Germany 3-2 Turkey – Live Blog – Semifinals – Euro 2008

Germany 3-2 Turkey – Live Blog – Semifinals – Euro 2008


Germany (Schweinsteiger 26′, Klose 78′, Lahm 90′) 3-2 Turkey (Ugur Boral 22′, Semih Senturk 86′)
St. Jakob-Park, Basel
Wednesday 25 June 2008
Euro 2008, Semi Final #1
Kickoff: 20:45 CET, 19:45 GMT, 14:45 EST

Germany advanced to the Euro 2008 Finals with a thrilling 3-2 victory against upset-minded Turkey.

Germany v Turkey – Match Report
Germany 3-2 Turkey – Euro 2008 Semifinal – Video Highlights

Soccerlens live-blogged the event. Click below for the commentary.

Match Preview:

The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Croatia. What do these teams have in common? All these teams clinched spots in the Quarterfinals after their second Group Phase match, and as a result, rested some of their key players during their final, meaningless Group match. So what happened in the Quarterfinals? The Netherlands looked lethargic and was thoroughly outplayed by a talented Russia team. Portugal was dismantled by Germany in a match that wasn’t nearly as close as the final 3-2 score indicated. Croatia and Spain were kept out of the goal for the entirety of regulation, and both teams eventually went to shootouts with their respective opponents.

Each of these group winners had to answer questions about whether it was wise to rest their players for the last group match and whether the layoff affected them in the Quarterfinals. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. Either way, we can be sure that managers will continue to rest their key players after clinching early. Why? Because they could end up like Turkey.

Turkey comes into this match with nine players who are either injured or suspended, including skipper Emre Belozoglu, top strikers Tuncay Sanli and Nihat Kahveci, rising star Arda Turan, and goalkeeper Volkan Demirel (who was suspended for two matches, but whose transgression surely merited the same one-match suspension that Bastian Schweinsteiger received for his red card against Croatia). Ask head coach Fatih Terim whether he’d rather have too many players who are rested or whether he’d rather be scrambling for healthy bodies to put on the field, he’d be lying if he said he’d prefer the latter over the former. Still, Turkey has plenty of talent and Germany would be foolish to overlook this match. After all, we all know what Turkey can do in the closing minutes of a match.

German coach Joachim Loew has said that if his team plays the way they did against Portugal, then they’ll be hard to beat, and it’s hard to dispute him on that point. Germany absolutely dominated Portugal and showed the world why they were the pre-tournament favorite to win the championship. Their key players are playing well (other than Torsten Frings, who remains questionable with a rib injury, and Mario Gomez, who seems to have forgotten how to score), and seem to be full of confidence. After lackluster performances against Croatia and Austria, Germany put forth their best effort of the Euros against Portugal and seem to be peaking at the right time. If Germany is starting to play up to their potential, then they will be hard for anyone to beat.

That being said, if they’re sitting on a 2-nil lead, I can guarantee you that no one in Germany will be breathing easy until the ref blows that final whistle.


Germany: Lehmann, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Lahm, Hitzlesperger, Rolfes, Schweinsteiger, Ballack (captain), Podolski, Klose.
Subs: Enke, Adler, Jansen, Fritz, Westermann, Frings, Gomez, Neuville, Trochowski, Borowski, Odonkor, Kuryani.
The Germans start with the same lineup that they used against Portugal. However, it looks like they’ll use Lahm on the right side, Hitzlesperger and Rolfes as holders, Schweinsteiger and Podolski on the wings, and Klose as the sole targetman. It bears watching whether Lahm, who’s been a revolving door of sorts on the flank, continues his struggles against the likes of Kazim Kazim and Sabri Sarioglu. Frings might be available, although he’s suffering from a broken rib.

Turkey: Rustu (captain), Sabri Sarioglu, Mehmet Topal, Gokhan Zan, Hakan Balta, Aurelio, Kazim Kazim, Hamit Altintop, Ayhan Akman, Ugur Boral, Semih Senturk.
Subs: Tolga Zengin, Servet Cetin, Fehmi Emre Gungor, Gokdeniz Karadeniz, Tumer Metin, Belozoglu Emre, Nihat Kahveci, Mevlut Erding.
I have no idea whether to go with just first names, first-and-last-names, or just last names. So, we’ll go with first names, except for Mehmet and Hakan since they’re fairly common names. Let’s see how that works out. The Turks start out in a 4-5-1 with Aurelio protecting the back-line and Semih as the sole targetman. I’d expect these guys to play most of the game, given their roster situation. Even that subs list is fairly optimistic for Turkey. Nihat, Belozoglu, and Fehmi are out while Servet and Tumer are going to be limited, if they feature at all.


0′ Don’t worry. There will be no Tommy Smyth-style puns on the name “Turkey.” That means no “Turkey looks like they’re cooked” or “Stick a fork in Turkey, they’re done!” if they’re losing; nor will there be any “Germany is getting served… with Turkey!” or “Germany is looking like a giant Turkey!” if the Turks are winning.

0′ By the way, there’s been a lot of criticism of Julie Foudy’s commentary. A lot of it is fair, but I don’t think she’s nearly as bad as Eric Wynalda. After all, Julie Foudy never said, with a straight face, that Petr Cech wasn’t in the same league as Kasey Keller (like Wynalda did during the World Cup). Not sure what league Eric was talking about. The Little League, maybe?

0′ Here come the teams. Ballack is smiling and looks pretty confident and relaxed. Will Turkey wipe that smile off his face? Time will tell…

0′ We start with the Turkish anthem. I’ve never heard “Istiklal Marsi” before, so this will be interesting. The Turks seem kind of subdued. Maybe they’re about to hit wall, emotionally? At this point, I’ve heard “Das Deutschlandlied” so many times, I think I can sing part of it. That would put me one-up on Podolski, who never sings the anthem with the rest of his teammates. There are a lot of Germans in attendance, so this could turn into a de facto home game for them. As if they needed any more advantages.

0′ The captains each make a statement against racism in the football. Probably a good idea, especially given the geopolitical and cultural implications of this match.

0′ The Germans kick off and we’re under way!

2′ The Germans seem to be setting up in an advanced position. They want to score early and put the pressure on the Turks.

5′ Ugur with a nice cross into the box, but it eludes Semih and Kazim Kazim. Sabri sends another good cross into the box that Schweinsteiger has to clear.

6′ Kazim Kazim with the long range shot that Lehmann has no problem with. Not a great choice by Kazim Kazim. He had options on either side of him.

7′ Wow. Lahm with a mistake that Altintop nearly takes advantage of. He’s got a clear shot on goal, but Lehmann with the fine foot save. Well, the Turks have been aggressive, rather than just sitting back and protecting the goal.

11′ Great run by Ugur down the left flank. He tries the cross, but it’s cleared by Metzelder. Well, the Turks came to play today. And so far, the Germans haven’t been able to get into the flow of things.

12′ Wow! Two chances for Turkey! Kazim Kazim has a great shot after the Germans fail to clear it properly. He sends a rocket that beats Lehmann easily, but bounces off the crossbar. Then Balta sends a beautiful cross into the box for Semih, but Semih’s sliding kick is just wide of the mark.

13′ Corner is cleared by Germany, but Schweinsteiger’s poor touch results in another corner for Turkey.

14′ Great service by Balta to Ayhan who can’t bring the ball down from his chest to his foot. Otherwise, he would have been clear to the goal. Wow. Germany looks rattled.

16′ Germany gets a free kick as Klose is fouled. It’s a little far from the box, but Schweinsteiger made things happen from that distance in the last match. Nothing doing here, though. Schweinsteiger then steals it from Balta, but loses the ball just outside the box. He dives forward, looking to draw the foul, but there is no help from the refs.

17′ Lahm with the cross into the box for Ballack, who has a great opportunity for the header. Ballack is well marked, though, and he can’t get enough force on it. Should have gone for the push again, Michael.

18′ Podolski with the poor through-ball that isn’t even close to Klose.

19′ Ballack sends another over-the-top pass to Klose that’s a little better but still off the mark. The Germans need to get it together.

22′ GOAL!! Semih’s shot hits the bar and bounces to Ugur. Ugur shoots it and Lehmann gets a hand on it, but can’t hold on. Wow! Turks deservedly go in front, but I have to say, Lehmann should have had that one.

25′ Turkey gets a corner after Metzelder deflects it out. Altintop sends it in to Aurelio, who heads it towards Semih, who’s running towards the goal. It’s behind him, though, otherwise that could have been 2-nil.

26′ GOAL! Schweinsteiger answers for Germany as Podolski sends in a nice pass to Schweinsteiger, who pokes it past Rustu. What a game!

28′ Schweinsteiger is fouled outside the box, and Germany has a free kick. Hitzlsperger’s kick is cleared, but Germany gets a throw-in. Promising German attack is snuffed out after Rolfes’ pass to Lahm is easily intercepted. Back the other way as the Turks counter-attack. Sabri sends a cross to Semih, but Semih’s header is weak and easily taken by Lehmann.

29′ Klose with a nice move in the box and sends a cross towards goal. Gokhan knocks it out for the corner. Schweinsteiger’s corner is knocked away by Balta.

31′ Turkey wins a free kick as Semih is fouled by Rolfes. Altintop with an optimistic free kick, but Lehmann comes out too far and has to backtrack to make the save. Nearly a horrendous howler by Lehmann! Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. On the ensuing corner, Lehmann comes out again to punch it away. He can’t send it far enough, though, and Turkey gets a chance on goal. Ugur’s shot is weak and not even Lehmann will screw that one up.

33′ Good chance for the Germans as Podolski with a great run down the right. He sends a good shot on goal, but it’s over the cross bar. Bad defensive breakdown by the Turks. Podolski was completely unmarked there. How do you lose track of that guy?

36′ Lahm fouls Kazim Kazim on the edge of the box. Interesting opportunity for Turkey here.

37′ Free kick for Turkey and Ugur sends in a screamer that Lehmann has no choice but to punch away. The announcers are getting on him for not hitting it far enough, but that ball had so much pace on it that Lehmann barely had time to react.

39′ There will be blood! Ayhan and Rolfes crack heads and both guys are bleeding. Ayhan in the back of the head while Rolfes has a nasty cut above his eye. Ugly.

40′ Turkey on the attack. Kazim Kazim’s shot is blocked but it drops to Topal. Topal and Altintop do the one-two that nearly sends Altintop clear through to the goal. What a great chance for Turkey!

41′ Long distance shot by Sabri that just barely goes over the crossbar. Wow!

42′ Podolski is running down the right flank again, but he gets tackled by Gokhan before he can do anything.

43′ Frings is about to come on for Rolfes, who is still down on the sidelines. Altintop cuts to the left, creates space, and takes the shot just outside the box. Not enough space, though, as his shot is easily blocked.

44′ Guess I spoke too soon. Rolfes will stay on for the time being. Meanwhile, Turkey takes a free kick from about 39 meters away. It’s easily cleared by Germany, though.

45′ One minute of added time. Podolski sends it to Ballack, but Ayhan takes it away. That’s the first half and we’re at intermission.

Well, raise your hands if you expected Turkey to completely outplay Germany in the first half. What can you say? Turkey deserves to be one or two goals ahead, but find themselves level because of a bad defensive breakdown and a moment of brilliance from Schweinsteiger. I half-expected the Turks to sit back, but it makes sense why they played aggressively. After all, what’s the point in letting Germany pick them apart with their passing and offensive skills? Might as well take it to them and maybe rattle their cages a little. We’ll see if that approach works in the second half.

45′ We’re having some technical difficulties. Hopefully it will be cleared soon.

45′ Frings comes on for Rolfes. Turkey kicks off and we’re underway with the second half. Schweinsteiger makes a run into the box, but the Turks are there to stop him.

46′ Podolski with a great run down the left flank. He seems to be having his way with Sabri down that left side.

48′ Altintop is dragged down by Lahm outside the box. The announcers are surprised he wasn’t booked for that, and frankly, so am I.

49′ Ugur sends in a cross, but it’s easy pickings for Lehmann.

50′ Lahm with a great run into the box, and he goes down in the box! No penalty, though. I didn’t think it was a penalty, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see the replay. Now you know how tough the ref’s job is. They don’t get replay. Sabri hit Lahm with a knee and wasn’t going for the ball at all. Yep. Should have been a penalty.

52′ Semih gets a yellow for a bad tackle on Frings. Pretty well-behaved match, so far. First card comes at 52 minutes in.

54′ Friedrich with a good run down the right, but Topal knocks the cross away. Schweinsteiger comes back with another cross into the box, but Gokhan knocks it away. Podolski gets it and gives it to Hitzlsperger. His shot is over the crossbar, though, and the Turks can breath easier.

56′ Ballack with a good run towards the box, and he gets taken down by Altintop right outside the box. Great opportunity for Germany here.

57′ This is well within Ballack’s range. He hits it right into the wall, though. Poor effort by the captain. Now, we’re having technical difficulties with the television coverage. Ugh! I guess the hamster that was running on the wheel that was powering ESPN’s cameras finally gave out. With our luck, we’ll miss the go-ahead goal.

64′ And we’re back! Looks like lightning hit the stadium that took out TV coverage. Not sure if that’s a divine sign or anything. It did happen right as Germany started playing well. Hmm…

66′ Sabri gets free deep on the right side of the box. He sends in a cross, but no one is there for Turkey. He beat Lahm like a red headed step child right there.

68′ Turkey gets a corner. Gokhan sends it in, but the Germans clear it away.

69′ Kazim Kazim goes down a little too easily in the box. Lahm does pull his jersey a little, but Kazim was clearly acting there.

71′ Apparently, Ayhan has run nearly 9 kilometers so far. I wonder how they figure this stuff out. Do they have those biorhythm things on all the players?

72′ Ugur cuts into the box, beats Friedrich, and sends a shot into the Lehmann. Unfortunately, it’s with his weaker foot, and Lehmann isn’t bothered by the shot. That’s the second time Ugur has gone to the weaker foot. Back the other way, Hitzlsperger with the long-range effort that just curls wide of the mark.

74′ Ballack gets the ball and sends it to Hitzlsperger. Promising sequence is short-circuited by Hitzlesperger’s poor pass behind Podolski. Loew might want to think about bringing on Gomez or Kuryani for Hitzlesperger or Klose. Neither of them have done anything today.

76′ Dammit! More technical difficulties from ESPN. Ugh! Someone give that hamster some water!

79′ GOAL! Klose scores for Germany. I wish I could tell you more, but the picture is still out. I knew this was going to happen. I’m going to go bang my head against the wall. We’re getting the replay now. Lahm sent in a great cross into the box. Rustu came charging out of the box but didn’t get close to the ball. Klose then nodded it in.

86′ GOAL! Sabri sends a cross from deep down the right flank and Semih slides it past Lehmann. Ugh!! I can’t believe I missed two goals! I’m going to kill someone! Apparently, Sabri victimized Lahm again. And Lehmann should have done better with that shot. Goalkeepers shouldn’t get beaten near post like that.

90′ GOAL! Wow! Lahm with a great run into the box. He gives it to Hitzlsperger on the edge of the box. Hitzlsperger one-touches it back to Lahm, and Lahm makes amends for getting beaten like a rug on the last goal! What a brilliant play by Lahm. I’ve been hard on him (and with good reason), but that was a great run and an even better strike. And, what happens after the goal? We lose the picture again. There’s going to be a riot in Berlin, Istanbul, or both.

90′ Apparently, there’s three minutes of added time. Oh wait! Now, it’s over. This is a freaking travesty. I’m not emotionally invested in this match, and I want to break something. I can only imagine how people in Germany and Turkey feel.

According to, Turkey had two chances to tie it in extra time. Gokdeniz (who came on as a sub for Ugur in the 84th minute) sent a cross to Semih, who couldn’t get his head on it. Then, in the 93rd minute, Ballack gave away a free kick outside the box. Tumer Metin (who had come on for Kazim Kazim in the 90th minute) sent the free kick over the bar. Do we get to see any of this though? No. When ESPN’s coverage resumes, we get footage of Germany celebrating. How about catching us up on the action? Ugh. I’m so pissed off right now.

Match Review:

Well, Germany did not deserve to win that match. Turkey showed heart and courage and nearly pulled off one of the biggest upsets in recent history. The Turks had Germany on its heels. They missed a number of great opportunities in the first half, otherwise, they might have gotten the victory that they clearly deserved. You can’t say enough about how well this undermanned Turkey team played one of the top teams in the world. They almost forced extra time when Semih got the equalizer, but it was not to be. Still, you have to tip your hats to the Turks and give them credit for a job well done.

Unfortunately, credit doesn’t mean much since they’re out of the tournament. Germany advances to the Finals despite being outplayed. Ballack disappeared, Klose was a nonfactor until his goal, the defense continued show cracks, and Jens Lehmann seemed like he was intent on playing goal with both hands around his neck. Schweinsteiger had his moments, but went through long periods of time where he was a nonfactor. Lahm had the great goal, but his defensive deficiencies continue to hurt Germany. Do the Germans stand a chance against the Spaniards or the Russians? Not if they play like this.

Then again, they can take heart in the fact that they won even though they played poorly. Great teams always do that. Are they a great team? I guess we’ll find out in a few days…

Man of the Match

Semih Senturk

That’s right. I chose someone on the losing side. I honestly can’t think of a German player who played well enough to deserve the Man of Match honor. The closest would be Schweinsteiger, who scored Germany’s first goal and made a number of good runs into the box. Still, he went for long stretches of time where he was completely invisible. Klose’s goal was nice, but he was even more invisible until that happened. Meanwhile, Semih Senturk had another great game and, along with Sabri Sarioglu, terrorized Germany’s defense all night. Semih made a number of great runs into the box and made things happen for his team. He had a hand in both Turkish goals and he was this close to forcing yet another overtime match for the Turks. It’s too bad he didn’t succeed.

Germany 3-2 Turkey - Impressive Turks bow out in style
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Victor Li is a writer who does live blogging and features for Soccerlens. He has a law degree, but, unfortunately, he spent more time in law school studying David Beckham's contract situation at Manchester United than he did learning about actual contracts. He roots for Manchester United and, because he's an eternal optimist, the U.S. National Team.


  1. “German Turks might have been celebrating in the streets after Turkey pulled off yet another LAST-MINUTE comeback and shocked Croatia in the Quarterfinals […]”

    Da hell “LAST-MINUTE”! It was a minute after the game has already had to finish and Croatia would be in a Semifinals! Croatia was surely a better team, we don’t even have to disscus it. It was all referee’s fault beacuse he hasen’t done a final whistle when he had to do it! And just a few moments before Turkey scored a goal, Croatia had an attack. One of Croatian players (I do not remeber which…) passed a ball forward. Ivica Olić was behind all of the Turkey players in the moment the ball was passed. But Srna (who was not behind all of the Turkey players at that time) was faster than Olić and he catched-up a ball, but even so, the referee decided wrong (I wonder why…) and gave the ball to Turkey.

    I surely know I will support Germany, but not just beacuse they play versus team that knocked-out my country’s team, but beacuse I am fan of Germany as a football nation for a long time. But my support also goes to brilliant Russia which did an amazing job against Netherlands. Go, Russia, go! I hope the last match in this EURO will be “Germany vs. Russia”.

  2. You are funny.If the Croats celebration after the goal didn’t take 2 minutes the referee wouldn’t added to the time.Before the whistle they thought they were in the semi finals.By the way they didn’t get a single yellow card where they had similar fouls. Tuncay and Arda’s yellow card was just a joke.Despite the injuries and the suspensions Turkey might win the game.I hope Turkey will win so some people can just shut up.

  3. Sorry BBB. Croatia is out and Turkey is in. I just call them like I (and UEFA) sees them. Not to say that Croatia didn’t deserve to win that match, but that’s the way it goes. Look on the bright side. It does add some spice to an already healthy rivalry.

  4. I think Turkey deserve to be there anyway. Any team who can come back the way they did in 3 different matches proves that it wasn’t a one off or lucky and was all done to determination and an incredible will to win. Neither team was particularly great in that game during the 90 minutes and extra time. I reckon Turkey deserve to be in the semi finals purely for their spirit throughout Euro 2008.

  5. Divers are gone — Italy, Crotia, Portugal. Now it’s time to see some good soccer and hopefully the refs will call the games fair.
    Germany 3-0 and a will take the Euro to Disneyland….or maybe Amsterdam. :)

  6. Geliyor~ geliyor~

    I’m living up this expectation that Germany will roll over Turkiye. Maybe realistically that’s the only way to look at this match. But what in the name of God has been realistic about the last three matches played by Turkiye? Injuries…suspensions… lack of fit players to select. Fatih Terim is the master motivator on par with Guus Hiddink. I won’t predict. But Turkiye, there are so many people who aren’t Turkish who are behind you.

    Hep seninleyiz Turkiye!!!

  7. He might be. Koreans live all over the world and there is a large Korean community in Turkey. In college I knew a girl whose parents (both of them) were 1/2 Turkish and 1/2 Korean. (I guess this would make her 2/4 Turkish and 2/4 Korean.)

    I would give anything to be at a pub on Oranienburgstrasse in Berlin right now …

  8. OMG I can’t watch this game… It will kill me…

    Germany hasn’t won a game vs. Turkey since 1992 and Low never vs. Terim. So chances are good…

  9. @Bayern is the Greatest; you can say well done referee…

    But anyway congrats and good luck at the finals on Sunday

  10. Cmon guys dont be like that. We beat u fair and square. U played well and u reached the semis finals u can be proud of that. No need for the sour grapes attitude

  11. Congrats for germany! im in greece in my house, the match just finished. I’m a little dissapointed (hoping turkey get to
    finals) but I’m sure amazed by this team. Turks don’t have to prove anything anymore, i’m sure their people are very proud
    (hell yeah WE are proud of them and we ‘re greek!!!!) BIG congrats to Turkey too. u really showed pashion!

  12. @Bayern is the Greatest; there is no sour grape attitude here, but you need to be fair, the referee wasn’t as fair as it is expectet.

    We are proud, and this game today proved we deserved to be at the semifinals…

    And again, good luck on Sunday. It will be an honour to be beaten by the Winner of the Euro 2008…

  13. as i wrote on the other blog:

    playing better and losing against a team of fragile ladies…

    total circus show from the lucky german team..

    my heart is with spain (or russia – whoever gets the game) now… i want to see germany out after playing that bad, eliminating us and portugal..

    Germany Go Home! And take those skirts while leaving..

  14. Thank you lions for that passion! You showed whole world what can we do if we believe in something.!! You erased that germans!! it was very hard to believe that this was a semi-final match with seems like Turkiye-liechstein match. Europe listen this noise ,this noise is Crazy Turks’ footsteps.!! Thank you who arent Turkish but chant for Turkiye. and ”Dont try this at home ,only Turks can make miracles” love u all..

  15. The turks are just incredibly amazing, awesome, i dough my hat 4 them. Germany- credit and fair play to them- were just lucky. A team with almost half of its players out by injuries and suspension and they could still pull up such amazing piece of display have every reason to be proud of what they have achieved in this tournament. i doubt if the Germans,had players absent via injury /suspension like the turks will have gone far.
    watchout 4 the turks in s/africa 2010 if they qualify,all the same congrates to the germans. unfortunately in soccer the better team don’t always win.

  16. hey turkeys you are the one who sounds like a screaming weepy sissy. the germans won the game with hard work and skills. did you see the last goal? lucky germans??? what about turkey? german circus show??? you got to be kidding man. what we saw today was a machine which worked with precise exectioning. turkey was good but not good enough. so its ime you accept defeat hold your head up proudly knowingg you did best and bow out in style. instead here you are wailing like babies blaming everything german.. go blame it on your flapping goalkeeper. and better wear that skirts you were talkng about. might come in handy to find the cash to go back to your turkey of a country

  17. hey Victor did you realize before you hit the enter button that your brilliant theory about group winners getting kicked out in the quarter finals cuz they rested players had a major flaw cuz Italy was the team that lost in the quarter final not Spain? unlike Holland Croatia and Portugal Italy were not group winners and did not rest players cuz their final match was not a dead rubber match. did you clicked enter desperate for your smart theory to be printed even though Spain stood in what was supposed to be your career defining genius analyst report hoping readers would have forgotten that one quarter final result by now and elect you to receive the nobel prize for crap journalism???

  18. Yes. My point was that Spain was shut out for the entire game against Italy after rolling over all of their opponents in the group phase. I never said Spain lost. Try reading before nominating me for the Nobel Prize for crap journalism. Thanks!

  19. hahah the man really believes in what he’s saying.. amazing, that’s what i call self deceiving and pity.. hard work and skills? the machine? zee germans? hahahah.. thanks man.. i needed smt to laugh about..

    if you really think you won because you played good.. you should stop watching football… in favor of good ol’ sports.. germany sucked against a team with red card + handicapped players… the most enjoyable moments were those where german players were rolling from one side to another on the field in every possible minute..

    oh dear germ+man from germ+many..

    i’m a girl myself… but the skirts german players wore today were even better than mine. spain (if not russia) will teach germany how to play football without swaggering hopefully.

  20. i wonder where you will be if germany won the final. anyhow, germany won and what do you expect from losing turkeys like you except this screaming and blaming the whole world? who played the game with half their first choice players suspended?my god turkey you really belive in what you say but in the end the score tells the truth my dear. we won you lost. accept it

  21. Thanks Ahmed. Apparently, the storm affected coverage all over the world. It wasn’t just ESPN. Still, it was incredibly frustrating. I can only imagine how Germans and Turks felt.

  22. hey… i would like to confirm whether there was a second yellow card given at the 90th minit to one of the turkish players ,S. Sarioglu. Was the card given after the final whistle ?? Am confused as there it is not stated in the minute by minute column and could anybody tell me the reason why the card was given … PLS and thank you !!!

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