DONE DEAL: La Liga president confirms Arsenal will sign 21-goal striker

DONE DEAL: La Liga president confirms Arsenal will sign 21-goal striker


Arsenal are on the cusp of sealing their first signing this transfer window, with Real Sociedad president Jokin Aperribay confirming on Spanish radio that Mexican striker Carlos Vela is to rejoin the Gunners this summer.


Vela, who spent three unproductive years in North London between 2008-12 (largely out on loan), has been a revelation for the La Liga outfit, and scored 21 times in 52 appearances last season, while also bagging 13 assists.

When selling the now 25-year-old to Sociedad in 2012, Arsenal inserted a buyback clause into the deal that took him to Spain. Thought to be £3.5m, the Gunners are primed to activate the clause, and make the Mexican their first summer signing.

Real Sociedad president, Jokin Aperribay, was quoted as telling the Spanish radio station ‘Cadena SER’ (via the Guardian): “Arsenal have informed us that Vela would be with them next season.”

Vela is fondly remembered in the Premier League for his audacious tendency to lob keepers, with this goal against Sheffield Wednesday one of his very best! - Smart World Cup betting
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  1. That’s not good didn’t cut the mustard last time and won’t do the business this time and wenger will say he has signed a top class striker keep going with the lies arsene

    • People might say those goals were against low level teams and they will be right how ever, those finishes were top quality. Wenger fucked Vela about last time by playing him out wide becsuse RVP was the maine man at that time. If Wenger does bring him back, he must play through the middle.

  2. GREAT NEWS!!! A $20 million striker for just $3.5m, now we will be able to use that saved money on Fabregas! Bring them both home Arsene!

  3. It’s indeed a good news but another well known name in addition will make it more interesting to the fans, the management team and the team. So I am appealing to Wenger and the management team to make a world class signing of a striker as their priority this summer. I do strongly believe that something good will be happening. I also wish to recommend the pursuit of Angel Di Maria as a fruitful step by Mr Wenger. Good luck Arsenal.

  4. I like the news, now that we can use him in a exchange (with cash also) for Di Maria if the rumor is true that Madrid have the minimum interest, if not we can sell him for alot more to any other team with interest and use the cash on a more interesting player.

  5. he is very talented, i like vela playing again in our team though we need top players as well.

  6. Wenger, should try and sit up in the transfer market.Let Mr Wenger know that the fans are not happy wt him wt his lackadaisical attitudes towards bringing in quality players.

  7. Vela was in emirates for over two seasons and he couldn’t make any impact on the team why now?,we need the likes of Di Maria,Cavani,and Fabrigas to help the Team.

  8. In my opinion, Morata, Draxler, Aurier, Vela and Marshall woud be our best bergain in competing on all fronts, if we dont sell any.

  9. Use vela to negotiate 4 falcao athletico need him.dis can also block Chelsea from signing falcao

  10. I can see Arsenal buying Vela back, then selling him off to Sociedad or Madrid at a good profit, makes sense.

  11. Good news for we the arsenal fans to go for Carlos vela back is a good news for arsenal fans i hop Arsena wenger will go for Benzema Remy Samuel Eto’o and fabergas


  13. We need a talent upfront if we will ever lift da EPL trophy.da world knows we need a top class striker but Arsene Wenger has just began his summer wid empty promises n finally settling for low talents.we need 2 brains upfront,1 infront of back4 n wide left up.please Wenger sign best and da wallet

  14. Nothing to celebrate about until next season then i will know who is in . Never believe in what you read .

    • I hope I am mistaken but I have feeling that the Arsenal Supporters are being taken for a ride.So far on ly two Greek youngsters have been signed on a two year contract, with the possibility of Vela returning to Arsenal although it is rumoured that he does not want to return, and I think he is correct.

      Arsenal supporters have been clamouring for Fabregas a proven player who gave us good service, but the excuse is that we have many midfielders.

      To be honest I have my doubts whether Mr Wenger will sign any other player or the least buy one just like the Ozil business.

      It seems to me that Mr Wenger has signed a contract for the next three years which earns him millions from the poor terrace spectators, which obviously means that we shall go back to square one like the last three or four seasons.

      Supporters, I am wrong.

  15. I think Arsenal Supporters have been taken for a ride with the mentioning of top players for the last three or four seasons.

    Most of the supporters were clamouring for Fabregas, an excuse that we have many midfielders was waste of money. Other top players have been mentioned but now we signed two Greek youngsters and possibly Vela.

    I have a feeling that eight million as a salary for Mr Wenger salary is just about enough for year 2014. It seems we are back to square one.

  16. lets welcome vela with joy. You are better than the one we were managin since. Gunners 4life

  17. Carlos Vela is part of that chain in Arsenal’s season next term!
    A typical Arsenal type player! A Fox in the box!
    He will those doubters wrong!

  18. Carlos Vela is part of that chain in Arsenal’s season next term!
    A typical Arsenal type player! A Fox in the box!
    He will prove those doubters wrong!
    One more lethal forward will be purchased!

  19. pls mr wenger dont sell carzola and add more players like greizman or di-maria, fabregas, auxrier khadira

  20. Pls gunners lets be realistic we ar tired of fragile team we need dept in our team why playing with fabregas deal or do we want Chelsea to sign him? With d calibre of players they ar having pls we just need cesc,cavani or facao,song and aurier and a goal keeper then we can hope for more trophies next season

  21. Arsenal need better strike like remy etc not carlos vela. Hw many goal vela score for arsenal betwen O8\12

    • I have nothing against Vela in fact I always believed that he was a talented ball player, but unfortunately the lad was not given the space to settle by playing only odd games, if Vela was given the same chances like Fabregas who was a shining example how to defend and score goals then Arsenal would have been a better team to day.

      What is happening now is we could get Fabregas back and an improved Vega Arsenal would be consolidating the team which lacked depth in top players.

      Well, I always followed Mr Meisl’s philosophy most probably before Mr Wenger was born when quot “show me your half back line and I will tell you what a team you have”.

      Time have changed, the system of the game but kicking the ball is still there, and since Mr Wenger came the game has changed the mentality of most English Managers and have followed the trend of ball control and passing and not kicking the ball upfield.

      Mr Wenger has his plus but he even has his minus, which I will not comment about them, but in my opinion not getting Fabregas to pair up with Ramseywill be something which he will always regret.

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