Chelsea: Why you sold Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool?

Chelsea: Why you sold Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool?


Daniel Sturridge

Even at the time, it seemed like an odd bit of business. Liverpool under new manager Brendan Rodgers were beginning to gain a bit of momentum as the Northern irishman sought to return the club to its former glories. Sturridge was the young English striker purchased from Manchester City for a small fee, and looked every inch a top notch striker in the making. Pace to burn and a sharp eye for a goal were cleaqrly all there.

In January, 2013 however, the west Lodon club decided to cash in to the tune of a mere £12million. As mentioned, it seemed odd at the time. It seems borderline lunacy now. In the just over twelve months since the transfer, Sturrdge has netted 30 league goals for Liverpool in just 35 games. It’s a total that approximately compares to Torres’s grand total since joining Chelsea. The creative players at Stamford Bridge such as Hazard, Willian and Oscar must look at the way that Sturridge has welded a partnership with Luis Suarez and Coutinho, and wonder what might have been.


Yes, of course I know that Chelsea are sitting atop the Premier League, but it’s not rocket science to note that the glaring gap in their squad is a srker who can regularly scre goals. The trio of front men in the Blues’ squad are, to put it mildly, misfiring. At the same time however, Sturridge today has equalled Ruud van Niistlrooy’s record of scoring in eight successive league games. So, why did Chelsea sell Sturridge. I guess the simple answer is Fernando Torres. Having laid out some £50million for the Spanish striker, the club were, and still, seem locked in a ‘love unto death’ embrace with ‘El Nino’ regardless of the disappointment that the signing has turned out ot be. Ask any Chelsea fan now if they would swop torres for Sturridge, and you’d get crushed in the rush!

The answer to the question therefore is that the the club sold Sturridge to keep Torres as the number one striker, and that has proved to be an error of massive propritions.

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    • So? who’s top of the table? atleast chelsea doesnt concede as many goals as liverpool.. and dont start with parking the bus if you know football

      • Parking the bus? Oh no..its Chelse who showed English football teams how to park the bus…19th century football

      • With the investment in the chelsea squad has had over the summer and winter …we are more than happy to be the highest goal scorers of the epl. Btw my friend…it doesnt matter if you concede goals when you can score more than that.

  1. you have just looked at the goals,ofcourse it’s important. but chelsea and liverpool have a very different type of game. put sturridge in front of the 3 amigos.he’d struggle too,why? because the three midfielders try to score for themselves. and torres’s workrate is so much higher than sturridge,he drags defenders away leaving space for hazard and co. and for sturridge to succeed at chelsea,the team need to be built more or less around him,which is ridiculous because it’d affect the team in many ways. you focused on one point while leaving out other important factors.

    • £50m for someone who drags defenders away, sounds like an awesome deal! Cheers for the rubles Chelski;-)

      • You dont know anything about the importance of work rate do you? and his link up is great which helps the midfielders score. if sturridge was the no. 9 for chelsea,his laziness and selfishness would cost chelsea many points. it’s a win-win situation for both teams. he’s doing well at liverpool while chelsea haven’t missed him at all. no big deal. anyway no chelsea fan would trust sturridge to lead the line against big clubs in europe

        • You know nothing about football do you? As a Chelsea fan I don’t know which is worse, paying £50m for the damaged goods of F.Torres or letting the scousers nick Sturridge for £12m. Seriously now, Torres isn’t worth a penny in terms of fees and is on mega bucks whilst Sturridge’s value is going north of £50m at this rate. No fan with a brain would agree with your ridic comments. Terrible biz by the blues…

        • what the hell is this.. workrate higher than sturridge??? drag defenders away??? leaving space for hazard and co.??? that is bcoz he can never score goal and stupid fan like u is delusional

    • you are just obsessed with torres. He is a striker he should score goals. For liverpool, the midfielders score when they get a chance. Otherwise, they usually feed the strikers. For chelsea, the midfielders are not confident that Torres will score. That is why they dont give the ball to him

  2. Sturridge just wouldn’t be good enough at Chelsea.Teams always sit deep against Chelsea and that has never suited his game.
    Most of his Liverpool goals have been scored running onto through balls,like the two against Everton and even his first yesterday against Swansea.Everton on sat v Chelsea sat deep and never stepped up,leaving no space behind.He got plenty of
    chances at Chelsea but he just hasn’t the quality to play for a top team as was proved at City and Chelsea.

  3. We will see when chelsea visit anfield typical chelsea supporter we may have conceded the most goals in the top 6 but we’ve sure as hell out scored Chelsea n were only 4 points off the top we’ve still got a huge part to play in this title race n look how good sturridge has turned out took the right career move to be playing alongside the best player in the league but like a said we will see when chelsea visit anfield


  5. Love conquereth it all no matter what we still love El Nino, we have world class midfielders even de best striker in the world will find it difficult to outshine them even our defenders have an eye for goal. Chelsea is not in anyway like Liverpool stamford bridge is highly competitive and it doesn’t matter where the goals came from since the team is winning we the fans are happy. Die hard Chelsea fan. bbm 2926b482

  6. How much have Chelski spent?
    How much have Liverpool spent?

    4 points behind spending a fraction compared to Chelski!

    lets not get carried away we are outsiders but with CL close to being secured a very young vibrant side and big signings to come in the summer Liverpool are on the up and going nowhere but up!

    nobody was expecting us to win the league this year so everything else is a bonus if we don’t win it this year its not the ed of the world!

    • Liverpool r only where de r bcs de ve one of d easiest schedules in d league playing jst one game a week, even Wigan Athletic r more competitive.

      • Wht do u min easiest schedule??? Wht do u say abt fulham, cryst plce, wes ham et all? Uve got no point guy. Think of sumthn difrnt. Dnt fool urself.. Liverpool r simply playn gud football ds season. Liv it lyk dt, dnt waste ur tym tryn 2 get it twisted

  7. if we can bet city and chalsea we ar the champion of EPL and we can atract big stars outside england and play our CL.4 chalsea we ar waiting for u pple @ anfield. Dia hard kop fan.YNWA

  8. If B.rodgers have the money to spend like morino get from chelski sugar dady liverpool are maybe now 10 point above other team.chelsea is plastic team with plastic fan(with plastic flags)..

  9. This is the main problem with comparing strikers tallies across the board and saying one would do better then the other if they swapped teams. This is not true. As you can see by the way Chelsea have played through 4 separate managers in the last few years, they LOVE 4-2-3-1. They always play a single striker. Even when two center forwards are in the game, one moves out to the wing, instead of changing shape. Sturridge did not want to link up with Torres, because he saw him as competition for the loan striker role. At Liverpool, Suarez was firmly in control for a striking spot. But the system was adjusted to fit sturridge as well. Therefore he could form a happy partnership with Suarez, as there was room for both on the field.

    Look at the shear volume of strikes taken by both Suarez and Sturridge. The system they play in so so much different then Chelsea. Even Drogba wondered why he and Torres couldn’t play together. They could have formed a great partnership as well. At Chelsea, I would guess the number of shots taken by Oscar eclipses that of the strikers. This is not the case on most teams in the league.

    Long story short, Chelsea sold Sturridge as he did not fit the system they refuse not to play. It wasn’t for the love of Torres. Daniel would not have thrived as a loan striker in this system. As others pointed out, he is not a presence up front to hold up play, he does not work to take defenders out of position the same way off the ball.

    You can’t just interchange strikers team to team and assume their production will be the same. There is more to scoring goals then individual form alone.

  10. Let sturridge alone cause right nw is one of the best striker in the league for now.chelsea may go to hell.

  11. When he signed for Liverpool
    last January, many wondered
    whether he was worth the
    £12 million Rodgers paid for
    him as Chelsea brought in
    the £7m Demba Ba to
    replace him. Some thought
    Chelsea had got the better
    deal – far from it, though.
    After 13 months at their
    respective clubs, Sturridge
    has scored 32 goals in 39
    appearances, while Ba has 9
    goals in 40 appearances.

    Chelski fans just a admit u made a very big mistake, my fellow Kops wait for them to visit Anfield. Sturridge will rape them.

  12. Strurridge is the best scorer in the epl currently you can’t compare him with ridiculous Torres who didn’t find the net! It’s up to them Chelsea

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