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Five Steps Manchester United must take in the summer


With the one year anniversary of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement from football management fast approaching, Manchester United find themselves in quite an unexpected situation.

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs looks set to finish the season as interim manager after David Moyes being sacked within just 10 months of being the so called Chosen One.

And with Louis Van Gaal favourite to take the hot seat and lead the charge next season one must not forget the mistakes of the previous manager and the lessons worth learning:

1. Develop and implement a proper transfer plan

The most evident mistake of the Moyes era was by far the disappointing signings of Fellaini and Mata for a combined fee of approximately £65 million. While both players have abundance of quality it is clear that they were merely panic buys rather than tactical signings.

2. Progressive Change is needed

With several players rumoured to be offloaded next summer, significant change in a short span of time may very well further destabilize the club. While much investment is needed it should be planned out over 2-3 seasons rather than over one summer.

3. Return to a more direct style of play

A distinguishing factor between United of 2013-14 to previous years is the change in playing style from a very fluid and dynamic offensive style to a slower possession based one. The lack of natural wingers often forced United to play too narrow and needs to be addressed.

4. Hire a charismatic manager

Moyes clearly failed to win respect from the media, fans and players alike. The importance of the new manager demanding instant respect is essential in establishing a new era of success. With Louis Van Gaal all but confirmed for next season things may already seem to be on the right track.

5. Keep the class of ’92 close

The class of ‘92 are by far one of the most brilliant sides ever to wear the Manchester United shirt. It is essential that they be given the chance to work and aid the development of the club’s youngsters to help instil the same mentalities and desire that has made Manchester United such a success.

Comments (5)

  1. nice saying but I don’t think united needs a coach cos bringing in vaal will even alter the style of play and for the players to adap to his onw style will require time which mite take up to a season or two, I think the class of 92 and giggs as a manager is simply the best

  2. I agree with alex, no need of new coch. we need four new players like show, kroos, rous,and mangala.

  3. classc of 92 and there the best let them lead untd and victory is ours

  4. i disagree with you guys, manutd need an experience coach only experience coach can solve manutd problem.

  5. giggs is an experience player not coach