Football Manager 2009

Football Manager 2009


How To Get Football Manager 2009 For Free

Football Manager 2009 has been released. For those who wish to download it online, they can get FM 09 via Steam – fast download, instant activation). For those not able to buy it in a store, this is the fastest way to get your hands on a copy of the latest edition of Football Manager.

FM 09 – oh how I’ve waited and waited for you (don’t worry though, FM 08 kept me very good company)…

Folks, Football Manager 2009 will be launched on 14 November 2008. The game needs no introduction; everyone I know who’s played it has been addicted to it as badly as myself, it’s a menace to your health, your sanity, your social life and quite frankly a contender for the best fuckin’ game ever made.

Features, system requirements and more below:

Football Manager: The Greatest Job on Earth

Football Manager 2009 Demo

If you can’t wait, download the FM 09 demo here. Discussion thread here.

FM 09 – Features

  • 3D Match Engine — This year’s match engine has seen more testing than ever before having been extensively beta tested in Football Managerâ„¢ Live for the past year.
  • The famous Football Managerâ„¢ match engine can now be viewed in full 3D with motion captured animations the players. Sports Interactive has been working on the 3D match engine with the support of SEGA Japan’s football development team who provided the motion capture data and some of the animations.
  • You can now watch your matches in 3D from multiple camera angles and re-watch any part of the match by fast forwarding and rewinding the action using a new match time bar that flags the key moments in the game.
  • The old 2D view of the match engine is still there, especially for those people whose computers aren’t powerful enough to take advantage of the 3D views.
  • TV View — Watch your matches in new full screen TV view and customise your match day screen with widgets to view the information you need as a football manager, be it player performance, match action zones, pitch radar, latest scores and many more.
  • Assistant Manager Feedback — Pre-match and in-match feedback from your Assistant Manager on how the team is performing and your player’s motivation levels, as well as hints on how your tactics are working and how you could outwit the opposition’s tactics.
  • Improved Media — SI have worked hard to reflect the greater impact the media has been having in recent years on the world of football, in the in-game dealings with the press. The game now features more news stories, more detail and greater media interaction.
  • Press Conferences — Attend pre-match and post-match press conferences with local and national journalists and build up relationships with them over time, but choose your answers carefully because they could come back to haunt you in the media at a later date.
  • Transfer System — Completely new and re-written transfer system code, providing an even more realistic simulation of real-life football transfers.
  • Transfer Rumours — View the latest news on what players are being speculated on, and who’s said to be interested in securing their services.
  • Board Confidence — Following on from its addition in Football Managerâ„¢ 2008, board confidence has been expanded and improved. In addition, the board will now also feedback to you on your squad harmony and the club’s stature in the football world.
  • Preferred Moves — Train your players to learn ‘preferred moves’ to add to their game. For example, train central defenders to not dive into tackles, or wingers to do stepovers before crossing the ball.
  • Female Manager — For the very first time you can now play as a female manager. All of the text in the game now also has a female gender so the game represents female managers and staff in the game in the correct gender.
  • Realistic Finances — SI have listened to feedback from all of their researchers to try and model every single financial area of the game correctly for each country, including transfers, staff wages, budgets, ticket prices, season tickets, competition bonuses and club sponsorships.
  • Updated Competitions — Fully updated for the new 2008/09 football season with all the latest league, club and player data, featuring over 5,000 playable clubs from over 50 countries, and around 350,000 players and staff from around the world, drawn fresh from the famous Sports Interactive database.
  • Widescreen Support — As a result of usability testing on Football Managerâ„¢ 2008, this year sees widescreen support for the game for the first time, as well as lots of tweaks to the user interface for easier navigation.

FM 09 System Requirements

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
Processor: XP: 1.4GHz or Faster, Vista: 2.0GHz or Faster.
*Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon.
Memory: XP: 512MB RAM, Vista: 1GB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB video RAM or greater.
**Supported Chipsets – Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater.
DirectX Version: Version 9.0c (included)
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard Drive: 2 GB available hard-drive space
LAN: TCP/IP compliant

Get ready for it. Mark your calendars. 14th November 2008. Football Manager 2009.

Bayern Munich going to India
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  1. 14th november,thats too much of a wait!if its anything like the last one then bring it on.i got completely addicted to it,its just that liking the look of the new features on this one too

  2. they not doing it on any platform this year, just PC/Mac & PSP, but its gna b SIKKK, am still addicted to this one, then read n saw sum screen shoots and i already feel the recent one is old fashion. N hopefully the do the man city thing, they probably will cause they’ll still in progress n in all FM games they have ALL the transfer right up till the window shuts.

  3. played FM07, FM08,got totally into it. My family members know my girlfriend can’t get me outta this one…SHE CAN WAIT….it’s video addiction respawns my mentality. Can’t wait to be the next victim of FM09..09..09…09!!!

  4. its on psp and PC, might be on xbox =D
    cant wait to get this,
    “Yeah, We’re struggling, thats why were at the top” – Bill Shankly.

  5. I curently play fm09 demo and i can say that is so good, i cannt wait to play full game….my life is depend abaut this game

  6. even tho its a great game, the best ever game is always going to be metal gear solid 4….even tho fm has almost unlimited lifetime because it gives people(the very fake) impression they r better than fergie, arsene, rafa n so on…admit it!(i’m addicted 2)

  7. Downloaded, ready to go. Going to play it now.

    @harasuke – heard a lot of praise for metal gear solid, must try it sometime, after I get through FM 09 and Fallout 3

  8. I’m on a laptop and when I tried the demo, the 3D match engine didn’t work. Anyone knows if this will be the case with the full release? :(

  9. Yukona – i’m afraid so. If your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated video card then the 3D match engine won’t work. I tried the demo on my old laptop and had to contend with the old 2D view.

  10. Well the intelligent blokes over at sigames opted to give you the option of activating the game with an activation site that…er…is unable to activate your game. Way to screw the consumer Sports Interactive… thumbs up. (Yeah heavy on the sarcasm, light on the value for money).

  11. well, i have my copy, i have registered it to some extent through this stupid and unnecessary program “steam”!

    now i have a soft anchor window into which i have to input my product code, i am putting it in, and clicking on next, and its saying i’m not connected to the interned, and then recommending i visit …. a link which surely wouldnt work if i wasnt connected to the net, but does work.

    i am unable to play until this is resolved, anybody have any ideas how i can sort this out?

  12. have the same problem mate, i cant beleive that they hae gone down this rote and put us throo thi shitty engine thing steam, my product number did not work at first so i had to eplace my game again at gamestation, the whole ting is a jok,icant think of a way to get on to ths :(

  13. do not buy!! steam ruins the experience before you even get to play the game!! why change a perfectly good system of uploading game????

  14. This is a bit of a joke. I have bought every FM even back when it was Champ. It has taken me nearly 3 hours to download, and when I have it doesn’t work! I can’t believe it. What have they done to what was the greatest game ever?!?!

  15. I have 20 days sick leave… all I now I need is a disease to keep me home 😉

    BEWARE: This is game is addicting as stated above

    Proud victim of Championship Manager 97/98, 98/99, 00/01, 02/03, FM 2005, FM 2007, FM 2008.

  16. hey guys, i need to put in the “product code”, i have done, and it says its not valid i’ve tried so many times, any ideas guys?

  17. Come on this has got to be the best football game of all time packed with so many interactive unreal features.

    It is always worth paying full price for.

  18. ive got a problem, theres a big grren thing at the bottom of the right hand side of my football manager screen, what the hell is it? can i get it removed? Also does anybody know if this has a data editor? steam is completely spasticated!

  19. Oh dear, bought the game as i have done for the past 6 years and there is a problem, my graphics card for laptop is a no no, heard on the grapevine that these can be downloaded over internet. anyone else know if this is possible?

  20. gutted, have a horrible rectangular graphic at the bottom right of my screen. Being playing this amazing game for 10 years – what the f**k is going on with this steam thing?

    Not happy, have nought a product and cant use it – not good

  21. been trying to get fm09 on my comp for days now, onto my third copy now. tried steam but waste of time, now tried uniloc and it wont accept my keycode, any ideas. gettin frustrated

  22. i want to buy this game but dont kno anything about it…
    1)do you get to play or just watch them play..
    2)do you have to wait for job offers.
    3)can you manage national sides..
    4)while the season is going on do players go to national sides qualifiers and does the game show them.

  23. i have a problem regarding the installation of the football manager 2009. after i have settled installing and did all the patches, the game didn’t run. i clicked the .exe file and he said that cannot set the graphics. can anyone have the solution for this kind of problem? thanks

  24. “Also does anybody know if this has a data editor?”

    Yoyo, I agree, Steam is a complete minger. The only way I’ve found round it is to get in to the program files area for Steam. I found my data editor .exe file at ‘C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2009\tools\data editor’. It seems to be roughly the same editor as FM2008.

  25. i agree, the steam **** takes the mick! cheers markab62, found the editor after milling around for a while. i sposefor anyone who doesnt know how to find the editor on steam:
    1. go to my computer.
    2. click on the icon which says local disk (c:)
    3. click the program files folder
    4. find the steam folder and click it
    5. click the steamapps folder
    6. click the common folder the football manager 2009 folder
    8. click the tools folder
    9. click the data editor folder and the editor is in the middle of 2 icons.

  26. oh and by the way, if anyone hasnt bought the game yet and is thinking of it, i dont think the steam problems can be avoided by buying the game in a shop, i did and still had to install it through steam.

  27. This game demo how long does it last, like do u play one match and it stops or is it a trial?

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