Goalscoring Eto’o Thrives Under Benitez

Goalscoring Eto’o Thrives Under Benitez


Eto’o has always been known as one of the world’s deadliest forwards, a player with speed, intelligence, and pinpoint finishing. His statistics are incredible, with great goalscoring records at club and international level. But this past season where he won the treble with Inter Milan was a severe drop for him in goalscoring terms. Jose Mourinho made him play as a fullback, not as a forward, sacrificing the Cameroon’s goalscoring ability. But this season, Eto’o is blooming once again, Rafa Benitez promised to play Eto’o as a forward, and the player is returning the favour with goals.

You can’t really argue against Eto’o’s record, in his club career he has won 14 trophies, among those are four Champions League winners medals. He has also won two African Cup of Nations with his national side, along with an Olympic Gold medal in 2000. And along with all these team awards, Samuel Eto’o has also received a plethora of individual awards. While winning all these trophies and awards, Eto’o has constantly scored goals.

Samuel Eto’o is probably best known for scoring 36 goals in Barcelona’s spectacular 2008-2009 season, where the blaugrana won the treble. And throughout his Barca days, Eto’o scored 130 goals in 200 appearances, a truly fantastic record. But if you were to compare his final season at Barcelona, to his first season at Inter Milan, you’ll see a colossal drop in the amount of goals. Eto’o only scored 16 goals in all competitions his first season at Inter Milan, where he won his second treble.

He sacrificed himself for the team, playing a very defensive role as he covered large areas of the field with his stamina. But this season Rafael Benitez has decided to use Eto’o in a different way, where he’ll hopefully get a few more goals out of him. Already, Benitez is seeing an improvement from Eto’o: in all competitions, six appearances, six goals.

But this individual improvement from Eto’o has cost another player’s form. Diego Milito is a shadow of his former self, and while Eto’o is scoring goals, Milito has yet to score one. While last season the Argentine secured all three trophies for Inter Milan with his goals, this season he is having difficulty being a threat to opposing goalkeepers.

And so the question arises, is it better to have Eto’o scoring goals while Milito suffers? Or is it better to play Eto’o more defensively while Milito scores the goals? While I believe that it’s better for the team to have Eto’o scoring goals at the expense of Milito’s form, I’d like to know what you think. Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. Milito’s greadiness and selfishness has earned him loose his position. No empire reigns for ever. Now is a different era. Eto’s record shows he is better at the forward line than Milito. Come January, Milito should look for another team that might need his off-side positional plays.Barca still don’t have a scoring machine since Eto’o left. Milito consider meeting your brother at the Blaugrana.

  2. I agree with you. Eto’o should continue scoring goals! Milito has not been removed from where he played under Morinyo, he is simply out of form.

  3. Inter runs on many cylinders. What matters is that the team has players who can score, defend and create at any time. Players form drop and blossom all the time. So it is not a problem if Milito is not scoring.

  4. Both of them can play as forwards with sniezder behind them.they can play 2441or 21341. Etoo is a deadly striker and needs to be close to the goal.While Milito is struggling to score goals,he is working hard.

  5. Milito’s turn will come to score goals. It is sometimes part of the game. It is not unually to have to a player’s form at a low, even though he might be working hard for the team. Eto’o continue to bank in the goals.It is good for Inter and your career.

  6. i will be truthful to tell u people that etoo is among the best players of africa and world atlarge so he is to be an attacker in inter will milito is behind him because etoo is far more better than milito and has much experience.I beluieve etoo will make inter proud of having him,the coach and more over inter milan fans.

  7. Milito should go to hell, he lacks sportsmanship. He couldn’t even celebrate with Eto’o during the Palermo whilst Eto’o never complained last year when Milito was scoring. Remember when Eto’o came back from CAN, he was being substituted due to Pandev and sometimes he didn’t even start because he lacked form. What he did was working hard. Milito has a selfish attitude just like Messi…

  8. While i praise Milito for what he did last year, You cannot sacfrifice a player with such a record as Eto’o for another who just performed well in one season. I am sure if Eto’o would have been from Argentina, or Brazil, or some European country, this would nto even have been a topic for consideration.

  9. Eto is a natural NO. 9 . let him score the scores.
    It is important for him to score goals for that is what he does best.

  10. @abigail, Pedro and Villa don’t have too much trouble scoring goals for the Blaugrana, but I understand what you mean with that comment. I think the problems is solved for a few years now that they’ve signed Villa though.

    @FIDEL, I can see that Milito is really putting in a lot of effort, and things have been going a little wrong for him. I think that once he nets his first, he won’t have too much trouble finding the rest.

    @Senior, I know that Milito is an extremely humble player, while he might not be celebrating much with Eto’o, I didn’t notice him lacking any sportsmanship.

    @Luc, I think you sum it up best, just let this good form for Eto’o continue, especially considering that he’s such a talented player.

    Thanks for all the comments!

  11. What do you mean barcelona don’t have a goal machine? They’ve got Messi, who scored 47 times in 53 appearances last season, and has scored 7 goals in 6 already this season. That’s a better record than even a quality striker like Eto’o.

  12. No matter the position where Eto’o is assigned to play,even as the keeper,he’ll still score goals.Milito is a selfish player and would never give the ball to Eto’o even when Eto’o has the best scoring opportunities.But Eto’o will always give it to him.It’s Eto’s time to do what he does best.I think he should stay upfront.

  13. Milito’s role is alot different this year his job is to hold the ball up for his team mates as opposed to turn and shoot or make the run to latch onto the long pass. This new system favors eto’o however a new system can be employed to favor them both. This is the manager’s job and I hope rafa does find the solution as though I’m happy to see one player flourish again It shouldn’t be at the expense of another.

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