Goodbye Geezer? Why Chelsea will regret selling the monstrous David Luiz

Goodbye Geezer? Why Chelsea will regret selling the monstrous David Luiz


The news that John Terry has extended his contract at Chelsea by a further year will surely delight the majority of Blues fans, with their stalwart captain still an utter necessity in the Chelsea backline.


The 33-year-old was exemplary during the last campaign, putting his injury-hit season before under Rafa Benitez firmly behind him, and invoked calls of an England return for this summer’s World Cup.

While the former Three Lions’ skipper politely declined to even contemplate a return to the national team fold, he will accept that he is playing some of his best football once more under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho, and fully deserves his new contract at Stamford Bridge.

What will alarm the Chelsea faithful is that what will come next will surely see a firm fans’ favourite depart the club, and despite Chelsea potentially bringing in new faces to subsidise their impending loss, fans will not take kindly to the imminent departure of David Luiz.


With the consistently excellent Gary Cahill the number one choice to partner the aforementioned John Terry in the heart of the Blues defence, the rather maverick David Luiz has seen the majority of his game time limited to brief, explosive cameos in midfield, with Mourinho using his stamina, passion and drive sparingly, although often to good effect.

Yet the Portuguese cannot find a regular place in the side for the 27-year-old, and considering his skill-set, David Luiz needs to be playing every week at the highest level.


Barcelona are said to be very keen to complete a £30m deal for the Brazilian, while Bayern Munich reportedly want to throw Mario Mandzukic at Chelsea in exchange for Luiz. PSG also want him, as well as compatriot Oscar; and in my mind, Chelsea fans should be every bit as concerned as when Mourinho sold Juan Mata to Manchester United.

In full flow, David Luiz is a sight to behold, and while Gary Cahill and John Terry have formed a formidable partnership at the back, I believe it to be folly to allow a truly one-of-a-kind operator to leave Stamford Bridge.

His performances in the centre of midfield this season have been, to quote Mourinho, monstrous. Chelsea vs Manchester City was won and lost in midfield, with Nemanja Matic and Luiz setting upon their opposite numbers like a pair of rabid wolves.

The same can be said of Chelsea’s triumph over PSG in the quarter finals of the Champions League. How can Jose cast off such a proven big-game winner? Well, I suppose you’d have to ask Mata.

But while Chelsea were well-stocked in the attacking midfield department when Mata departed the club, Luiz is one of only two players with a consistently excellent range of passing in the Blues midfield, with the now 35-year-old Frank Lampard the other.


Ramires, Mikel and Matic are excellent performers, with their own key attributes, but they are not subtle attacking/accurate long-range passers of the ball. With Lampard on the cusp of retirement (or the MLS), the departure of Luiz will necessitate the arrival of at least two more ball-players central midfielders, and I wonder if the club will provide the funds, considering the impending overhaul in attack.

David Luiz is also undoubtedly a key presence in the dressing room, and is especially excellent with the younger players and new additions to the squad. He is a great hairy ball of energy, and I’ve not heard a bad word said about him or his personality.

To amputate such a figure will surely be detrimental to the Brazilian contingent to start with, let alone the fighting spirit at the club that he so vividly embodies when tearing around the pitch in search of blood or ball.


With his long flowing locks and affable persona, Luiz started to become a very marketable asset, much more so than any other defender on the books in West London. Not only this, but he has become one of the most well-loved players in the eyes of the fans, with his #geezers hashtag now world famous, as is his penchant for interacting with his loyal fan base.

While John Terry’s contract renewal is cause for celebration in the Chelsea ranks, if David Luiz makes his expected exit this summer, and to one of the Blues’ fiercest European rivals, the club will be casting aside part of the modern day essence of the club, something that may have unexpected ramifications on the rest of the squad, let alone having gifted either Bayern, Barca, or PSG a truly extraordinary footballer and presence.

What do you think? Can Chelsea afford to ditch David Luiz? Get involved in the comments below…

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  1. We should keep em and play em with Matic, I completely agree only coz of. His presence we were able to beat big teams. Mandzukic ddoesnt bring nething diff/ special than Costa, swap Alaba/ kroos instead

  2. well said,but there certain things that chelsea lost last season due to inconsitent of backline.I will say if chelsea want to sell him to recoup another player that is good idea…

  3. Totally agree. David Luiz has become the passion, the image and the spirit of the next generation Chelsea FC. He’s already being marketed as “the Lion” of Brazil’s WCup squad following his heroics in defence with Thiago Silva during their Confederations Cup win a year ago. Sure, he’s a maverick at times on the field but one with as much fire as John Terry when the team needs to be driven forward. And the range and accuracy of Luiz’s passes to his front four is unmatched in world football.

  4. i love david, but i bliv now is d best tym for him to leave. We can still be strong even in his absence. Farewell luiz…. Barca wud be a gud team for u.

  5. David luiz is a great player so hw can jose morinho sell him, luiz will be useful in the next season, so it is advisable not to sell him.

  6. There’s no regret if Luiz is sold. He’s very good on his good days. But he’s inconsistent. He’s also a risky player. You never know how how would perform.

  7. There’s no regret if Luiz is sold. He’s very good on his good days. But he’s inconsistent. He’s also a risky player. You never know how he would perform.

  8. Luiz is a material to hold. So i dont see any swap that can perfectly replace him…

    • I agree 100%, I think ppl are 4gtng the fantastic goals Liuz scored from midfield last year during the Europa League.Agreed, Luiz is risky @ d bck bt gr8 In MF. Mourinho keeps restricting our expressive players, defense got better but offense has suffered immensely and over reliant on counter attacks. Mourinho pls leave and leave our players @ CFC.

  9. Please if this Comment can reach the Man himself then am pleading to him not to sell David Luiz…we’re all pleadind on his behalf..or Else we’re going to regret selling him just as we did to Mata..Luiz should is going no where.

  10. Please don’t sell David Luiz just because he is now a deeper explosive dynamic creative midfielder we need so let keep him in and maybe sell Ramirez

  11. luiz can be sold unelse,he was been replace by a good nd hardworkin player like him

  12. Jt is getting older, chelsea please don’t sell luiz because age is not on jt side. luiz also ve leadership quality to lead chelsea for the years to come.

  13. chelsea need to protect the youth players and luiz is one of the assert. look at the age of jt, lampard and cole. we need to keep luiz to take the leadership of chelsea because of jt, lampard n cole can’t give their best because energy is not on their side.

  14. pls som one should talk 2 roman 2 tel mou nt 2 sell luiz, i jst dnt knw y mou wants 2 weed off chelseas best players. first it was mata, nd nw luiz who knws if he wil nt sell hazard 2. mou is a defensive minded coach i wonder hw roman xpects him 2 play attacking futbol, infact mou was a wrong choice 4 chelsea. we hv players who can deliver 4 him yet is goin 4 ppl we r nt so sure of, wot nw happens 2 our loaned players

  15. if we were able to release huge players like mike essien ,Ricardo carvalho ,etc and we were able to play n play very well why not luiz

  16. David L might be a problem due to his inconsistency when he is playing as a CD, but when playing him as a defensive midfielder, he is absolutely superb. I think he ranks much better than Ramirez in the position. Although Chelsea can easily cope without him, but he brings in something very special to the Chelsea games..and he is lot of fun to watch .

  17. Luiz was named as “chelsea’s future captain” right from his first season. And with JT seemingly having just a year or two more to play, i think we still need our future captain around. He’s got all the leadership qualities and much more.

  18. Pls Jose, kindly read the comments above and see the wishes of Chelsea fans. “Touch not my anointed”. Let Luiz be. Don’t sell him. We want him, and we love him. A word is enough for the wise.

    • Pls and pls they should not sell luiz.because is good player and we fan need him in chelsea for future

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