Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson with Hookers (interview)

Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson with Hookers (interview)


This article may not be suitable for young children – not that the picture will stop kids from reading this one…

Update: Full interview with the girls, plus a 1 min video interview with one of the girls, courtesy of NOTW. Nani was there too, and hey, this is why Nani and Anderson came to Manchester United, right, because of Ronaldo? SAF’s new transfer strategy involves promoting Ronaldo’s parties as a signing-on bonus…

Cristiano Ronaldo has orgy with 5 hookers <-- makes for a nice headline, doesn't it? And when you find out that Anderson was part of the party as well, and that Manchester United were to 'quiz him' over the hookers, this has the makings of a classic tabloid winner. Good work, Sun, for reminding us that sex and money sells, and that the deprived masses are just self-righteous hypocrites. Apparently, Ronny boy had a party at his place with Anderson and a few other friends, at which they had female escorts ‘delivered’ from one of the finest agencies in England. There was booze and skinny-dipping and cavorting too! What is the world coming to?

The highly-paid escorts (the polite term for quality / well-trained whores) traveled from Leeds to Manchester, which tells us two things: One, Rio Ferdinand recommended the agency, and Two, it explains where Leeds spent all their money (You thought it was on extravagant wages? Hooker money, tax deductible too I imagine).

Anyway, why Fergie would bother with this is beyond me – the only thing going wrong here is that someone told the tabloids about it and now it’s given the press reason to throw mud at Cristiano Ronaldo and by association, Manchester United. And before anyone thinks Ronny boy has done wrong, let me assure you that it is not the case – he’s simply living the life most guys would give their left nut for, and he’s living it to the fullest. Good for him, and Manchester United should be able to brush this aside easily.

For more sordid reading, see the Sun article.

I think it’s a shame that people will criticise Manchester United or Ronaldo over it. Admittedly, this is not the sort of bonding that Gilberto Silva, Denilson and Baptista did in their YouTube video, but as bonding goes, it’s an excellent way to make Anderson feel at home and part of the group (sex and booze will do that to you). The upside of this is that when Anderson plays for Manchester United, he’ll play a lot better because he’s comfortable with the team and sexually satisfied.

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  1. MOMMY……ahmed uncle is writing bad things….seriously though mate… sex is a part of life….so why make a big issue outta it?

  2. Good job Ronny is suspended, Sir Alex would only allow two hookers per party otherwise!
    And Anderson needs to learn English, like My Ball, Go down, shoot and the meaning of one two!

  3. hahahahaha, i loved the bonding comparision to the braziliens boys from arsenal.

    Seriously though, u r 100% spot on when u say that there’s nothing wrong here. Who hasn;t ordered some hookers/strippers to a house for some fun with your friends!!

  4. It’s not the sex that makes footballers tired,but the way they obtain it. I can’t remember who said that but he ‘s 100% spot on.

  5. It is sad and outrageous behavior which I’m sure Fergie and the media will get really bent out of shape over. Although I am not sitting on my morality pedestal preaching to Ronny about his life choices, I do feel he has a major responsibility to not only to himself but to the club, the fans and to the millions of young people who look up to him as a role model. Many like you will laugh his behavior off, but I for one am very disappointed in him. Having said that, I am pissed that I wasn’t their to partake in the festivities. AHHHH! Had you going there for a moment didn’t I.

    Truthfully, I am one who deplores political correctness and especially others telling one how he should and shouldn’t live ones life. That said, I do believe that Ronny does have a responsibility to the youth in the community and to his team to not get involved in things that are shady in nature. As a professional athlete you are automatically selected as a role model to millions. You must act accordingy, even if it stops you from having a bit of fun with the ladies or whatever. Carry yourself with pride, dignity and class. Sorry but he blew it big time. It’s ok for us losers to fantasize about what he did, because nobody would give a damn if we were in his place, other than those who were married. Today Ronny has either impressed a few of us who feel what he did was natural, given a man in his position and with his resources, or he has disappointed many. Those being the millions who looked up to him as a god fearing young kid who loved the adoration of the fans and of the football community in general.

    Instead of being on the sports page, he will live now in the tabloids with Brittany, KFed, L Lohan and other loser celebrities that have too much money and time on their hands, and very little common sense. Sorry to all who disagree, but he made a major public relations mistake and he will pay dearly. I’m also afraid of what Fergie might do to him because he’s already living with a short fuse due to the past few weeks and Ronny’s stupid suspension. When it’s all said and done, this may pave the road for Ronny’s eventual move to Real Madrid. Why? Because the media and perhaps authorities on his club may make life very rough on him in Britain. Geez, I hope I’m overreacting, but I’ve seen so much of this happen before here in North America. Hell the media is capable of making this ten times worse for him than the World Cup incident with Rooney. This is a powder keg situation that is ready to blow up big time if it is indeed true. I pray I’m wrong. I also wished I’d been invited to the festivities.

  6. Girls come and go football stay
    play like u’ve been playing ronny and we dont give ahoot what u do in ur home whores strippers we dont give a fuck

    Anderson better get on the act now that ur official sexually charged up

  7. it’s got nothing to do with football, but i’m not thrilled about it either.

    the idea that every guy would just love to spend the night with five hookers is presumptuous. if it is true, that’s the kind of behavior i want my kid looking up to, so maybe i’d just buy a different jersey.

  8. Can’t tell if you’re being hypocritical, cynical, sarcastic, gushing with admiration or just plain talkin shite in this article. Has this had any effect on the team at all? Does SAF care? Does anyone else care for that matter? Will it effect the player’s performance? Will it piss off the rest of the team that they weren’t invited & this affect on-pitch team work? Was this an exercise in building teamwork for the current season? Is any of this crap true at all?

    You gotta address these critical issues if you wanna be taken for a serious football journalist/blogger Ahmed. :)

  9. Grognard, Although i think that your spot on in your analysis of what would happen in this situation in North America, a relevant point is that this did not happen in NA, i am a canadian and i can see exactly what would happen here, but i mean kids bring guns to school here and shoot up entire classes, its a different world and it may be handled differently. Heh maybe Roy Keane should look into this type of things to try and attract those players whose WAGs say there is nothing to do….

  10. Oh dear…that is kinda sad….if possibly the best football player in the world with looks to burn has to resort to using hookers for fun…what hope is there for the rest of us?

  11. Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn. Who cares. Did they steal his Nike boots? If not, whatever. Move on with your isolated life of rainbows and unicorns.

  12. I doubt saf knew about this.
    Remember his continous clashing with Lee Sharp over party antics, and his crashing down on Giggsy when he was just a kid. Saf has ears and eyes in all the places players hang out. If something this loud happened I am sure saf will have known first and boy those guys are in for it…

  13. As long as they play thats what matters to me…Let them have sex with a hooker or anybody else but all I care is to see them win….Ronaldo will never be pulled up for this cos the club heavily relies on him…So its basically do what you want….

  14. If my footballing heros (Carragher and Gerrard) did this id really be disapointed :) but i guess some fans just have different ideas of what makes a great footballer.

  15. I always thought RONALDO live with his mum. Oh maybe he rented the place. Anyway its from THE SUN. Probably not true.

  16. Nobody seems to has picked up on the fact that, wait for it, it’s the sun! Not exactly the most reliable newspaper in the world for even possible news stories, but this is clearly a fabrication of someones sick and twisted mind. you can tell from the interview that the hookers gave, that they are lying through their teeth. The sooner this goes away, the better

  17. I see this completely differently.

    These guys are professionals paid millions to not only play football, but to represent the club they play for. I don’t care that the vast majority of them are uneducated, immature fools. With the obscene amounts of money they make, comes responsibility. Responsibility to control your base urges to bust a nut whenever you feel like it, and if you really must, to be discreet about it. I.e. not doing the equivalent of me going out and getting a $1 hooker (price relative to wages here).

    I don’t spend my money on these guys so they can smear the name and reputation of my club (and it isn’t my club being smeared here). They will have plenty of money and opportunity to screw hookers when they’ve retired without it being so directly associated to the club, and fans, who pay their wages.

  18. disgusting. you really cant be comfortable with your manliness if you have to pay for girls to slep with you. …or maybe this just proves how hard it is to find attractive women in england? amazing how someone so talented on the football field can have so little game.

  19. this Ronaldo privet life , what we need from him is a good play and to score goals like he did last year but we least concern about his sleeping with hookers so pleas let’s leave him alone ,but what i didn’t like is about Anderson and Nani who didn’t play a month in united shirt to be mess in such scandal.

  20. it is not true i no ronaldo i am going out with his cousin david and ronaldo would never sleep with hookers! so thanks to all the people who are supporting us. love zenab+family! xx

  21. why ronaldo has to pay for sex is beyond me? he is absolutley gorgeous and certainly does not need to pay for sex. its probably because he cant be bother to go out and find a bird to shag after trainning so he does it like you do when you dial a pizza.
    forget hookers id go up to see him from brum for free then id gladly leave if thats what hes worried about, trying to get rid of her after.

  22. why cant people just stay out of ronaldos face its his life why do pepole listen to this its from the sun????? any way when they say hooker they prob mean gemma atkinson,,, i luv ronaldo n agree with zenab. will any non ronaldo fans go away. luv yha crissy XX.

  23. i think what the boys did was a typical boys night out.give them a break u expect them to live a boring life without fun.if u got the money and u’re still young,sexy and love your life go and fun with it.common they havent got to 30 yet. why act like as though u are married? have fun now so that when u get to 30 plus u have no regrets as to why u never had fun when you were younger.when they feel the time is right they will settle down.let them celebrate their victory in a way they feel is relaxing and fun.people should butt out of their business and allow them to live the way they feel like.go on guys have fun and do not give a hoot what people who criticize you have to say LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS

  24. Everyone has lives. Just that sports stars lives are pesterd and are stalked by the media and they blow everything out of porpotion so people will read and so they can get paid. They lie sometimes (dont know if this is the case) just to make money. If I who is not a star and do not get media coverage to the same thing as the article suggests, no one gives a shit, but when ronaldo does it every is like OMG! Big woop get over it. His human too. And yeah we all got sexual needs 😉 so what if they hired escorts and partied? Who doesnt party? Why do they have escorts if they are not going to be hired? They can do what they like with THIER lives. Give them a break. That is what a typical boys night out is and?

  25. If christy boy wants to shag whores so be it. Male libido peaks around 20. let others mind their own buz. it was kinda hot to hear that “he is well endowned!”

  26. The level of ignorance some sports fans have is amazing. To think that all professional athletes should present themselves as positive role models is so stupid. How serious do you think a guy is going to take life when he is given the world on a platinum platter for having a gift for kicking a ball? A role model should be a parent, grandparent, teacher, or family member. Lets leave the athletes to just forms of entertainment.

  27. Footballers pass round women like pieces of meat and use them like disposable dish clothes for their own seedy sexual gratification so that story is no big surprise really. I think they use prostitutes because that way it can’t come back on them that they’ve raped anyone (lets face it ronaldo did it before) he has too much and he’ll never have enough AND let it be said… while we are on the subject that…. one beautiful women is never enough for one man.

  28. Good for you, Ronaldo. I’ve lost some respect for him but everyone likes hookers so i can’t judge!

  29. I just dont get it Ronaldo looks great, has millions and he bies some chicks…What is the point…he can have a normal chick but not prostitues…Obviously I could imagine that Ronaldo can do such stuff…He had a lot of girlfriends before.. plenty of them…and also has no wife…But that doesnt mean that he is a bad footballer…it is his personal life…I heard that Footballers told those girls not to tell anybody… here you go…

  30. who cares. isn’t it legal in machester to have hookers? let the man live. he’s so sexi. it’s not his fault that hes good looking. he’s just trying to share it with the world. duhh!

  31. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. RONALDO IS LIVING THE LIFE EVERY GUY WOULD GIVE THEIR LEFT AND RIGHT TESTICLE FOR! AND MOST WOMEN WOULD GLADLY GIVE AWAY BOTH OF THEIR OVARIES JUST TO BE WITH HIM ONE NIGHT. so like it or not, its just the way it is. ronaldo will eventually settle down, but he is going to settle down when he arrives there… no sooner and no later. he has an apetite for living the good life… he can afford it in every way. as a matter of fact, if i had his status with money looks talent etc… i would be the same exact way… well except for the fact that i am a female and i like men.

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