpool.

  236. i think lampard is better because gerrard is getting older. so i think lampard is the best!

  237. Hi.Frank Lampard is Better Than Steven Gerrard

    Lamprad is Number 8 In England Team And Gerrad Is 4

    Lampard For Ever Is Good

  238. Both are legends in their club..but when it comes to England lampard is better than stevie G.gerrad is having ability to shoot from long range but he is not as consistent as lampard..gerrad should play as a second winger to rooney..lampard should play at central midfield..

  239. lampard is d best among dese 2.. such a gr8 captain couldnt gain anything 4 liverpool 4 last few years…!! dats so bad.. n as per d current form, its lampard who peforms better n i think its he,whoz gonna b d playmaker 4 england dis worldcup..!!

  240. I almost agree with all the ratings except for shooting… Gerrard has far much better shots than Lampard however he lacks consistency … Gerrard is definitely better than Lampard.

  241. You can’t compare lampard to Stevie cuz Gerrard is much far better than lampard ; he even can’t be near when it comes to passing and crossing ; lampard can’t touch Gerrard when it comes to shooting and skipping and Gerrard is the best player he can play in many positions unlike lampard and Steven shined when he played with World’s best players like kaka, ballack and ronaldinho yet lampard didn’t play with such players cuz he’s not even close to their level .
    Playing for Liverpool is the best pride a player can get

  242. As you say, These two players are both world class and should both be in the team. Its all about getting the balance right and in my mind it means a change of formation. this would be my team


    Lampard Gerrard


    Cole Johnson

    Ferdinand Dawson


    I feel with a bit of work this would be our best formation, every body playing in there best position, With three at the back and barry covering this gives cole and johnso the chance to get foward and put he crosses in and attack which is the best part of there game. This also means we don’t have to keep trying to solve the infamous left hand side problem. Lennon, walcot, milner and wright philipps are all good but just dont have the end product like cole and johnson. the formation also gives the freedom to lampard and gerrard to do what they do best and get foward and take the game to the oppositon as they know with three at the back and barry covering they dnt have to worry about one of the always covering the other. Of course heskey could be repaced with crouch, defoe or bent ( I would like a fit owen, but nevermind ) but I like heskey and maybe one day he will find those old shooting boots.

    Joe cole would be on bench along with parker, upson, milner, walcot, nevlle crouch

    Let me know what you think


  244. What shows a great players Quality? I would say it is getting picked to play for his national team. Both players have played for the same national team and the same managers have had the choice of either. You could say that different managers prefer different players however five managers have lead England since Gerrard and Lampard Made their International debuts. Over this period of time Gerrard has picked 84 times whilst Lampard has been picked 82 this may show that both players are of similar standards however Gerrard is two years younger and will probably still be able to play in the Euros two years from now, on the other hand i would say Lampard is way past it as he would be 34 and probably not even playing for chelsea any longer. Therefore Gerrard could quite possibly reach 100 caps proving he is a better player than lampard, not necessarily in my biased opinion, but in the opinion of international recognised managers (which is a considerable better opinion than every petty fan thats commented on here).

    Another point that people constantly bring up is the fact that gerrard plays in a poor team so therefore stands out? these comments are completly stupid, notto mention the fact that lampard was bearly heard of when he played for a much poorer team like west ham playing 145 games and only scoring 24 goals.

    people may also say that Lampard has Won more prestigous Individual honours however, Voting for a player in a poll is different to picking him in a team. This is prooved by the intrest from other managers in Gerrard during nearly every transfer window since 2003 imparticular by a certain Mr Murinho who had a midfielder who didnt satisfy him called Lampard. Surely if you had such a quality player like Lampard you wouldnt need a terrible player like Gerrard? but the person regarded as the best manager in the world Decided he Needed him.

    Finally, i do not believe that the ability of a player can be shown purely by stats they gained at two completly different teams like Chelsea and Liverpool but by the effect he has on a team, the time at which they score their goals and create their assists.

  245. I think STevie is better than franky..look at match against hungary last week..if single handedly won the match for THREE LIONS..with a incredible 22 yard strike and a technical goal..lampard too is good in shoot..but when it comes to crosses and passes..gerrad is just awesome..lampard might have scored more goals last reason..because players in chelsea are assiting him more.. Overall GErrAd edges over LamPARd.

  246. Gerrad is better than lampard because gerrard has many skills and he is tallant player gerrard even can turn two or three players but lampard can’t do that

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