Euro 2012 Logo

Euro 2012 Logo


The governing body of football in Europe, UEFA has revealed their Euro 2010 logo recently. Euro 2012 will be co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine and some of the biggest teams and players will take part in it to become the champions of Europe. The theme of the logo looks different; let me explain:

The presentation video of revealing the Euro 2012 logo is more like the beginning of an animated Warner Brothers’ movie and less like a presentation video of revealing the Euro 2012 logo. Finally, the logo itself contradicts with the passion, rough tackles, hairy chests, etc that football brings along with it. Rather it is a better representative of the modern day oily-legged, spa-going, purse carrying players.

It is like Devil Wears Parada, specifically targeted for women. If it wasn’t for Anne, I would not have watched that movie and if it wasn’t for football, this logo would have made a decision for me.

I guess after fair play, racism and Africa, UEFA has taken the bold decision to step up for gay rights.

Note to UEFA: If you need a new guy to make logos for them, I can help.

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  1. I totally disagree with your analysis. It’s great to see an identity that is imaginative and represents the culture of the home nation. Makes a change to the trite, meaningless swooshes that litter other campaigns.

  2. I’m a graphic designer and football player. The logo is excellent and football is not tough tackles and hairy chests.
    I disagree totally with you.

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