Exclusive ‘behind-the-goal’ footage reveals true extent of Henry’s deception

Exclusive ‘behind-the-goal’ footage reveals true extent of Henry’s deception


Make sure you listen to this week’s Soccerlens Podcast that discusses Henry’s handball and a lot more.

…Or at least if you had just read the reactions from the fans and trigger-happy journalists, you’d think this is what Henry had actually done:

On a serious note, the ‘victims’ – the Irish team – have been refreshingly objective about the situation and have laid the blame squarely on the horrible refereeing and to a much lesser extent on their own poor finishing as the real reasons why the French and not the Irish are headed to South Africa.

The Irish team and management have pointed fingers at FIFA, at Blatter, at Platini – but not at Henry (who to his credit admitted that he had handballed but defended himself by saying that he’s ‘not the referee’).

This is the same Thierry Henry who dove twice in the 2006 World Cup – during the second round game against Spain when his dive led to the free kick that led to France’s comeback in that game, and during the semi-final against Portugal where his dive led to France’s only goal and thus a place in the finals (1, 2).

Once in the final, there was a Malouda dive that helped France score the first goal of the game. And yet, because France had been the underdogs in that campaign (beating Brazil in the quarters, no less)…the Italians ended up being demonized as cheats.

It’s France’s turn now. Whenever the underdog gets cheated there’s always a huge uproar – the joyous David v Goliath narrative is broken and all hell breaks lose.

But when the big dog gets cheated – which happens quite a lot in football – it’s met with a ‘you deserved it’ attitude that is completely at odds with calls for ‘better refereeing’ made the last time around.

Hypocrites, the whole lot of them – fans and journos.

Credits: DangerHere.com for the video.

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  1. i see no point to this piece whatsoever. What point are you trying to make? the ´victims´? NOt only was it an appalling piece of refereeing it was an appalling show of sportsmanship by one of my previous favourite players in world football. To say that henry deserves credit to admitting to an act that can be seen clearly on TV screens everywhere is ludicrous. He denied it was intentional. That is a lie plain and simple. From seeding the playoffs to the final score of this game, FIFA have alot to answer for.

  2. This is not a question of like and dislike, its more a statement that FIFA, Thierry Henry and all those involved in the match except for the actual team that won, Ireland, have a massive agenda in assuring old Monarchist Europe a spot in the big tournament. Far be it for a team such as Ireland to challenge the world supremacy of a team such as France. FIFA needs to attract the big money and the Big teams, such as France are a draw in the big tournament. For the rest of us that hope a game can be won with heart, passion and effort, once again Ireland have been compromised. I believe that at the end of overtime if Ireland were still ahead 1-0, a FIFA official would have stepped onto the pitch and announce that since Frances uniform is blue they earn an extra point which earns them a win or some such other ridiculousness. FIFA is a circus of decaying, archaic, senior citizens barely able to keep their eyes open for a full match and definitely not long enough to watch Thierry Henry carry a ball into the net. The only right thing to be done is to put Ireland through into the tournament and have a video playback rule instituted. FIFA enjoys keeping futball in the dark ages so that they can manipulate the life out of it. I challenge FIFA to turn the decision around on this one, that is if the members aren’t too busy having they’re diappers changed. Pathetic, Disgraceful Thierry Henry, FIFA, Pathetic.

  3. here’s a copy-paste directly from the FIFA website on the key moment in ROI Vs France :

    After 180 hard-fought minutes, the fate of both teams was decided by a moment of drama in extra time. The outcome remained in the balance until the very last second, and when the final whistle was blown the disappointed Irish could hold their heads up high.

    There’s no mention of the two-or three hand balls (just before Henry hit it with his hand, another French hand can be seen trying to make contact in the air). Fifa are an absolute joke. Can’t wait to hear blatter’s comments! or platini’s for that matter.

  4. if people just blame the player rather than the system, then we’re just going round in circles and cheating will always remain in the game! all the hatred has come from arsenal-haters who now have the chance to attack a former arsenal legend rather than attack the system that allowed the goal to stand!! even the irish coach agrees with this!

  5. The system needs to be changed and maybe official review introduced. It may take from the game however but in situations like this would prove helpful. Henry was a trustworthy player and a good sportsman, this is not o.k. It wasn’t just an accidental handball, it was a premeditated way to cheat. ITS LIKE TAKING STEROIDS (isn’t allowed) maybe if all of you were smart you would realize why it would have been an automatic red card if they had determined it.

  6. Before every major game be it champions league or euro / world cup qualifier a yellow flag is paraded around the arena this flag bears the emblem of F.I.F.A. and the words FAIR PLAY this flag is usually carried by children.Theirry Henry is a member of the Unicef / Fifa squad whose motto is that the game should be played on behalf of children.The actions of Henry in last nights game show him as a bad role model for children who will mimick the actions of their hero and fifa cannot endorse fair play on one hand yet let this travesty of a result stand

  7. hmm, maybe henry is on the payroll of the boys who want extra refs and goal line tech. this is the final push to get it done?

    replay the match, henry is red carded and doesn’t play.

  8. it happens a lot to man united. there are many times we get cheated out of penalty calls because man united is a big team. fergie makes an uproar but no one else cares. in fact, when fergie makes an uproar he usually gets slapped with a fine to boot.

    chelsea got robbed in the champions league last year by several handballs, including a blatant one by etoo in the box. sure drogba and co got punished, but i don’t remember the world coming to an end because barcelona moved forward.

    it happens.

  9. And yet Man U always ends up wnning the title anyway. When’s the last time Man U has been eliminated from the CL in a similar incident?

  10. henry was always my favourite player during his time in england fair,honest and brilliant not anymore.FIFA and platini have alot to answer for they,re more to blame than henry

  11. Yeah I guess I was trying to point out that there’s always other another competition for a high-level club team to focus on… whereas Ireland has nothing.

  12. Well, here we go again. The football aristocracy ensuring its own survival again. Im disapointed with Henry. Was a fan but now have lost repect for him, have never seen a more deliberate, double handball! My country has been cheated, and football as a whole. When the big countries are given an easy ride, their own standards may suffer ultimately. Justice for Football. REPLAY

  13. Lets just say after this my respect for Thierry Henry just went DOWN that was sooooooo bad i don’t get how he did that handball and just kept celebrating the goal??


  15. just for the records: Thierry henry did NOT dive during the semi final against Portugal. You make the player look like he has always been a cheat and only acted according to his nature. What a weak, lousy article!

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